Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt - Colorful


After having been out of the Hunt for the past two weeks, I felt it was about time I got back in the saddle and posted something. Fortunately, this week's theme of "colorful" coincided nicely with the blossoming of the beautiful azalea bush in front of my house. Unfortunately it doesn't bloom for long but for a few days at least we've got some gorgeous color in front of my humble abode!

For those with eagle eyes, you're right - there are no flowers in my window boxes yet but I hope to rectify that soon after a trip to the local plant nursery. You will, however, notice that the hanging petunias that I got for National Telecommunicators Week are blooming quite nicely and also add to the color in the upper right-hand corner of the picture!

Everyone have a great, safe, and colorful weekend!

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  1. Anonymous10:30 PM EDT

    The flowers are very nice and planted well. I wish to plant these flowers in my house but so sad that the weather in my country is too hot for the flowers.

  2. Anonymous10:41 PM EDT

    Oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! I bet they smelled as great as they looked :)

  3. Oh, I thought about doing colorful flowers...why? Because I love them so much! Yours are breathtaking!

  4. That is a beautiful bush! I love it!

  5. I don't think I've ever seen azaleas in person. Your's are gorgeous. I'm just waiting for my lilacs to bloom. I love how they scent my yard. They don't stay around long enough either.

  6. Thanks for stopping by again. To answer your daughter is only 3!!! But she loves the same music I do because thats what we listen to together. There's a free concert in a few weeks with Starting Line, a little punkish band from Philly and Im taking her to that. Its free so if its too much for her (even with earplugs) we can leave. And, I already have my Projekt Revolution tix for August (without the 3 year old, of course)!

  7. WOw, that are really in full bloom - ours isn't doing as well, sadly.

  8. Anonymous10:53 PM EDT

    I love to have flower infront of my house. but too bad I live in apartment. no space for us to plant nice flower.

  9. Wow! Those are beautiful!!!
    Mine, along with my rose bushes aren't looking so well after that last cold snap we had.
    Great choice for the theme!

  10. Anonymous10:55 PM EDT

    Beautiful! The azaleas here all finished blooming several weeks ago, so it is nice to see some new ones! I am hoping to get some petunias up in hanging baskets soon.

  11. That is just gorgeous! What a beautiful bush! I hope you post photos of the window boxes when they get filled! My photo is up, please come and visit

  12. Anonymous11:01 PM EDT

    What a beautiful azeala. I just planted one in the front of my house this spring! I can only hope it will be as nice as yours someday.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. great pic. and thanks for stopping by :-)

  14. I can almost smell them... lovely!

  15. Those are lovely azalea. I wish they could survive the hot weather here in Singapore.

  16. wow, great photo and great azalea.

  17. Anonymous1:05 AM EDT

    the azalea made it in time for today's theme. wonderful!

  18. Anonymous1:06 AM EDT

    the azaleas look like they r happy to b under yr tender loving care :)
    always a pleasure to come visit yr blog :) and catch up on what's happening in yr life. have a nice weekend

  19. beautiful! pink is my favorite color! have a great weekend!

  20. oh wow .... that's such a beautifully colored front!!
    absolutely love it! :)

    enjoy your weekend, too!

  21. Wow! That is pretty! Most of the time I love apartment living, but those flowers make me wish I had a yard!

  22. Linda Linda, I love your front porch it is so cute. Oregon has tons of Rhodes and Azalea but I must tell you girl I have never seen an Azalea that full Beautiful My friend. Thank you for the picture!!!

  23. Wow. You did that youself? Cool.

  24. Beautiful azaleas!! mine are in a little pot...
    happy saturday!

  25. -- they are incredibly beautiful. And they are huge. I love the color pink.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.

  26. Great minds think alike. I post a photo of two azaleas in my front garden today too. But yours is bigger

  27. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  28. That's beautiful, mine is a deep red but miniscule compared to yours.

    By the way I've TAGGED you! :)

  29. Wow, one can feast on those lovely blooms! I love the colours!

  30. Your azaleas are gorgeous! I live in the desert and azaleas don't fair well here. Great photo and welcome to photo hunters!

  31. Anonymous6:18 AM EDT

    I've never seen an azalea like that! Actually I don't think they grow in bushes in Finland - only in pots... Awesome beauty!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  32. Love the azaleas- mine are long past blooming (well, most of them anyway) I do seem to ahve a later variety still in bloom.

    Love the rock wall too- very nice.
    Thanks for stopping by mine

  33. I love the "arrangement". The color is really soothing to the eyes.

  34. Anonymous7:14 AM EDT

    gorgeous azaleas!

  35. Gorgeous picutre and goreous bush! I love the color pink :)

  36. Nice one!..The pink is just sooooo sssweeettt!!


  37. Ohhhhhhhhhh, I want that bush! In my garden! LOL
    [just kidding]---it's so pretty.

    Thanks for the visit

  38. Your azaleas are gorgeous, Linda! Beautiful colorful photo. Thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek and for your very kind remarks. The first photo was edited because I focused on the flowers and made the rest of the photo black and white, but the zinnia and spider are exactly how it came out of my camera after cropping. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

  39. Anonymous9:29 AM EDT

    Oh I love azaleas - beautiful photo!

    Hey - I was just in your "neck of the woods" last week for my brother's wedding. Had a great visit back "home"!

    Happy Weekend and welcome back to the hunt!

  40. Wow! This is an amazing display:)

  41. Oh my, what a burst of color!!
    So true, azaleas don't last long enough, but sure are pretty while they're here.

  42. Those are gorgeous and very colorful!

  43. That is one beautiful azaela. i wish mine grew like that.

  44. That is beautiful! How lucky you are to have it to enjoy! It reminds me of my New England childhood.

  45. They really light up the front of your house.

  46. oh what beautiful azaleas!

  47. That's lovely. i don't have a garden cos staying in condo :)

  48. That is a wonderful specimen, I really don't think I've seen one looking so full and brilliant.

  49. Anonymous11:22 AM EDT

    How beautiful! And I think your house looks very nice as well!

  50. Your azalea bush is beyond beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen one that's gorgeous!! xo

  51. wow linda they are beautiful!!!

    smiles, bee

  52. I wish I had such a beautiful pink bush in front of my house !

  53. Love your blog! Very fun! The picture is beautiful! I've always wanted a house with a porch like that... I have to admit I'm a tad jealous :)

  54. Anonymous12:56 PM EDT

    OMG, your azaleas are so beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  55. Anonymous12:59 PM EDT

    Ohhh, so beautiful and colorful I can almost smell them!

    Mine is up!

  56. Those are gorgeous! We have a rose bush out in front of our house, but most the blooms were killed after the snow burst through our spring weather!! I miss them very much this year. Thanks for visiting.

  57. Anonymous2:12 PM EDT

    I love azaleas - I made a screen saver out of a picture of one.
    I love how the pink ones look like fire sometimes.
    Have a splendid Saturday,

  58. Love your azzies! Ours have already shriveled up and died :(

  59. Really neat rock wall too! And a healthy azalea!

  60. I love azaleas. The do look beautiful if only for a short period of time. Enjoy them while they last.

  61. I love azaleas, too. My mom always has a colorful selection growing down in Florida. That's your house? It's beautiful.. it looks like a Bed & Breakfast house!

  62. Anonymous5:46 PM EDT

    such a lovely bush!

  63. Love the flowers. They are pretty. So colorful. Great take on the theme.
    Have a safe weekend.
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom

  64. That is a lovely bush....yes the colours are magnificant.....

    Happy weekend....cheers

  65. Your bush is too beautiful for words.Mine did not bloom as pretty..
    It gets too hot here .Thanks for visiting my place today.My daughter has someone make these birthday cakes. Baba

  66. Lovely azalea - Thanks for stopping by!

  67. Wow! Would you look at all those flowers! Beautiful.
    Wonderful choice for The Hunt. Stunning.

  68. Ver ybeautiful. I hate how flowers bloom for such a short amount of time!

  69. Beautiful! I am terrible with flowers and plants, but I love looking at other peoples. Thanks so much for sharing.

  70. That's absolutely beautiful. What a pity it doesn't bloom for long. It would have been nice if something as pretty as that can bloom all year round. Thanks for sharing.

  71. The flowers look lovely :)
    So that is your house behind them? it looks lovely, i want to see more of it.

  72. Anonymous7:28 AM EDT

    Wow, that's a very pretty bush to pretti-fy your home :D
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  73. Anonymous12:41 PM EDT

    Oh those are gorgeous Linda! Azaleas are my favourite!


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