Saturday, June 16, 2007

Of sleep and dreams

Between my work schedule, an upcoming pleasant evening out with Paula, the girls, & Captain Jack Sparrow, and my all-consuming obsession with being able to get through "Free Bird" on Guitar Hero II I didn't have a lot of time to come up with what one might call a "really good post" for today. Hence I have resorted to a Blogthings Quiz to help fill in the gaps!

You Sometimes Don't Get Enough Sleep

You're often more tired than you'd like, and you're probably not getting enough quality sleep.
Sleeping a little more could make you a lot more energetic and happy.
Try having a bedtime, keep your bedroom cool, and only eat fruit before bed.

Somehow I don't think I needed an Internet Quiz to figure this one out but, like I said, was looking for some quick fill today!

I know for a fact that I don't get enough sleep but it's not necessarily from a lack of trying on my end. I just flat-out don't sleep well these days and am quite sure I wake up at least a dozen or more times during the night. Every great once in awhile I will wake up in the morning and think - wow! I slept pretty good! - but that doesn't seem to happen too often. More often than not I wake up in the morning and groan while glaring at the alarm clock and wondering how many more days it is until I can sleep in!

I could've sworn I heard or read somewhere that the older you get the less sleep you need but I have yet to see that work in actual life. Maybe I'm just not old enough to need less sleep yet? Is that something that doesn't really take effect until you're 50? Or 60? Or even 70?

It probably doesn't help that I have been having some really, really strange dreams lately - the kind of dreams where you wake up and think "whatever I ate before I went to bed, I gotta remember not to have it again!" Not that I can clearly remember them as the day goes by but that's probably for the best!

Oh well, perhaps tonight I'll have some swashbuckling dreams involving Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom (yay!)

Though, with my luck, they will more likely involve Davy Jones (eww!).

What about you? Anyone have any interesting dreams they want to share?


  1. Yo Ho Ho!
    It's a Pirate's Life for me!
    When you see Pirates 3, make sure you stay to the VERY end (after the closing credits) to see 1 final scene!

  2. That snake picture is creepy. I have no dreams that I can remember, but I am getting more sleep, so I am dreaming more.

  3. For some reason, I can never remember my dreams ... I must be a mutant or something.

  4. I rarely remember my dreams, and I'm in my mid 60s and sleep like a baby. I can sleep for 8 or 9 hours easy. So, I am not so sure about age here. Perhaps it's that worrying that you do? Have a great weekend. :)

  5. What are you wearing in these dreams? If you're dressed primarily in black (with the occasional white shirt beneath a black jacket), you may have contracted a rare strain of A. Young Syndrome. Treatment is only effective if you catch this quickly, but the only cure is to break the Guitar Hero addiction and eat more fruit. No fun there!

  6. Just got back from the movie - quick comment before I attempt to get some sleep either complete with strange dreams or not!

    The movie was great but I swear, I gotta quit going to these #3 sequels. First I cried at Spidey 3 and now I've cried at Pirates 3. Good grief! What on earth is wrong with me? I dare not go see Shrek the Third, though I think the main thing I'd be crying at there is paying $9 for a movie that barely last 90 minutes!

    As for Pirates, it was well worth the money and the time spent sitting in the theater. Love, love, love, love, love the eyeliner on Johnny Depp which might be cause for some questioning of my sanity but oh well - watchagonnado??

    All in all, an enjoyable Saturday night out made even better by the company of my friend Paula whom my girls just adore, too.

    Now - on to those dreams ... and no, Miz Cyn, I would not be suffering from the A. Young Syndrome- I leave that to Jamie! Just try to remember - rock and roll ain't noise pollution!

  7. Anonymous12:34 AM EDT

    I rarely remember my dreams. Probably because I always sleep less then I need (4~5 hours). The strangest one that I remember would have to be the one where I was running from the police (no, I'm not a criminal :P), but I was seeing myself as a kid in that one.

  8. I often wake up thinking what a wierd dream, but then I can't remember what it was about! :(

  9. I loved your post, Linda. Yeah, I've had wierd dreams - and I have no idea what they mean. Funny thing is MizCyn hit on a prominent feature in my "mini-series" set of dreams. Too long to get into here, but the quick version is that I'm going through "recruit processing" whereupon I'm issued basic military uniforms, except they're all in BLACK! Hmmmmm...!

  10. A 90 minute movie isn't long enough. Just what is that extra scene at the end of Pirates 3?

  11. Linda - Get some sleep. We need to have lunch soon.

  12. Strange dreams, huh? The past 2-3 years, off and on, I have had numerous dreams that I was back (or still) waitressing at a nearby truckstop. These dreams have been downright hysterically funny at times; also weird in that I am the way I am now with a lot of mobility problems with the old legs (unlike 20 years ago when I could "run" with the best of 'em at work and strange demands from the customers about my mobility factors mostly. These could be considered nightmares on one hand because the thought of working as a waitress again would be a nightmare for me and customers alike but then too, it's funny why now I am suddenly dreaming about working at that place. I did have a lot of fun though way back when I worked there!

  13. I have lottery winning dreams and then wake up to the disappointment of not winning! :(

  14. Rrrowr, Capt. Jack Sparrow!!! *swoon*

    I can't wait to see that movie!!!!!

    Last night I dreamed I was on a beach, the sky was black, and I could see lightning.. I was having a picnic with some friends, and we all packed up very quickly to leave. A little farther down the shore was a HUGE tent, with a lot of people milling around in it, I looked up just in time to see it get hit with lightning, the whole inside turned white. I grabbed my backpack and ran away, huddled near to the ground so the zipper in my backpack wouldn't attract any lightning. I was creeping between two lines of shrubs, when I saw the lightning hit the ground and a ball of it come bouncing toward me. I rolled to the side so it wouldn't touch me, but it was magnetically attracted to something in my backpack, and turned around to hover over my shoulder. I could hear the electricity humming in my ear, so I slowly got up and backed toward a tree, hoping that it would go for the tree instead.. and that's when I woke up.

    It seems like the only dreams I remember are the weird ones!

  15. Firstly, thank you for your kind words re our CoCo. I can't quite bring myself to posting something to replace her sweet face at the top of my blog yet. Still hurts. But many kind people have visited with comforting words.

    Secondly, I adore everything about the Pirates series....especially Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom.

    Thx again....much appreciated,.


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