Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Best Searches of May

Here it is - my 300th post and what better way to spend it then to comb through my Stat Counter records and see what it is that has lured people to my blog through the likes of Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, AOL, etc.

In the month of May I had 2,575 unique visitors of which 776 came via a search engine. Of those 776, 693 came via a Google search with Yahoo! coming in at a distant second with 53 visitors. There were other search engines used but they only registered one or two visits each so I won't mention them by name.

It came as no surprise to me to see that over 40% of my visitors came looking for the ever-popular WFSB Traffic Reporter, Rachel Lutzker. Most searches for Rachel came via simply a name search but there was one misguided soul who was looking for "naked pictures of Rachel Lutzker". No doubt it was a disappointment not to find any such pictures on my blog and I rather doubt he or she were able to find any elsewhere on the Internet. Rachel seems to be way too nice of a girl to stoop to such behavior.

Speaking of being a nice lady, I emailed Rachel awhile back and she emailed me back stating, "I hope you all had a great week for National EMS Week!" For anyone from work who reads my blog (hey, Bulldog, I'm talkin' to you!) I'm sure you appreciate her sentiments.

Now then, let's put Rachel Lutzker aside and look at the rest of ...

The Best of My Stat Counter Searches, Part Two!

  • Antietam or Gettysburg best choice to visit (my personal preference is Gettysburg but that's just me - they are both great battlefields and should be visited by everyone!)
  • If it is working don't change it (exactly!)
  • People joining the NYPD (this one has got to go all the way back to my 9/11 posts)
  • Once there was a war (actually, there have been way too many wars but that is another story)
  • What is Floridian Slim Whitman? (I'm sure they meant "who" and to answer the question, he was one of my parents' favorite country & western singers)
  • Finger flicker toward the door Simon Cowell (uh ... what?)
  • On the first day God created the (there are so many things I could say here to finish this sentence but I won't!)
  • Memorial Day weekend CT things to do (I would be willing to bet that CT had some great things to do but I didn't do any of them as I worked the entire weekend)
  • What's a Mexican fortune cookie? (good question - what IS a Mexican fortune cookie?)
  • Gerard Way's mom lives in Massachusetts (I'll have to remember to stop by and say "hi" next time I'm up that way!)
  • Should I let my seventeen year old go to the Warped Tour (and I would have the answer to this how?)
  • Tobey eyeliner is hot (yes, yes it was - sorry, Bulldog!)
  • Eye candy videos (speaking of which ...)
  • Chicken fried steak (I love chicken fried steak though I don't remember ever mentioning that in my blog though I must have)
  • Meme favorite anime character (I shall have to ask Queen Mimi if this is an approved meme!)
  • Sympathy pregnancy symptoms edema (how well I remember this when my dispatch partner was pregnant last summer - ugh!)
  • Will painted toenails help (help what may I ask?)
  • Has anyone ever won a duplicate prize? (I'm sure that someone, somewhere has though not on my blog!)
  • Funny sayings about police dispatching (the stories I could tell on this one!)
  • M&Ms for telecommunicators (what a great idea!)
  • Linda likes men (yes, actually I do but, sadly, they don't seem to like me)
  • Employee happiness in 911 centers (see above "M&Ms for telecommunicators" to make that happen!)
  • If I had enough money (this is something I say to myself constantly)
  • Scared about first hematologist appointment (I can understand this a little bit)
  • Having life single working mom (life? what is this life you speak of?)
  • Stolen parts, oatmeal thighs (sometimes you really have to wonder just what it is people are searching for!)
  • Audition test for Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (this reminds me, I have to tell that story one of these days)
  • Which direction should a lucky elephant face (with its trunk up, towards the window if I remember correctly)
  • And last but certainly not least, I have had lots and lots and lots of searches for My Chemical Romance in various forms - some pretty normal and some pretty out there!
It should be interesting to see what the next month brings for searches and visitors to my little part of the blogosphere as I continue to creep towards 30,000 visitors (I'm close to 27,000 now so I'm hoping that by my Blogaversary on July 25th I'll have gotten to 30,000).

In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy yourselves here and I thank each and every one of you for visiting as well as an extra thanks to those who also comment! I have no "torture devices" for lurkers like my blog-friend Claire used to have so you needn't worry about being punished for not commenting but it's always nice to hear what you have to say!


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM EDT

    Don't be too hard on yourself linda. I'm a man, and I like you, and I didnt search for you on Google either.

    As for "stolen parts oatmeal thighs", that should be a meme for the most bizarre story you can think of based on that phrase.

  2. Really makes one wonder, huh...
    I always enjoy reading your posts - you're very accomplished in your writing skills!

  3. wonderful job with your blog...and congrats with the hits and posts! I am still relatively new to blogging...only started back in the fall. I don't have nearly the traffic you do. Something to aspire to. Stop by and say hi sometime.

  4. It's always a pleasure and a MUST to comment on your blog Linda because there's always something to comment on!
    300 posts - wow! I noticed the other day I'd posted 120 without even noticing!

  5. I am awed by your 300 posts...I've just passed the 100 mark and 300 seems so far away.
    And I am absolutely fascinated by those searches. I keep telling myself that I need to have a stat counter but I just cant seem to get myself to figure it all out.

  6. It's fun for me to check my sitemeter, see how many "hits" I've received recently. I especially like trying to figure out, at times, where people who read my blog live. And, the searches they used to land on my place -phew - sometimes, it does make one wonder what the heck was this person thinking about.
    The one that really has my curiosity piqued though is someone who lives in Germany who has been regularly reading my blog for about the past three months and the person arrived at my blog through a search of my son's name! Now, I don't know anyone in Germany who knows my son's name and he has a friend who lives there plus, he was stationed there about 12-13 years ago while he was in the army but this lurker really has both of us wondering there. I wish the person would either comment or e-mail me -both my son and I would be happy to bring the person up-to-date on details of my son's life!

  7. I always try to comment when I visit someone's blog... even if it's just a smile.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. I'm with Dixiechick...I sometimes don't say much, but I want you to know that I swung by. Nice do on your numbers and searches. You have a great blog and it will do nothing but grow. Have a great weekend. :)

  9. I don't know about your Rachel L love-so I hope you don't get mad at this, but I know someone who hung out with her lots of times and I hear she's not a very nice person in real life. She even goes into the restaurant I used to work in and acts like she's the president or something. Pretty snobby and rude. 8(

  10. What a funny post! I loved it. It's always interesting to see how people make it over to our places.

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  11. glad you liked my blog. No, that isn't really my house, its one of those wink wink, nudge nudge things. It falls under the "some fact, some fiction" header I have on the header of my blog. Its all in good fun tho.

    re dinner- I once had a sit down dinner for 32 people on New Years. Maybe I'll do a post on that sometime!

    See you soon


  12. Congrats on getting to your 3900th post!

    Perhaps I ought to put the name of Rachel Lutzker on my Journal as it could attract a lot of visitors?

  13. Jean-Luc, if this was my 3,900th post I would have the world's sorest fingers but thank you despite the typo! Perhaps someday I really can post of 3,900 posts!

  14. Congratulations, Linda!! You have done SO well, and anyone who knows you should be PROUD of you! Thank you so much for sharing your unique writing skills, and gift of cyber-gab with us. Your blog is usually one of the FIRST things I go to upon getting up or coming home in the morning (depending on whether or not I had to work the previous night). You have no idea just how "comforting" your posts can be (regardless of subject matter) after a long night, or just feeling the morning "blues". For that alone, you are truely my cyber (and real-life) hero.

    BTW: sorry 'bout the whole Rachel L. thing - who knew an "innocent" comment would start such an avalanche of other "stuff".

  15. Congrats on hitting 300! You're one of my faves for sure.


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