Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rock Me, Amadeus! Well, actually it was Kai, Tisha, and Sandee!


I knew all those hours of playing Guitar Hero II were going to pay off as I was just awarded the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award by not just one or two but three other rockin' girl bloggers! I am so psyched! Kai, Tisha,and Sandee are three of the nicest bloggers that I've ever met and have the privilege of calling friends so I was just tickled pink (much like the color of this badge!) to have been given this award by all of them. Truth be told, I am beyond flattered!

The Buzz Queen Kai wrote:
"What can I say about Linda? She’s an amazing writer (even working on a novel!) who is a single Mom to two teenage girls! She’s also a full time, shift working ambulance dispatcher. And she’s a wonderful blogging friend to boot!"
While that Crazy Working Mom Tisha said:
"Linda is an AWESOME momma who works long, tireless hours to make sure that her daughters are taken care of. She ROCKS because she went to an MCR concert with her daughter and rocked the show. She's got pictures to prove it. She is a 911 operator and she's darn good at it. She is a proud supporter of emergency personnel and has countless posts to back that up."
Finally, Sandee at Comedy+ wrote:
"Linda has two daughters that she cares for very deeply. She works as a dispatcher and has numerous stories about that. She does frequent history lessons and always about stuff I don't know enough about. She is a smile for me everyday and I doubt that she knows it. She cares very deeply about law enforcement, fire, and EMT's and those of you that know me understands what that means to me."
Aw shucks ... you ladies are making me blush but I am so honored to have been awarded this along with yourselves! I can't wait to throw this one on my bogged-down sidebar!

Now, the rules state that if you're tagged, you get that spiffy little badge at the top of this post and then tag five other chicks who you think rock. Hmmm, who shall I present this kickin' badge to? There are just so many that I could choose and yet I'm limited to just five ... this is going to be tough!

1) My first choice has got to be Dayngr Girl of the blog Dayngrous Discourse as this girl knows how to rock and then some! A resident of Florida, she's mom to the Dayngrous Duo, is married to Mr. Right (also known as Big Daddy Rooster), and recently went through the pain of losing her beloved mother followed by what could only be called scenes right out of a bad Hollywood drama involving her mother's second husband, Ego. This girl knows how to rock and roll and she does it with style and grace!

2) Polli of Polliwog's Pond is my second choice for this award. Polli is mom to six - count 'em - six children and has also become the proud owner of Millie, the dog who belonged to her friends who recently died in a tragic plane crash. Even though she is admittedly not a dog person. Polli has opened her home and heart to this gorgeous animal. Polli has a heart as big as the outdoors of her island she lives on off the Washington coast and it's always a pleasure to visit her at the pond.

3) Third up is Mimi Lenox of Mimi Writes formerly of Bloggingham Palace in North Carolina and now residing with Bud Weiser here in Connecticut. And no, that's not a brewery but her new home with her man and WTIT tape radio wit, Bud. If anyone deserves to be called a Rockin' Blogger Girl it's Mimi for her undying devotion and dedication to her fantastic Peace Globe movement. Besides, how can you live with a man who idolizes John Lennon and not rock??

4.) My choice for the #4 badge is Gale of Gem-osophy whose blog I always love to visit. Gale is a published author whose most recent work appears in The Christian Science Monitor (you can read her story here) as well as the recipient of several writing awards and the writer of three other blogs. She rocks overtime from her home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she's hard at work on a new novel that I am eagerly awaiting my autographed copy of!

5.) Last but certainly not least I present the fifth badge to Gracie of Echoes of Grace because she's just amazing! In the heat of Bakersfield, California she and her Hubman recently moved to a new home so she's been busy settling in there but that didn't stop her from doing a fun meme where she told us that even though she's a church-going lady she knows all the words to anything by The Doobies as well as "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"! How can that not rock??

I hope that these five recipients can pass this along to five other Rockin' Girl Bloggers but if not, sit back and bask in the glow of being a rock star in my book because you all are!


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM EDT

    Linda, you are unequivocally the nicest person in cyberspace. Thanks for such a cool award. I'm so honored. And you know it's such a thrill to hear all the wonderful things your cyber-friends have to say about you. You are VERY deserving. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I treasure this.

  2. Anonymous10:05 PM EDT

    I'm speechless and in tears Linda. Good tears mind you. I didn't think I had any left, but I guess I was wrong.

    I am not surprised 3 different women bloggers awarded you with this awesome award. Remember my suggestion for what to put on your M&M's was?

    Yes ... I said "Linda Rocks!" Because you do my friend.

    Thank you for your kind words and for giving me such a smile. I accept this with great pride!!

    P.S. Millie seems to love me! Maybe I'll be a dog person after all. :-)

  3. Tee hee hee! You DO rock, Linda and I am so glad that you've been given this honor three times. :)

    You deserve it many more. ;)

    ♥ Tisha

  4. that is the coolest I just sent you an email about it. I knew around 5 hours ago. ha ha ha. I think it's awesome.

  5. Congratulations, Linda! Yes, girl - you sure do rock, in ways that Kai, Tish and Sandee covered beautifully! You are a stellar mom and friend!!!
    Thanks for passing it along to me, although that wasn't exactly a shining moment on my part...but if I can make someone smile I'm glad!

  6. Anonymous1:54 AM EDT

    So I guess you totally rock X3!!

    You have some choices that I've never visited before (Gracie's the only one!). Cool - new blogs to read! :-)

  7. Anonymous4:28 AM EDT

    You go girl :) You deserve it.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS you deserve it,Rock On!

  9. Wow, I know a Rock Star.......

  10. Excellent post Linda. I knew it would be though. How nice that you got awarded the same honor by three different folks in one day. You are so deserving my friend. It is tough to decide what five since there are so many gals that rock. Have a great day. :)

    ROCK ON!!!!

  12. Congratulations, Linda!I'm honored to be among the winners. I don't what to say. Thank you so much! So many great gal bloggers have been named. This will take some thought. But I'm on it.
    This is so cool!

  13. You did well to get awarded by so many. Well deserved!

  14. you are a triple rocker!


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