Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Amanda had concert band practice tonight from 5:30 to 7:30 for her upcoming concert next Thursday which left me with the choice of make dinner early, make dinner late, or stop by one of the local fast food joints. Guess which option I chose? Yep, off to the local Wendy's for a quick stop at the drive-thru before coming home to try to catch up on some of my blog reading.

So that brings us to this week's question:

What is your favorite fast food restaurant?


  1. I'm not sure my favorite "fast food" restaurant fits in this category since they have no drive-through windows. Is that a prerequisite for being considered fast food?? Hmmmm...

    Anyway, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill which has more than 300 locations in 25 states is my fave. While they're not as popular as Taco Bell, their food is great and I love their motto:

    "No Microwaves,
    No Can Openers,
    No Freezers,
    No Lard,
    No M.S.G.®
    No Compromises


  2. I will have to go for sayers the bakery for their meat and potato pasties. Not really a fast food place, because i don't go to any.

  3. Our local Chinese Takeway no contest.

  4. Anonymous8:20 AM EDT

    I don't eat in typical fast food places anymore, but you can find me in those fast-food-type Chinese joints.

  5. Mickey Dee breakfast biscuit with egg.

  6. Hmmm...I'd have to say Chick Fila, but we don't have them here-as you know...they have the best waffle fries EVER.

  7. Do I have to pick just one...

    I LURVE Chick Fil A... or CHICK A FLICK as my kids call it...

    and I'm going to cheat...
    Backyard Burger...

    both places have the most wonderful waffle fries you will ever put in your mouth.

  8. Nations Burger's hands down. They have the best burgers! Their fries are excellent too. Don't do this very often either. Darn!!!

  9. Anonymous11:47 AM EDT


  10. In Britain, we don't have a variety except McDonald's & Burger King.

  11. Kentucky Fried Chicken for the drive through. Fast and good, the local chinese food to go.

  12. Where I live, we don't have any oriental drive-thru but if we did, it would probably be my place of choice since I love oriental foods.
    With the few choices available here, I'd probably say I'd prefer Long John Silvers cause I do like their fish (and shrimp too) but I prefer Mickey Dee's fries for some strange reason.

  13. I love Wendy's Chili. . . no matter how hot the weather is, I always have a cup of chili. Sometimes I get a baked potato and pour the chili over it!

    I also love any place that sells tater tots. . .

    When I lived in California, they had a place called Fat Burger and I loved their burgers piled high with goodies because I don't eat condiments.

    I also love the Meatball subs at Subway.

    OK, so I can't choose. . . not just one.

  14. Fast food is a toss up, between Arby's or Burger King. However, my most favorite place to go is Olive Garden, which I'm not sure if that's considered fast food.. Have to also agree with a previous comment, McDonald's breakfast sandwiches are also a bad craving..LOL

  15. Ohhh so many to choose from!

    Lately we've discovered Popeye's chicken which beats the Colonel any day, but I think I'll have to go with a local pizza place!

    But, I sure like the Stackers at BK and the Quarter Pounder at McD, and the Nachos Belle Grande at Taco Bell.. and and and.. LOL

  16. Most frequented when not deployed is Sonic, an almost strictly drive up window. Great burgers, onion rings, tots and fries, chili dogs and any combination of flavored drinks you can imagine. I love the Cherry Vanilla Coke. This is typically the first stop after coming back from a deployment too.

  17. All of my favorites are from places far, far away...

    Tim Horton's, Sonic, and CiCi's Pizza. Why is all the good food not near me???

  18. Anonymous5:58 PM EDT

    I just talked about this in my latest post! Taco Time!! :-)

    I love the natural soft taco's like nobody's business. I get 4 of the little side things of pico de gallo and pour them into the soft taco and the result is heaven!

  19. Arby's. Can't get enough of those potato cakes. And I love my roast beef drowned in Arby Sauce.

    Burger King for hamburgers, though.

  20. Of what we have in town: Subway

    What I wished we had in town: KFC, Wendy's, and that Baja Fresh Mexican Grill that Joan talked about sounds pretty darn good!

  21. Well lately for me it's Carl's Jr. which was actually a friend of the old cornel back when they each started their restaurants.
    At Carls Jr. I love Western Bacon Cheeseburger. yummy. barbaque sauce onion rings meat cheese yummy.


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