Monday, May 14, 2007

Behold the Long-Awaited M&Ms!

At long last it's the final chapter in the Personalized M&M Saga that began way back on April 3rd when I found out that I had won the contest to be the 500th commenter at Bobbarama - the very funny humor blog of an inkblot named Bob (who looks rather like a smiley-faced M&M with hair himself!)
BobbaramaI'm sure that when I won the contest, Bob had no earthly clue that it would take me over three weeks and seven different posts to finally decide what to put on the M&Ms but it turned out to be the dilemma of a lifetime that was finally resolved with not one but two polls wherein I asked you, my faithful readers, to cast votes for your favorite sayings. Had it been left to me I might well have ended up with M&Ms emblazoned with "duh ..." and "uhm ..." on them!
When I arrived home today, the above box was sitting on the front porch and immediately brought a smile to my face as I knew that all of the waiting was over and inside would be not just any M&Ms but my M&Ms. Not to be overly dramatic but the excitement was just about as good as Christmas morning as a child when you come downstairs and see all of those presents under the Christmas tree! Granted, it's the middle of May and the box was sitting under the mailbox but I'm sure you get the idea!

Even though I wanted to rip right into the box as soon as I came in the house I decided to be an adult about things and changed out of my work uniform first, read my latest utility bill (and gasped in shock and dismay at the amount listed), and then thumbed through the rest of the junk that passes for mail these days. Finally Amanda told me to quit fooling around and open up the box for crying out loud!

Inside the cardboard box was a foam container and inside that was an abundance of bubble wrap along with the above four packages of my personalized M&Ms. Aren't they pretty? Amanda immediately snatched up a package and attempted to beat a hasty retreat out of the kitchen with it. I managed to stop her and a hand-to-hand battle ensued whereupon I wrested the bag from the hands of a hungry teenager! As a way of killing time until I actually opened one of the packages, she began popping the bubble wrap which was annoying but at least kept her from devouring an entire bag of M&Ms in what would surely have been no time flat!

Because I'm getting old and apparently blind, I really wasn't able to read the sayings on the candies very well until I took the above close-up picture! Part of the reason that some of them are upside down is because I couldn't even see well enough to position them all in the same direction! If I could make one suggestion to the good folks over at the M&M factory - they might want to change the printing to the same color as the lone "M" on the front of the candy as that's in gray and much easier to read than the black print - at least for those of us who really should wear glasses but are stubbornly refusing!

Upon completion of the photo session, I finally allowed Amanda to eat some of the M&Ms and then sat down to write this post. Halfway through she came into the living room and grabbed the bag that sat next to me on the couch. When I told her to give them back she asked "Why? Do they have your name on them? Besides, they're telling me to eat them!" Ah yes, my daughter the wise ass, I have no idea where she would have come by such a trait!

In conclusion, a big thank you once again to Bob for giving me the opportunity to have so much fun with this and for such a fantastic prize! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Bob deliver them in person but I guess it's a long trip from San Diego just to deliver candy! I'll be taking one bag to work with me tomorrow to show off over there and hiding the other two before my chocolate-crazed teen decides that they need to melt in her mouth and not in my hand!

You're all welcome to help yourself to a cyber-handful!


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM EDT

    Mmmm...even better if they were the peanut ones.

    Brilliant prize!

  2. They look yummy. But if they were mine I'd never eat them. I'd keep them for sentimental reasons or something silly like that.

    I told Bob I want my own M&M. Don't you think a Queen should have her own??!!

    I'm so jealous.

  3. Mimi - You're right, a Queen should have her own M&Ms though they would have to read "Queen Mimi" as "Queen of Memes" is tough long but that would be royally fitting!

    And I will be keeping one bag of them hidden away for that very same sentimental reason you mentioned! I am nothing if not a sentimental softie underneath this gruff exterior!

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM EDT

    Hooray for M&M's!

    They look so wonderful Linda! i really love the Linda Rocks! ones.

    Thanks you for showing them to us. I loved the big colorful box they came in. Too cool!

  5. Congrats and yummy yummy. They look so cool. I've never met anyone who actually had their very own personalized M&Ms so I bow to your specialness. Now...aren't you gonna share??? :~D

  6. They look great! I would have selected the same colors... :)

  7. Oh, I forgot to tell you...along with your personalized M&Ms, you've earned yet another accolade. I've awarded you the Thinking Blogger Award... congratulations! See my blog for details!

  8. Superb! What a hoot!

  9. Anonymous11:07 PM EDT

    Eat me, you fool! That's a great one. Congrats on experiencing the joy of your own personal melt in your mouth candies.

  10. Anonymous12:24 AM EDT

    Mmmm, mmmm good for you, girl!

    So ... after who knows how many weeks, seven different posts and two polls ... as I said in my last post, this has been 'the most publicized bag of M&Ms in the history of the universe!' ... you finally have your just desserts.


    I'm glad you're enjoying the goodies. This has been a lot of fun. You were a great winner.


  11. Really a neat prize! I'm sure Bob is tickled that you're getting such a kick out of this...

  12. Anonymous1:56 AM EDT

    You know what? This whole time I thought you were getting 'virtual' M&M's!! I didn't realize you were getting the real deal!

    That is SO cool!

    PS: I tagged you for a fun thing!

  13. Great Post Linda. Save one bag for posterity - it could be worth a fortune in the future!!! :)

  14. Thank you for the cyber-handful.

    Can I cyber-pop some of the bubble wrap too?

  15. Love it. They are awesome. I was waiting for this post. How fun. I voted everyday for "eat me you fool". Again, congratulations.

  16. They look delish! You'll have to keep a packet for posterity.

  17. i want some chocolate linda!!!

    smiles, bee

  18. Yay!!!! You got your M&M's! *Grabbing a bag and running away*

  19. Very cool, but even cooler if you sent some to me! I am sick!

  20. *grabs the other bag that Skittles didn't get* Thanks Linda... I'm having a chocolate fit this morning...

    Those are really cool. Thanks for sharing the story ... ummmm I mean the M & M's.. ;-)

  21. Very cool but I hate perishable gifts. Can m&m's be bronzed?

  22. Did you say YES, they DO have MY NAME on them!!!
    I think that is AWESOME - I hope you save a couple to remember this by.
    And again, how cool are you to SHARE these? I would have hoarded them as ALL MINE!!!
    ALL MINE!!!

  23. Adorably delicious!

  24. Anonymous8:19 PM EDT

    One M and M per day should see you through to your 50th. Personally they would last about 2 days at this house.

    Well done, and when Bob told me how much the prize cost him, all I can say to you is - Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Now.. I have a question. You say Amanda said "Do they have your name on them?"

    From what I can see.. they do! At least, some of them do! Take that, teenage stomach! ;)

  26. That is SO awesome! :)

    I grabbed two handfulls...looked like you had plenty. ;)


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