Friday, June 1, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Every great once in awhile I find it necessary to make a trip to one of the local grocery stores. I'd really rather avoid the entire ritual of walking up and down aisles of every kind of food imaginable but darned if that daughter of mine doesn't nag at me constantly about there being "nothing in the house to eat". Personally I think she's over-exaggerating as there is always a few bags of Ramen noodles and some canned tomatoes in the cupboard. What more does she need?!?

Truth be told, the kitchen was starting to look like Mother Hubbard had moved in so it was off to Stop & Shop this afternoon to pick up a few essentials like bread, milk, cereal, and the like. I didn't think I had bought all that much but when the cashier was done ringing up my purchases I had spent the princely sum of $99.64. Ouch!

This brings us to this week's question as I was wondering about this on the way home:

How much do you normally spend at the grocery store and how often do you go?


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  2. We go once a week and shop from a list. I budget for $100 per week and we generally get out for $80-$120, so we're not too far off target. We have a FANTASTIC grocery store, though, so going isn't a huge chore (it has a free playroom for the kids - pure bliss).

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  4. Once a month and I spend much more if I'm hungry.

  5. I go virtually every day [practice and exposure for the kids] but more often than not we come away empty handed or with only a few bits and bobs depending upon how long they could hold it together!
    Overall, we must spend upwards of at least $150 a week [and that's mainly Goldfish!]

  6. Anonymous8:34 PM EDT

    Oy. Our grocery bill is fairly large. We have no fast food on the island though so that helps the budget.

    When I do a big, once-every-10 days or two weeks kinda shop I usually spend about $200 - $300. A necessity run (milk, bread etc) is usually done every other day and that amounts to $30-$50. I am sure we spend about $1000 a month on groceries but then there are eight of us and that also includes paper products, pet food, cleaning supplies, diapers etc.

    I I had a large freezer and a CostCo nearby I am sure I could whittle that amount down. Prices are fairly expensive here. Gas just went up to $4.00 a gallon. Ack!

  7. We usually go every three weeks or so, and our cost will range between $100.00 to $175.00. The thing is, we try to buy food that will last for a month's worth of meals w/o going bad. For little things & "incidentals", we may go once a week, spending $20.00 to $50.00. This includes creamer, juice, tea, snacks, ect. Overall, we do all right.

  8. Too much and too often. But I'm not the quartermaster.

  9. We usually go every weekend or every other weekend just depending on how many times we might end up eating out during the week.

    I buy groceries at wal-mart, so we usually buy way more stuff than groceries, so it's hard to tell an average spending amount.

  10. I honestly dont know how much we spend at the grocery store because that's Hubby's chore. And to be honest, most of our shopping is done at our local Trader Joe's rather than the traditional supermarket.

  11. I always want to go weekly but it ends up being more like bi-weekly and sometimes as terrible as it sounds even longer. When we go weekly we usually spend about 75 bucks or so but when we go bi-weekly it can be upwards of $150 +.

    I notice that we spend much more when we all go together as opposed to when I just send Mr. Right with a list.

    Shame on me!

  12. Well there's only two of us but we shop weekly and it usually costs around £70. Then I buy fresh pork and beef from the local farm when needed and three times a year order a whole Lamb from an organic farm in wales which usually costs around £120. Crikey it sounds a lot for two of us!

  13. I go way too often. But it's nearby and sometimes it's a way to relax for a short while, and maybe bump into a friend or two.

    We spend $100 a week, on average.


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