Thursday, July 5, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Shortly after Jamie was born, a family friend gave her a small pink satin teddy bear made by Fisher Price. When she was old enough to speak, she named the bear Pooh despite the fact that this bear in no way, shape, or form resembles Winnie the Pooh (another bear of which she owned plenty at one point in time). Almost fourteen years later, Pooh is still a constant companion and I was not at all surprised to find her nestled in Jamie's suitcase when she came out in June.

Personally I think it's quite cute that she still has an attachment to a stuffed animal that was given to her at her birth. I think it's probably safe to say that at one time or another in our lives all of us became the owner of a stuffed toy that took on special meaning for us. Correct me if I'm wrong.

To that end - this week's question is:

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? What is its name and what makes it special?


  1. Hmmm. It's a dead heat.

    Mama P, the white stuffed pig YOU gave me at the shower YOU threw for me prior to Daniel's birth was my first thought. What makes her special is 1. you gave her to me and 2. Mama P's endearing attachment to her three 'lil pink piglets, attached to her belly by Velcro. She perfectly mirrors my maternal life, right down to the correct number of kids. Empathic, aint'cha?

    Then we come to Baseball Bear. He's a little tan fella, dressed in an old fashioned striped baseball uniform (no particular team) and sporting a spiffy blue hat. He's special because he was Daniel's equivalent to Jamie's Pooh. Daniel carried him around constantly, calling him "Bibby Bear" at around the age of 14 months. That phrase is one I treasure as among those I can still hear Daniel saying as a baby, before his regressive autism hijacked his ability to speak.

    Now, a question for you...where oh where (and who) is YOUR favorite furry pal? I vaguely remember some biblical name, and the fact that he was well-travelled, and that's about it. Shameful, huh?

  2. I am an impulse shopper and can't resist stuffed animals but they have to be unique. I have three perched in my closet right now...they're all cats. I think it's because - no, I KNOW it's because I can't have cats because of my birds. When I see them, I smile. But they don't have names...maybe Daphne, Chloe and Jasper wouldn't mind sharing?

  3. Well, gee..."fools names and fools faces, always seen in public places!" My computer had a meltdown - I couldn't leave, stay, do anything, and before I knew it, there were six duplicate comments!
    ARGHHHHHHHH! I was able to dump a couple of them but the little trash can is gone and I'm stumped.
    I'm sorry for messing up your comments....PLEASE delete all of the extras!

  4. Anonymous6:09 AM EDT

    You know, I can't think of a fav stuffed animal. I have kept the girls' favourite ones, but nothing comes to mind from my childhood. I still have my baby blanket though - does that count? :-)

  5. Done, Gracie, and as they also say "No harm, No foul"!

    As for your question back at me, Miz Cyn, I will have to get to it later as I am out the door in about five minutes to go try to actually do something fun for a change ... in Hartford of all places!

  6. I have a two faced raggedy ann doll that i got when i was christened, from my uncle i think. I will take a picture of it when i get home, just for you and then post it :)

    No stuffed animals left, as my mum gave them away to her friends kids without asking!

  7. When I was small, my Dad's one sister used to give me stuffed animals for every occasion that came along - Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, Easter - you name it. But my Mom, for some reason or other (I have no clue as to her logic on this) never would allow me to have them on my bed or play with them. She wrapped them all in bags, tied them up, put them in other bigger bags or a box and into the attic they went for storage!
    I did have a doll though that another aunt bought me when I was very young - it was actually a store manniquin type doll - cloth body, china or porcelain type legs, arms, face. Originally it had hair but the glue that held that in place came loose eventually and she was then a bald-headed babydoll! (That tells you how old this babydoll was, huh?) Anyway, my aunt liked it because she thought it looked like me when I was a baby and talked the store owner into selling it to her. I played with that doll for as many years as I played with dolls - too many years and too long ago now to remember those details.
    I do now have a white polar bear stuffed toy that a truck driver gave me back in the 80's - got it for me at the truckstop where I worked. Really pretty, very, very soft and nice and it rests on my bed when my granddaughter doesn't manage to sneak into my room and cart it off!

  8. Ooops...I was never a stuffed animal collector. My hubby, however, did buy me a few stuffed giraffes when we first met (he thought I needed to collect the tall geeky animal) so those have a special place in my heart and in our guest bedroom. Their names? Melanie and Melville.

  9. When I was a kid I had a Teddy Bear and I don't think I ever named him. I just wasn't a stuffed animal person. So, no I really can't say that I even had any affection for the Teddy Bear. Great question though. :)

  10. My "minky" was a real mink, what was left over after the whole coat had been cut down to a stole and had finally seen much better days. Minky went from pillar to post with me until I was 12 and then the last move caused her to disappear.

    These days it would never enter my mind to wear a mink simply because the fur looks better on the animal than it ever could on me, but if anyone finds a much loved strip of bedraggled fur, send minky home.

  11. Interesting question, Linda. I would have to say that "Pvt. Cow" is MY favorite stuffed animal. As you can infer from the name, he IS a cow, and he's dressed in WWII - era "class A" khaki's, complete with a little "overseas" cap on his head. "Mrs. Bulldog" bought him for me on one of our annual Christmas trips to NY City from the Hershey's Store on Times Square. He's part of a series of commemorative "cows" celebrating the part Hershey has played in U.S. History - each portraying a different decade.
    He's been with me on every trip we've taken from East to West, North to South in the last 3yrs or so. Lots of pics of "Pvt. Cow" in various states/attractions across this great nation. The fact that he was a gift from the "Mrs.", and all the memories of places we've been make "Pvt. Cow" so special to me. (and you didn't think I'd have an answer for this question, did ya, Linda?)

  12. Anonymous11:47 PM EDT

    Nope, I don't have one. My daughter still has her blankets, although she's only four. We've tried to get rid of them, but can't...

  13. I have a doll "Baby Beth' that I was given when I was a baby and I still have her, though she's very worn out and gross. My last live in bf made me put her away in a box b/c she's kind of ugly, but now she's out again. I love her.

  14. I was born with pneumonia, near Cincinnati, and in Cinci there was a foundation for sick kids called the Ruth Lyons Children's Fund. Ruth Lyons was a radio-and-then-TV personality in Cincinnati.
    Anyway, when I was one day old, I was given a teddy bear from the Ruth Lyons Children's Fund.
    When I was able to talk, I named my teddy bear Twisty.
    I carried Twisty around with me for years & years.
    When I was a teenager, he still had a place of honor in my bedroom.
    Unfortunately, when I moved away to college, and my mom moved from the house where I grew up, Twisty was lost to the mysteries of time.
    But I will always think of Twisty as my very first friend and companion.

  15. Anonymous4:34 PM EDT

    A wonderful post! My favorite stuffed animal would be my 4.5 foot bear my dad got me when I was four. It was the stuffed animal that really brightened up my day, after being in the hospital because i broke my arm. I still have it 'till this day more than 20 years later!


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