Saturday, May 26, 2007

Emo + baseball = bad

Dodd Stadium
We here in Norwich are able to brag about being the home of the Eastern League Double-A Affiliate of the San Francisco Giants - the Connecticut Defenders (they used to be called the Norwich Navigators and were the Double-A team for the New York Yankees but that's old history and not something I have the time or desire to get into tonight).

The Defenders play at Thomas J. Dodd Stadium, which is a very nice ballpark and one that I worked at for three seasons when it first opened back in 1995. By the end of my first season, I could pour one heck of a beer and made some pretty decent tips doing so but again, that's old history and not for tonight's post!

As part of EMS Week at American Ambulance, my current place of employment where I've never poured a single beer, they offered tickets for last night's game against the Trenton Thunder (who are now the Double-A affliate of the New York Yankees though they used to to be the Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox). Having not been to see a game since the last season I worked there, I thought it might be a fun evening out and something different to do. In retrospect, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking.

Amanda invited her usual posse along but Nicole wasn't able to attend as she had to be in Rhode Island at her mother's house this weekend but Dan said that he was up for it and it "would beat sitting around the house on a Friday night." I arrived at the ballpark with two black-clad teenagers in tow and we took our seats directly behind home plate.

home plate at Dodd Stadium
The seats couldn't have been better (well, except for that annoying safety netting one has to look through but I guess that's better than being beaned with a foul ball) but the company was soon to prove otherwise. Dan had apparently never been to a baseball game in his life (huh?? and this kid lives in America??) and Amanda seemed a bit put-out that there appeared to be no other kids their age in the entire ballpark. Now, I'm sure that wasn't true but I suppose it may have looked that way to them. Before the first inning was even over, they had started to amuse themselves by drawing (Amanda had her trusty drawing pad and pens with her for just such an occasion).

Emo doddlings
Heaven forbid she do some sketches of the ball players or the people around her - oh no, not my daughter, she appeared to be doodling figures from the Emo Drawing 101 course that surely had to be offered at the local school.

Don't Look at MeNext came a series of tic-tac-toe games between Amanda and Dan while I attempted to watch the game and enjoy the between-inning antics of Cutter the mascot or the people that were called out of the stands to participate in assorted contests.

As the game slowly progressed (no one had scored by the 7th inning or even barely gotten on base), neither nachos or fried dough had managed to perk up either Amanda or Dan but instead they seemed to be slipping even further into boredom and - dare I say it? - angst as the picture below shows. It was at that point that I decided that enough was enough and perhaps it was time to exit stage right and call it a night. I rather doubted that even the fireworks after the game were going to be of much interest to either of them and besides, leaving during the 7th inning stretch insured that I would get out of the parking lot long before the crowds - long, long before!

Emo drawings
As we were walking through the parking lot, trying to find the car, Dan apologized profusely for having not been more "into" the game and then came up with the equation which is the title for this post: Emo + baseball = bad. No kidding; though my daughter constantly tells me that she isn't Emo! At least Dan admits it, Amanda is apparently just in denial.

On the way home we did what apparently the rest of Norwich was doing and stopped in at the local Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone so at least the night wasn't a total wash! After dropping Dan at his home, we made our way back to Norwich and enjoyed the night air with the moon roof and windows open in the car. Amanda had seemed to have perked up by leaps and bounds and decided to fool around with the digital camera producing the following picture:

picture from the car at nightI'd say that it was one of her most colorful achievements of the night!

Moral of the story: Stay home on Friday night!


  1. Oh this is tough for me to read... all my kids watch baseball, all played, two are still playing (one in college)... and pens at the ballpark are for keeping score!

  2. This reminded me of when our eldest son was about 5 he insisted he wanted to go to a football match. MWM got three tickets for us all to see Bolton Wanderers play, then come the day son had a better offer to go and see Manchester City so off he went and we were left watching a game that neither of us really care for! Kids eh?

  3. I get to work security for the Oklahoma Redhawks during the summers. To think I get paid to watch baseball, and get to throw out a drunk every now and then. Next time you can take me.

  4. That was clever wityh a digital camera.

    Though I love baseball, I have never got to see a game, as I live in England.

  5. Curmy - I was thinking of you when I was writing this post as I've read so many posts about baseball and your sons over on your page. I'm sure you've never had this problem and never will!

    Akelamalu - I can heave a heavy sigh along with you on this one!

    Sgt Dub - I'd love to take you out to the ballgame sometime but it's a bit of a jaunt from Oklahoma to Connecticut!

    Jean-Luc - Maybe someday you'll be able to come across the pond and catch a game. They can be quite fun and nothing tastes better than a hot dog at a ballpark!

  6. good post linda, i wanted to stop by just to say thank you for your service.....

  7. You cracked me up with that post...maybe you should've just gone alone?

    By the way...I've never been to a baseball game either. Other than my nephew's little league games.

    Maybe I can come up and go with ya. :) I'd be more "into" it. ;)

  8. this is about sports, right? i thought so... and linda? thank you for your service honey!!!

    smiles, bee

  9. Linda - I love baseball. This brings back so many memories. But really, how could Dan not be familiar with baseball?? You're right. That's un-American.

    Amanda's drawings are awesome and I can just imagine how you felt sitting there trying to concentrate on the game while her creativity was a'churnin' - Thanks for sharing those with us. Now, that would make a great Wordless Wednesday post for you.

    Speaking of that, I got your comment about Wordless Wednesday participants posting peace globes. GREAT IDEA! I'm emailing you about it right now. Can you help get this going? I'm not a participant.

    Thanks and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  10. When I was a kid, my friend and I would see a Mets game at Shea Stadium whenever we could. Now I dont think I've been to a baseball game in at least 24 years...since I met my Hubby. I'm one of those people who think watching baseball is even more boring than watching golf!

  11. Nice post, Linda! Ironic that I'm reading this after having attended a Pawtucket Red Sox game last night with my best friend & the other guys in the wedding party, along with family. Best bachelor party I've attended in a L-O-N-G time! The Sox lost, but it was a heck of a game; and you couldn't beat the price: $10.00 for a primo seat along the 3rd base line!
    I actually felt guilty for having not seen a game since I was a kid - and to have a AAA team right here in our backyard, too!

    BTW: What's an EMO?

  12. Sarge Charlie & Bee - Thank you both very much for your service and Bee, I knew you'd love the sports theme of this post!

    Tish & Mimi - I think we all need to get together and attend a ball game. Even if the game was totally boring, think of the fun we'd have in the stands!

    Joan - You're right, it can be pretty darned boring to watch but attending a game is generally a lot more fun than just watching one on TV - generally!

    Bulldog - that's a good question and I think a good topic for a follow-up post!

  13. Ha i thought about Curmy when i started reading this! I focused on you pouring one heck of a beer!

    I am afraid i would be doodling with Amanda and Dan unless there was a funny streaker or particularly fine looking men playing with their balls. Baseballs i mean :D

    Although i would want to watch a game if i came over and visited, as i would insist that you watched a rugby match over here. Rugby players now thats more like it! erm what where we talking about?

  14. I cant wait to see your emo description!

  15. That is a magical photo!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Anonymous7:00 PM EDT

    So is EMO an a san fran word? if so, can some one fill us east coasters in?


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