Thursday, July 12, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Whilst making my rounds through the Blogosphere I came across a post on The Boomer Chronicles, a blog described as "A 40-something baby boomer examines midlife crisis, ennui in America, and other compelling ideas", that gave me an idea for this week's question.

I love reading Rhea's posts as, like it or not, I am also a 40-something baby boomer and I can relate to a lot of the things she writes about. Plus she's from Boston which makes her a fellow New Englander and she lives in a city not to far from me that screams HISTORY!! -and how could I, as a history fan, not like Boston?? "The Cradle of Liberty", "The Hub of the Universe", "The Athens of America" ... "Beantown"!! With nicknames like that, you've just got to love the place (though I never want to drive in it!).

Well, anyway, getting back on topic - the post which inspired me to write this post was entitled The Lobster Dinner Is On Me and spoke of Rhea's upcoming outing to a Boston seafood restaurant at which she will order lobster, apparently a summer tradition for her. As summer traditions go it certainly sounds like a fine one though I would have no idea as despite (or is that in spite?) of the fact that I am a New Englander, I have never had a lobster dinner - ever.

As the comment I left on Rhea's blog stated, I know I should hang my head in shame for that oversight and I also should remedy it at some point but I don't think it will be anytime soon. As silly as this sounds, about five years back I was told that I would be taken out for a lobster dinner by a friend of mine from California who had planned to visit me in Connecticut. It was going to be one of those "I've never done this before so let's make it special occasions" that never came to fruition - sadly. I guess I am still waiting for that to happen which means there's a very good chance that I will never have a lobster dinner. I can be stubborn.

Anyhow, that brings me to this week's question - in a very round-about sort of manner! ...

Have you ever had a lobster dinner and, if so, was it worth all the work it entails?

Oh, and if the above-mentioned friend ever reads this blog perhaps he'll get the hint!


  1. Lobster Dinner? Until this last Mother's day, I would have a lobster dinner any and every chance I get.

    Then, this last mother's day, we had shrimp and my hands broke out. I went to the doctor and found that I've developed an allergy to shrimp, crabs and lobster.

    So, if you get a chance for a lobster dinner, take it.

  2. Linda, Linda Linda.... never had a LOBSTER? Are you kidding me???

    SO to answer your question, yes I have, too many times to count, and YES it is worth it. However if you can get a lazy man's lobster and have someone else do all the work for you it's even better!!!

    I think I know who promised you this dinner given our recent conversations, and I am sincerely hoping he gets the hint... because if he becomes the soul reason you never have a lobster dinner.... well I wouldn't want that on MY conscience!!

  3. I could go for a lobster dinner. Thank you again for the nice comment.

  4. Anonymous10:56 PM EDT

    I am allergic to shellfish. :( So, nope I'd hafta pass.

  5. I don't know whether or not to say "Duh!" or "OMG ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?"

    Yes. It is worth it. Very much so.

    I can't believe you haven't had a lobster dinner!!

  6. Oh, my poor baby! Yes, lobster is divine, especially with the drawn butter! If you order the tails, it's no work at all! The meat is more tender than shrimp and sweet, but it's like trying to describe the taste of a banana to someone who had never eaten's in a class all by itself. My hubman had never had lobster until our honeymoon. Now, it's his very favorite thing (well, besides that!). If we ever get together, we'll have to remedy this!!!

  7. why yes and thank you for asking as it brings to mind CRUISE SHIPS!!! we always have lobster on formal nights!

    smiles, bee

  8. Once "run away husband" tried to steam a lobster in a dutch oven...just don't know why he took off the rubber bands first.
    A couple years later one of my good friends from Massachusetts came down to N.C. for Thanksgiving and supplied the lobsters and showed that country boy how to do it.
    I tagged you for the birthday meme..should be easy for you you don't have to reveal anything personal.

  9. Anonymous10:02 AM EDT

    I'm so glad my lobster post was inspiring to you. I agree with the above commenter who said 'Get the lazy-man's lobster'. It's on a lot of menus. I think lobster is not for everyone, but once you love it, you love it. The melted butter is the best part, too! If you ever come to Boston, I could get lobsters for us and your adventurous kids...

  10. Yep i have tried Lobster, well watched in horror as my parents eat their way through a seafood platter, bibs an all. I got to try a bit of theirs and was very nice.

  11. I was almost 20 before I had my first taste of any shellfish (other than oyster stew, which as a child, I wouldn't even taste -foolish children, you know.) I've never cooked lobster and only ever had a full meal with lobster once and I loved it. That meal was surf and turf, served at a Christmas Party for employees where my ex-husband worked. My ex and one couple at our table turned their noses up completely at the lobster and, rather than see those tails end up in the garbage, I gladly took those tails and scarfed them up. That move totally ticked off my ex as he accused me later of trying to make a pig of myself. Darned little lobster tails - why'd they have to be soooo good!

  12. I didn't like lobster. Had it once and it is way too rich for me. The steak was good though so I ate that and gave the lobster to my date. It's a shame you didn't get the lobster dinner though. I hope he does read your blog and treats you to the dinner as promised. :)

  13. No, I've never had lobster, and certainly wouldn't if I had to go to a tank and pick the little fella to eat!

  14. How could I call myself a Rhode Islander if I've never had a lobster dinner? Of course I have; and I started YOUNG, too. Courtesty of my dearly departed grandma, I learned all the ins-and-outs of how to properly prepare and eat this version of the "Nectar of the Gods"! Sadly, I haven't had a lobster dinner in a couple of years - but not to worry, "Mrs. Bulldog" & I are planning a trip to Maine next month, so hopefully that will be remedied!

  15. I have had lobster once or twice, usually during Lobsterfest at Red Lobster :) I really love it, the melted butter sets off the sweetness very very well! I don't get seafood often though, as Billy REALLY doesn't like it, and they don't have a lot of other options at Red Lobster. But man.. I'd have lobster every other day if I could!

  16. I'm allergic to shellfish :(

  17. Anonymous7:50 AM EDT

    Bill and I tried the whole lobster dinner on our honeymoon in Cape Cod. It's not worth the trouble. Just give me lobster tails. No fuss. No muss. Good question, Linda.


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