Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"The Dinner Interview" Redux

My schedule at work right now is at best hectic and at worst crazy (another 48 hours packed into four days) and with Jamie coming out tomorrow for the summer, I've been trying to get things rearranged and straightened out at the house. Translated that means moving some of Amanda's stuff to make room for Jamie's stuff! Needless to say, I haven't had a whole lot of free time so I am "cheating" a bit on today's post by pulling one from the archives of my LiveJournal blog.

This post was originally written on June 15th of last year and what made me think of it was a post this past Saturday at Captain Picard's Journal. For his 100th Weekend Question post he asked a very similar question, which he had originally used as his very 1st Weekend Question. Thanks Jean-Luc for the inspiration!

"... Recently I interviewed for an open position within my company as The Scheduling Coordinator. I knew I had a snowball's chance in hell of getting the spot but figured it was worth a shot and it gave me a chance to dust off my interviewing skills - such as they are. One of the more interesting questions of the interview was "if you could pick three people to have dinner with - dead or alive - who would they be and why?" Interesting question. My three choices were my father so that I could thank him for all of the things I never got a chance to while he was still alive and to see if, in his opinion, he thought I might have made it over fool's hill yet; Abraham Lincoln because he was President during a time of extreme conflict and stress and yet he managed to maintain his sense of humor throughout it all; and Ulysses Grant because even though he wasn't the best President this country ever had he was a brilliant strategist during the Civil War and was the one to really make a difference when it came to the Northern States keeping the Union intact.

My Father

President Abraham Lincoln

General Ulysses S. Grant

If I could invite a fourth then I would also ask Robert E. Lee to stop in and dine with us as I can only imagine the conversations that we could have over that dinner table! My Dad was a bit of a Civil War buff and to have the chance to sit down with three of the most prominent people of that time would be truly amazing! I can just picture the salt and pepper shakers and other dining implements being arranged around the table to depict military encounters!

General Robert E. Lee

Andrew had an interview today for a Supervisor's position and he told me that he had the same question asked of him. It really is an interesting thing to think about - especially when it's asked to you in a situation where you don't have a lot of time to think about it. I wonder who came up with the question and what the significance of one's answers might be?"

How about you, gentle readers? What three people, dead or alive, would you invite to dinner and why?


  1. I think I'd invite Wilbur & Orville Wright, and Gen. James Doolittle. I know this comes as NO shock to you, whatsoever.

    I'd be in my personal heaven learning about the ideas & engineering obstacles that immediately preceeded that famous flight in Kitty Hawk, along with the feats during the "Golden Age" of Aviation! However, the dinner would probably get cold. Why? because pilots almost ALWAYS talk w/ their hands - so the utensils would lie useless, unless being used to simulate aircraft in various flight maneuvers!

  2. General George Patton, I would love to walk in his footsteps.....

  3. Wow...what a fascinating interview question. I sure do wonder what personality information they can glean from this or is it just to see how the interviewee does under stress? Now for me...this is a really tough one and I don't do well under pressure so I need to think about this and get back to you. :~)

  4. My Mum - because I miss her, Henry VIII - Tudor History fascinates me and Richard Branson because he seems a really nice person and interesting.

  5. I'm not really for sure who I would invite as there are so many great people. Let me sleep on it a night or two and I will let you know...

  6. First my mother and then my father because I miss them terribly.

    George Washington because he was the first president.

    John F. Kennedy because I so admired him. He would have done so much good for the country.

  7. 1.My grandparents. I would have them stay longer than dinner because I have so many questions about childhood and their ancestors.

    2. It's more than three but I would love to have all the men in one room that wrote the constution and really know exactly what they meant without a bunch of spin on it.

    3.Elanor Roosevelt a wonderful woman.

  8. sarge
    laura bush
    frank boyle

    smiles, bee

  9. Ok, if at first you don't succeed, try, try, try and try again! And that's what I'm doing with the comments here! LOL
    My first choice is easy - my Dad! I never had a chance to know him as he died when I was 17 days old. The older I get the more I realize not knowing him leaves a big void in me wherein I don't really know myself as a result of that absence.
    The other two guest - now there's a connundrum! I would put the following names in a hat and draw two out because I don't know that I'd be able to make a reasonable choice on my own!

    JFK - the hero of my youth, to learn what his visions were for our country's future.
    John L Lewis - because my Grandfather idolized him and anyone my Grandpa idolized had to be a good man and interesting too.
    Mark Twain - to just enjoy conversing about writing, humor, seeing people for who and what they really are insights.
    Maya Angelou -just because I think she is absolutely fantastic.
    Oprah - because she really seems to try, and to care, about people as a whole and where our society is heading.
    Eleanor Roosevelt - because she was truly a remarkable woman!
    Robin Williams - because I'd love to be able to share laughter with a madman and he sure is one! LOL


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