Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

In honor of Tuesday night's My Chemical Romance concert (for which a post of epic proportions appears below this one!), I thought this week's question should be along those same lines.

Therefore, let me ask you -

What was the best concert you ever went to?

P.S., To all my favorite blogs that I haven't visited lately, I'm sorry! It's been a horribly busy week but I shall catch up - just not today as I'm working a double shift - ugh!


  1. To answer this question would embarrass me and date me.

    My dream concert to attend would be Prince. Yes,really.

  2. Oh lord, how can I answer with just one... my very first concert was Journey in 1981.

    I've seen Bob Segar, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nix, James Taylor, Prince and Shelia E, Garth Brooks, KISS, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, Phil Collins... heck I could go on... but I can't pick just one... Sorry

  3. No problem...Moody Blues, Concord, CA around 1984.

  4. Anonymous5:01 AM EDT

    The Unholy Alliance tour 2004. Slipknot, Slayer, Mastodon and Hatebreed.

    I floated home after that one ;-)

  5. Oh definitely Elton John in Manchester about 4 years ago.

  6. I'm hoping that it will be the concert that I haven't been to yet. I have tickets to see The Police in concert on June 30 in New Orleans! I'm so excited!! I like Chemical Romance too.

  7. Without a doubt it was the first Beatles concert at Shea Stadium in NY on August 15, 1965. My friend's father was a manager at the Waldorf Astoria where Brian Epstein would stay and so he gave us free tickets. We were sitting about 10 rows up from the dugout where the Beatles came out. It was one of the most memorable events of my life!!!

  8. I've never been to one.

  9. Nanci Griffiths & Dolly Parton but not at the same time

  10. The Judith Durham one was a great one.

  11. voted for you on best blog design, good luck

  12. The night I worked the Paul McCartney concert.

  13. I'm--ahem-a bit older then Supermom, and my answer proves it:

    Best "Cool Mom" concert (not sure I've made it to "epic"- I'll have to ask the kids): Matchbox 20, Reno NV., 1999. Luckily, I had adult backup in the form of my cousin Deanna. We went with our daughters and 5-6 other 16 yr old girls. Fortunately, the posse encouraged inappropriate motherly behavior in concert settings. Amanda would have been appalled. THIS mom (not to mention Deanna) is incapable of staying in her seat at ANY concert, other than one of a more orchestral sort.

    Best "I can't believe I'm watching an icon in person" concert: Elvis, Los Vegas, 1974. He was pretty plump by then, and his voice was not at its best...but it was ELVIS!

    Best "If my dad ever found out I was there I would have been history" concert: The Doors, San Francisco, Dec. 1967. I was far too young and naive to be there, but it was JIM MORRISON!

    Best "He touched me! The lead singer hugged me! I'll never shower again!: Blood, Sweat & Tears w/David Clayton-Thomas, right here in my 'lil home town, 1970.

    Best "I'd see these guys perform a hundred times" concert(s): Tower of Power, 1974 & many times since. Despite many changes in band members during the 35+ years they’ve been touring, they still put on an amazing show and I see them as often as possible. It's a East Bay thing!

    Best "I'm taking sweet revenge on the idiots who run my home town": Neil Diamond, 2005. This was supposed to be a benefit concert and Grand Opening of our new sports arena, which was plagued by HUGE cost overruns (thanks to our shortly thereafter fired City Manager). The tickets were originally priced so high that, as the date approached, the arena was going to be less than 1/4 filled. Why? Because the folks in charge paid Diamond a cool million for a single night’s performance!

    I wasn’t about to bail out the mayor and the other geniuses who tossed out that kind of taxpayer’s money to take a walk down memory lane—especially in a city best known for a high crime rate, congested traffic, & a majority of residents who are either too young or are otherwise musically inclined and thus wayyy unlikely to give it up for Neil Diamond. concert. As the million bucks could have been better spent, and because anything approaching a decent seat for this soiree was originally priced at $150, I and the majority of area residents took a pass.

    Fearing the shame of an empty arena, the bozos in charge eventually dropped prices for prime seats to $35, at which point I said "why not?” So there I was, sitting amongst the cream of local society (who bit the hook at $150). Diamond put on a good show, sang all my old favorites, waved at me & the 5-6 ladies bouncing around in front of our seats, and I snickered all the way home.

    But the winner is...

    Best "I've just fallen in love with the guy of my dreams and we're sitting in front of the stage together at our first concert": Crosby, Stills & Nash & Jesse Colin Young, Oakland, 1974. Amazing.

    I'll stop now...I promise!

  14. Sorry to run on and on, but I forgot "Best I can't believe I'm indulging in marginally illegal behavior in front of my (adult) child" concert: The Dave Matthews Band", somewhere near Marysville, Ca, 2000. But it was DAVE MATTHEWS!

  15. Anonymous9:50 PM EDT

    I grew up in Alaska. Not many bands came up there to begin with and my dad wouldn't let me go to any concerts anyway.

    My very first concert thus was "Sesame Street Live" in 1989. I was 20 and working as a nanny and I took a herd of small children. I was wearing a long denim skirt that caught on something and tore all the way up to my bottom. (sigh)

    See why If I won the M&m's they'd say "super dork" on them!?

    If I could see Duran Duran before they (and I) are old and decrepit I will die happy.

  16. Anonymous10:30 PM EDT

    The best concert I have ever been to would probably be Page and Plant back in 94' or Coldplay in Vegas 2 years ago. I love concerts.

  17. Anonymous3:53 AM EDT

    My best concert I have been to was a Jimmy Eat World concert. I enjoyed myself way too much. I haven't been to one in a while. My life is stuck to this computer. My enjoyment comes in the form of Youtube!

  18. Would believe the Beach Boys.....oh well, i am old.

  19. Charlie Daniels @ the "Big E" in Springfield, MA in 2002. "Mrs. Bulldog" & I had gone to the "Big E" for the day, saw the performance that night (for FREE, I might add), then began a two-week road trip/vacation to Virginia that night. Country music w/patriotic flavor (tribute to Police/Fire/EMS/Military), a fun day, and the anticipation of the open road made for the perfect beginning of that year's vacation!

  20. Anonymous1:11 AM EDT

    Poor me - I've never been to a concert.... yet!


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