Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweet Sixty!!

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A lot of people may not agree with me but when it comes to birthdays, I've always felt that more is better. After all, think of the alternative! Hence the reason I have no trouble showing a countdown clock over on my sidebar for my impending 50th birthday which is still well over a year away. Whew!

Today, however, is the special day of a very special lady and I wanted to wish a very happy 60th birthday to the amazing Gracie from Echoes of Grace!

I just got to "know" Grace this year and I am so glad I did as she is one of the warmest souls out there and that's not just because she lives in Bakersfield, one of California's hot spots! How can you not love a woman who writes in her Blogger profile that she is "Tap-dancing through life on two left feet without a compass; laughing, crying and holding hands with others who find themselves in the same place!"

Add on to that the fact that she loves Blazing Saddles, (one of my favorite movies of all time!) Braveheart, (Mel Gibson in a kilt - rowr!) Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, (music from heaven) Seal, (I just love A Kiss From A Rose) and is a proud patriot who has no problem speaking her mind and heart and you've got one amazing woman that I am proud to call friend.

Happy, happy birthday, Gracie and after you're done having a big ole' slice of this yummy looking cyber-cake you can go back to tap-dancing with those two left feet of yours holding the hands of all who love you while enjoying the fact that you are 60 years young. Tell the Hubman to give you a big hug for me; I'd do it myself but I have to be back to work tomorrow!


  1. What a lovely tribute to your friend Linda. I bet you made that cake yourself didn't you? ((wink))

    I wished Gracie HB yesterday, but what the heck

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE. Hope you have a wonderful day! :0

  2. happy birthday gracie honey! this is a wonderful post linda. you rock girl...

    smiles, bee

  3. Wow!!! What a beautiful tribute. I posted a much smaller Happy Birthday message for Gracie as well, but it was from my heart.

  4. gracie is blogger hero of the day, happy birthday nice lady.......

  5. Happy happy happy birthday to one foxy Gracie girl.

    Great post,Linda.

  6. Happy B-Day, Gracie! Hope your day turns out just the way you like it!

    BTW: Nice post, Linda.

  7. What a good friend you are. Gracie is a lucky 60 year old lady!!!

  8. Linda, this is awesome. She will be very touched by this birthday wish. :)

  9. Where's she been!? Happy Birthday, Miss MIA!! We've been missing you around the bloggosphere. Hope you're out having lots of fun.

  10. Happy Birthday!

    It's always great to see a woman who isn't perpetually 39+. :-)

  11. Linda, with friends like you, how can I be anything but joyful! You entered my life and shone a light over so much of it! Thank you dear heart, for all of your kindesses!!!
    Love to you,

  12. Oh yes...that cake was scruptious!
    I'm having to undo my jeans!!!

  13. Anonymous12:22 PM EDT

    That's one beautiful cake! I think I'll take a cyber bite!

  14. "After all, think of the alternative!"

    I don't think of heaven as a bad alternative. :)


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