Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Preventing a "Cat-astrophe"!


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  1. Two of the local area's finest volunteer firefighters rescue two cats from an apartment fire recently. In case you can't tell, the one on the right is a cat owner and feeder of the local strays while the one on the left is a dog owner and quite allergic to cats!

    I'm sure the cats were very grateful for their rescue!

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM EDT

    We should thank those firefighters...

    Happy WW!

  3. Anonymous5:06 AM EDT

    Great photo. Happy WW.

  4. Ah this is so cute. Hurrah for fire fighters & other emergency staff x x

  5. Anonymous7:15 AM EDT

    I'm so glad they're ok (the cats that is!) ;-)

  6. Anonymous8:58 AM EDT

    We can count on them for so much :D

  7. awesome picture, reminds me of a book I loved when I was younger "The Fire Cat"

  8. Anonymous10:06 AM EDT

    Thank you firefighters!! A job well done.

  9. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    Bravery at its best - kudos to them.

  10. Anonymous10:14 AM EDT

    Thanks for stopping by my blogs. It's great to see animal lovers in action. Brave men doing a heroic job. My brother-in-law is a fireman too.

  11. Anonymous10:26 AM EDT

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! What a great photo you have on today! We are BIG time animal people... so that photo was just wonderful to see!
    - Audrey

  12. what wonderful people those firefighters are. Cute cats too.
    Happy WW

  13. Anonymous10:50 AM EDT

    long live the firefighters!

    happy ww!

  14. Anonymous11:09 AM EDT

    Those firefighters just do everything don't they?!

  15. How sweet is that! Your descriptin made it even more meaningful!

  16. How sweet! Thanks for the description and sharing . Happy WW.

    Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom)

  17. Wonderful! Those firefighters are real heroes. :) Those cats and their owner(s) must be very, very happy. :) Great photo!

  18. This should CATapault them into the CAT Hall Of Fame!

    Happy WW!

  19. Job well done! Thanks for the great picture, Linda! ~Stacey

  20. I've heard a report that the two cats were playing with matches and possibly started the fire, any truth to that?

  21. LOL! The guy on the right looks wicked mad that he's been caught on camera!!!

  22. Hurray for them!!!!!!

  23. Great photo. It's good to see firefighters avoidng a CATastrophe.

    (sorry couldn't resist a pun!)

  24. I think Mo would love this, firefighters rescuing cats! :D

  25. How nice they rescued them - cute picture!

  26. Brilliant, just the one for me. [newbie no longer lurking]

  27. Claire is right!
    I ♥ these firefighters!

  28. oh everything for mo mo!!!

    smiles, bee

  29. Anonymous4:51 PM EDT

    Now for the "rest of the story" being one of the subjects of this photo. We were handed the cats by another fire fighter that found them while checking for "hot spots" in the building after the fire. My brother and I were transporting the cats to a safe place until the owners could be located. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending) there were several fire service bloggers on scene with cameras, and, well... the rest is history. There were a lot of fine fire fighters on scene that morning, that by their quick actions, saved a very old victorian home from being destroyed. We just happened to be caught in the act of taking care of a couple of God's creatures.

    And the by the way "mags", I always look like that....

  30. Anonymous5:06 PM EDT

    Way to go Fire Fighters!

  31. Poor kitties, yeah for the Firemen!

  32. What a couple of cute firemen. Hmm lucky you linda

  33. Anonymous6:03 PM EDT

    awesome picture! good work by those firemen! this picture is very close to the MCWC heart for obvious reasons ;)

  34. What a fantastic picture! Those men look so handsome carrying out the little kitty! Heroes!

  35. Great blog and great WW post!

  36. Nice pic...and the cats are kinda cute

  37. Great Pic! Way to go guys!

  38. Anonymous1:19 AM EDT

    is the guy holding the black cat the dog person? coz that cat looks really pissed off. the other one just looks scared

  39. After such an exhaustive MCR report you may want to keep those two guys on hand. :D

    You made great memories with your kids that day. Not many Mums would put up with so much fannishness.

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