Saturday, May 5, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - "Childhood"

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TNChick and the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt took us in search of "childhood" this week so I get the feeling that there will be lots and lots and lots of pictures of kids up for all of us to ooh and aah over!

Not wanting to be left out of the fun, I managed to dig up a picture of my oldest brother, Mark, and myself that was taken way back in 1959 when, as my mother put it, I was so cute that she used to dress me up like a little doll. I must say that for someone with no hair, I think I looked pretty darned good! Eat your heart out, Britney Spears!

two cute kids

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  1. That is one cute both look like porcelain dolls!!!

  2. You are great. How did you keep the photo in such good condition!

  3. OMG that is just so adorable!!!

  4. Anonymous11:42 PM EDT

    What a cute frilly dress! Can tell you are a girl even with no hair. :)

  5. Brittany Spears has nothing on you. What an adorable picture of you and your brother. I really enjoy this weeks theme.

    Happy Saturday.

  6. And your brother looks like the cat that just ate the canary... very sly look there. What does he know that the photographer or his mom doesn't?

  7. Omigosh, you look like the Gerber Baby, absolutely perfect. And those clothes, those clothes (both yours and your brother's)... I wish they still made beautiful clothes like that!

  8. Oh, I am definitely oohing and aahing over this one!

  9. You like twins. And you both look adorable. I love your dress! :)

  10. I meant 'you're like twins'. :D

  11. So sweet! :) You are your brother were very cute. :)

  12. Very sweet picture. Hair or no hair you were a gorgeous baby!

  13. Anonymous8:11 AM EDT

    " your heart out Britney Spears." That totally made me laugh!

    Very nice photo!

  14. That looks a super pic. I like the Spears comment!

  15. Brittney has nothing on you, and you still ended up with a brain too, that's two strikes against her.

  16. You are CUTER than the gerber baby, I'd say! You have the same twinkling eyes and pinchable cheeks!

    Your brother looks like a mini politician!


  17. very very cute! have a great day honey!

    smiles, bee

  18. I noticed that someone else already said it, but I was thinking when I looked at that photo that you guys look like dolls. You both are adorable! :)

    I love that photo.

  19. Adorable!! Both of your cheeks are shiny like apples! :) Love the dress and the big bow :)

  20. What does you mother mean by WAS cute ???

  21. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    What a sweet photo!

  22. What a cute photo! You both look like sweet little dolls!

  23. Anonymous10:25 AM EDT

    "Eat your heart out, Britney Spears!"

    I like that! LOL

    Thanks for stopping by & have a good week end!

  24. yeah britney, up yours......

  25. Anonymous10:47 AM EDT


  26. Anonymous11:01 AM EDT

    Very cute picture! Thanks for the comment you left at my blog.

  27. Love your picture. Cuties, both of you. Today was my first Photo Hunt. Check me out. It is nice to meet you. Have a wonderful day.
    Samantha & Tigger
    (I misspelled my name on the linky thing.)

  28. So glad to be back here visiting you again in yr blog :) Mayb it is yr pic on the top right hand corner of yr web page makes it feel so friendly. I normally scan through one whole week's worth of blog :)

  29. Anonymous11:21 AM EDT

    oh, what a cute photo

  30. Anonymous11:29 AM EDT

    That is so cute!! Your outfits are adorable! Don't you love those old photos?

    Thanks for visiting mine, and for your nice welcome!

  31. I love the big bow on the back of your dress! It's wider than you. I had dresses like that, too. I kept some of them and have them for my doll. I had a doll that was supposed to be a one-year-old and a bigger one that was supposed to be three. So they wore my old clothes.

  32. Those are amazingly cute! Mom shakes her head and mumbles "were we ever that little?"


  33. Anonymous11:58 AM EDT

    Hey Linda - not related to this post, but I tagged you for a fun wikipedia thing! (Don't worry, it's easy :-)

  34. What a doll you are! I can see why your mom wanted to dress you up.I love seeing all these pictures, hope you have a great weekend!

  35. My mom used to put me in dresses but I think she gave up.
    I got a picture of myself up in a tree.
    You graduate from high school 2 years before me.
    Stop by and take a look.

  36. That is so cute! I can't believe that such great poses were able to be accomplished back before digital came along and you were able to take a dozen before you got a good one.

  37. That is one happy looking photo, now what is going on behind the camera to make you laugh so much, that takes a lot of work with children.

  38. ooh ... aah :)
    childhood photos are the best !!!

  39. Anonymous12:19 PM EDT

    OMG that is soooo cute

  40. You're adorable! And I see some peach fuzz up there!

  41. Oh, I almost did a similar shot of me and my brother, but went the other route.

  42. i love the photo. so cute :)

  43. Nice photo for the hunt and outstanding blog design, thanks for stopping by.

  44. Oh..way cuter than Miss Briteny!!!!

    thanks for stopping by.

  45. Really lovely picture! It's great that they got the both of you with such lovely expressions!

  46. What a cute cute baby!! Plus your brother was a handsome little boy too!! Wonder why we have to grow!! I see you are almost 50!! You will make it..I did and pushing more onto it now! Thanks for dropping by today...Sandy

  47. Adorable photograph. Precious image of the two of you.
    The no-hair look is you.

    Yea, it's you.

    Silly me.

  48. What a great picture - I love the cherub cheeks you both have!

  49. Anonymous1:58 PM EDT

    this picture is adorable! i love black and white pictures!

  50. Hi Linda,....You and your brother are cuties.....Thanks for viewing my blog today. Baba

  51. Lovely picture! Compared with some, you have plenty of hair :)

  52. Wonderful picture, all togged out for the occasion.

  53. Just want to pinch those cute cheeks!! Adorable picture!!

    Happy Saturday!

  54. Anonymous2:39 PM EDT

    Awww....soooo cute!! You do look like a little doll.

  55. Anonymous2:46 PM EDT

    Such adorable picture! Thanks for sharing!

    Mine's up!

  56. i agree with the porcelain doll comment :-) that is such a precious picture! thanks for stopping by! :-)

  57. Anonymous2:49 PM EDT

    Wonderful. We have a quite a few of my brother and I like that--except ours are color and fading fast. You were both adorable.:)

  58. What a cute picture! I agree that you guys look like dolls.

  59. Having been bald until I was nearly 2 years old, and having three kids of my own who were also bald until they were nearly 2, I think bald babies are the best looking ones!!

  60. Anonymous3:23 PM EDT

    wow you're both adorable!

  61. It is a hoot seeing all of these childhood pictures.

  62. Yup, you were a cutie all right, even bald! lol Such a wonderful picture to share with us...wish we had all stayed cute like that! lol Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  63. Cute! Way better than Britney Spears, LOL.

  64. I love the look in your brother's eyes - that is a look of trouble. :)

  65. That is just so so cute and lovely photo. Very well preserved.
    Thanks for dropping by.

  66. Anonymous8:09 PM EDT

    I enjoy seeing those older photographs. You both are cute.

    Thanks for stopping by

  67. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    Precious! Y'all really look like doll babies! Too cute!

  68. Anonymous10:32 PM EDT

    That is REALLY a great photo! I love older pictures like that!

    Oh, and just for you, I dug up a photo of me when I was young, and have made a new post!

    Have a great weekend.

  69. awww! those rosy cheeks are so sweet!

    thanks for stopping by!

  70. Anonymous11:35 PM EDT

    What a great photo. You're both so adorable!


  71. Awww... such cuties!

  72. Oh my, my, my. The two of you are ADORABLE!! I love the looks on both your faces..

    What a fantastic choice for The Hunt. Thanks for sharing it.

  73. What a wonderful picture of you and your brother. I have to agree - you are a cutie :)

  74. AWWWW what cute little buggers you are!:D

    That really is a lovely photo.

  75. Hi Linda. Please pardon my late visit. Thanks for sharing this adorable photo of you and your brother. I agree, you look really good even without hair. :) Your last line about Britney made me laugh.

    Thanks for visiting my photo hunt.

  76. That's so lovely!
    Thanks for popping in to mine.

  77. Anonymous2:29 AM EDT

    Your last line cracks me up. You are indeed a beautiful baby back then.

  78. Both you and your brother is so cute!!! Thanks for dropping by.


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