Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - "Art"


This week's theme for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt is something near and dear to oldest daughter's heart as it is ART. It also made it pretty easy for me to find pictures as she has most of her artwork posted over on her DeviantArt account so all I had to do was copy and paste. For once I didn't have to go scrambling around trying to find something!

First, meet the artist: this is Amanda in one of her "Revenge" modes. "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" was the second album by her favorite band, My Chemical Romance (of which no doubt regular readers of this blog are more than familiar!). Apparently Amanda is not alone in liking to dress up like the lead singer of the band as I have come across many, many "Gerards" on the Internet. Ah well, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I'm sure that Gerard is quite flattered by all the attention lavished on him by adoring fans.

Speaking of Gerard, this first piece of artwork is a pen and ink drawing of the man himself, also in "Revenge" mode. The lyrics are from the song "To the End" which is based on the short story "A Rose for Emily" by William Faulkner.

This next picture is one of Amanda's crayon drawings entitled "Once Upon a Toaster" and is of Gerard's brother, Mikey, bass player for My Chem. Apparently Mikey has somehow become associated with toasters (I remain happily clueless as to why) so Amanda thought she would draw him sitting on top of a toaster holding one of his beloved cups of coffee.

This is another crayon drawing, entitled "The Patient". It is drawn in Chibi style which originated in Japan but has become very popular in Western fandom. Found mostly in anime and manga, chibi are typically known to be super-cute, have large puppy-dog eyes, and often a mischievous personality. This one definitely fits those parameters!

Another crayon drawing done in chibi style of Snoh, a character that Amanda created on her own and one of which she has drawings in several other styles and poses in her DeviantArt gallery. Snoh is carrying Kappu (Japanese for cup and another character that Amanda uses frequently) filled with coffee - one of Amanda's very favorite beverages, especially if it's iced!

One more crayon chibi is of Amanda's alter-ego in the DeviantArt world known as Art Munkey or Mandy. You'll notice she's also holding the requisite cup of coffee and looking quite happy about it! I believe I've seen this very look on her face many times!

Last but not least is a drawing of Bob Bryar, drummer of MCR, which was done using a computer mouse. This drawing became the basis of my Peace Globe that you see over on my sidebar and which will be flying prominently this coming Wednesday as my entry for my Wordless Wednesday post.

Wednesday, June 6th, will be the second Blog Blast for Peace when bloggers across the globe will be displaying their Peace Globes as well as blogging about the theme Dona Nobis Pacem - Latin for Give Us Peace. It's not too late to make plans to join us and if you don't have a Peace Globe yet, just click here where Mimi Lenox explains how easy it is to design and post one of your own.

It might just be the most important piece (peace?) of art you create all year!

If you've got the time while you're here please visit my weekly "I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer" post below this one!

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  1. Anonymous10:46 PM EDT

    Interesting pictures. Have a happy photo hunt.

  2. Ah! Anime! So many young people are IN to this type of art these days! It's HUGE! Very nice!!! I am just LOVING this photo hunt this week! I haven't seen any art yet that I haven't appreciated! ;)

  3. My sister is into Anime too. For this week's entry, I poster my lil sister's painting.

    I enjoyed it.

  4. Your daughter has talent, hope she keeps up the good work!

  5. Anonymous11:22 PM EDT

    You daughter is very talented! Thanks for visiting my meme blog :)

  6. Your daughter is very talented. I love her creations. I sometimes visit DeviantArt and I'm impressed by many wonderful artworks that young people do.

  7. Anonymous11:34 PM EDT

    I am so impressed by your daughter's work! Wow--she'll go places with those!! Bravo.

  8. Your daughter is very talented. Those are wonderful drawings. Thanks for sharing.
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom

  9. I had a feeling I'd see Amanda's work of art here! She is so talented. I love seeing her work. It's PERFECT for the theme this week.

  10. Amanda is very talented, and I can see why you are proud of her work. She has a great future ahead of her with the quality of work she is doing now. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me and I hope you have an awesome weekend.


  11. She's very talented that Amanda. These are so much fun.

  12. Anime is so hot nowadays. Thanks for sharing your daughter's talent!

  13. hihi.
    so cute, the art
    he he, have a nice weekend!
    and can me ask, hot to put the roll at there?

  14. I had no idea what this art was called. The only place I have ever seen it is here. Tell Amanda she is awesome and we love following her art. She is a pretty cool kid. So do you get any days off this weekend. Luv ya girly. Callie Ann

  15. she's really talented! i find manga and anime really interesting ... in fact, i follow some of them myself! lol. :)

  16. Anonymous3:15 AM EDT

    Wow - very talented!!!! :-)

    Happy Weekend.

  17. Boy! Amanda has gathered quite a following here! That's wonderful...

  18. These are all really cool. There is some great talent here!

  19. Your daughter is very artistic! She knows her art. Cool I must say.

  20. These are terrific. She's definitely a talented artist. How nice that you didn't have to look far for the Photo Hunt this week. Nice job.

  21. Anonymous4:32 AM EDT

    Your daughter is an amazing artist! I love her drawings!

  22. What a talented young lady she is.

    PS My Chem is on television here next Friday when they make an appearance on the Jonathan Ross show. I must watch them after hearing so much about them here!

  23. Anonymous5:36 AM EDT

    Wow she's good! Maybe she'll become a famous cartoonist or something one day?
    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  24. Anonymous5:51 AM EDT

    wow! very impressive.

  25. wow, she is talented! that's a beautiful collection.

    happy weekend!

  26. Anonymous6:44 AM EDT

    yeah...the drawings are fantastic...they look very nice and she is talented. These can be a series of cartoons :)

  27. Hi , tell Amanda, her art work is great and a joy to view.Thanks for sharing and dropping by my place today.My daughter hates to ride over bridges too.....Baba

  28. Very, very cool art. She's quite talented. You should be so proud.

  29. very talented daughter!

    smiles, bee

  30. Anonymous8:38 AM EDT

    WOW! She is TALENTED!! Here's to a successful art career!

  31. Wow! Amanda's very talented! Great choices for this week's hunt!

  32. I love that you highlighted your daughter---I like her work! It's fun to see your kids develop their own style. :-)

  33. Very talented daughter - great pictures!

  34. Way to go Amanda! That's right, Linda, it's your post, but she was definately the STAR of today's show! Bravo, young lady, bravo! I especially liked how you segue'd into the artwork by going from photo to drawing. The likeness between the two was on target! Nicely done. PLEASE keep up the good work, Amanda! You have a gift to share, and since I'm the 34th person to comment today, I'd say you have ALOT of folks who appreciate your gift! Thank you, Amanda!

  35. Amanda's pretty talented.

  36. I really admire Amanda's style. She has artistic talent.

  37. Great pieces of art! :) She has a real talent for the Anime-style art that many young people enjoy. Very cool. :)

  38. I see a future in Anime for Amanda if she chooses to put her artistic talents to work. Great art!!!

  39. good job! that's one special skill.

    have a great weekend.

    thanks for stopping by!

  40. wow. she's AMAZINGLY talented. i hope she never stops creating! :-)

  41. Hey, it gives me warm fuzzies to see someone so proud of their daughter because of her natural talent! Kudos to her!

  42. you're daughter is very talented.

  43. Amanda's work is incredible.
    The entire blogworld is impressed and should be. How proud you must be!

    I used her peace globe creation for June as the cover of the gallery button this year. I will go back there NOW and make sure everyone knows who drew that globe. Everyone who clicks on the gallery will have to see her drawing first. Keep it up, Amanda!

    And Mom....take a bow.

  44. Linda - Thank you for promoting Peace Globes!

  45. Some great images. Your daughter is a talented artist.

  46. Those are great drawings!

  47. Wow! Your Amanda is very talented! I'm very impressed. Thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek, too, and commenting on my father's "masterpiece". =)

  48. What talent! She's wonderful!

  49. Anonymous12:48 PM EDT

    Your daughter is certainly talented!

  50. those are sooo very cool...happy weekend

  51. Hey, Linda! Amanda is very talented.

    Thanks for stopping by . . . I didn't realize you had been back to Stockton recently . . . a couple of those murals went up last summer for the centennial. Some have been there a few years. Glad they brought back memories. :-)

  52. Those are awesome! Amanda has a wonderful talent!

  53. Amanda is very talented and/or gifted with Art. Thanks for sharing. Mine are up. Have a good weekend!

  54. Anonymous2:38 PM EDT

    Your daughter is very talented!

  55. She's not just talented! She's amazing. Thanks for posting these.

  56. A very talented daughter you have. Her art is lovely. Happy weekend.

  57. Very, very talented!! Hope she keeps it up, what a gift!

  58. Nice drawings. Your daughter is indeed talented :)

  59. Those are some great drawings!

  60. Very cool!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  61. Anonymous9:15 PM EDT

    wonderful piece of art; fun inspiration with the photo of the rose.

    (I like my chemical romance too!)

  62. If you didn't know it already, you sure have a talented plus interesting daughter! :)

  63. AMAZING! She does great work.

  64. Wow, you have a very talented daughter. Those drawings are great.

  65. It's awesome!!! Great work..


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