Sunday, May 6, 2007

Fun with Wikipedia

Tagged again!

I seem to be getting tagged with memes by the royalty of The Blogosphere lately as, after being tagged by The Empress Bee of the High Seas with yesterday's meme, The Buzz Queen hit me with a rather quick and fun meme herself. I'm beginning to see how Mimi, the Queen of Memes, got her start!

This is an easy meme that requires one to simply go over to Wikipedia, type in the month and day of your birth, and then post three things that happened on that date in history, two people who share your birthday, and one person who died on that day. Why, this is one is so simple that even a cave man could do it! And because it's so simple, I thought I would also do Amanda's birthday, which just happens to be my Mom's birthday, too! Let me just say that was the last year she got a grandchild as a birthday present!

WikipediaThe Wikipedia Meme

My Birthday - September 9th

On This Date in History:
1543 - Mary Stuart, at nine months old, is officially crowned "Queen of Scots" in the central Scottish town of Stirling.
1776 - The Continental Congress officially names their new union of sovereign states the United States (the United States didn't become a country until the ratification of the Constitution).
1956 - Elvis Presley appears on The Ed Sullivan Show for the first time.

People Who Share My Birthday:
Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu, French statesman (d. 1642)
Otis Redding, American singer and songwriter (d. 1967)

Someone Who Died on This Day:
1997 - Burgess Meredith, American actor

Mom & Amanda's Birthday - June 18th

On This Date in History:
1873 - Susan B. Anthony is fined $100 for attempting to vote in the 1872 presidential election.
1967 - Jimi Hendrix burns his guitar on stage at the Monterey Pop Festival.
1983 - Space Shuttle program: STS-7, Astronaut Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space.

People Who Share Mom & Amanda's Birthday:
1942 - Sir Paul McCartney, English singer and songwriter
1952 - Isabella Rossellini, Italian actress

Someone Who Died on This Day:
1959 - Ethel Barrymore, American actress

Easy to do yet fun and informative at the same time! So, let's see - who shall I tag for this one? Hmmm, perhaps ... Joan (I owe you one!), Akelamalu, and Dixie!


  1. Thanks for the tag! I was desperate for a topic for a post today so this meme couldn't have come at a better time! And it's so perfect for a former librarian! :~)

  2. Anonymous10:30 PM EDT

    See - I told you it was easy as pie!

    Fun and interesting too hey?

    Thanks for playing along! :-)

  3. Thanks for the tag Linda but I've already done this one so there's not much point in doing it again. However, I will pinch the "ten things you don't know about me" meme and do it tomorrow - if I can think of 10 things! :)

  4. Miss Bee was so mad when Sally Ride got off the shuttle and said oooooooooh that was funnnnnnnnnn.

  5. Anonymous9:00 AM EDT


    I posted the vocabulary analysis of your blog on mine this morning. Thanks for participating!

  6. Ok, I will try this one... sounds interesting. Will give me something else to do in the hotel this week.... Thanks

  7. Good ones. This one is really making the rounds. It is fun and easy though and that helps.


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