Thursday, July 19, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

This week's question might have been better asked closer to the Fourth of July but leave it to me to do things somewhat backwards at times. Seems to me, though, that the question I'm going to ask is appropriate at any time, especially considering that not all countries have a celebration on the fourth of July.

Recently the company that I work for held an essay contest on the theme "What America Means to Me" (I work for American Ambulance so it makes perfect sense right?!) so I made up my mind to enter an essay. Now you would have thought that blogging on a regular basis would have made it easy for me to crank something out but au contraire! - that was not the case at all. I agonized over that essay for several weeks, decided that I just couldn't come up with the right words and gave up the idea of writing an entry but then I got really angry the other night over something that was posted on another blog. Anger and indignation managed to fire up my Muse long enough to inspire me to finally write something. Funny how some emotions will inspire you to action, isn't it?

I'll be using that essay as tomorrow's post here on my blog for several reasons: first, I figure it makes sense to use a perfectly good essay as a perfectly good blog post and free myself up from wondering what on earth I'm going to write about for another day and second, I think I might know a certain retired Army man and his adorable bride in Georgia who just might like it!

Before I do post it, though, I wanted to pose the question to those of you who stop by and visit my humble little part of the Blogosphere ...

What does America (or your own country) mean to you?
I don't expect an entire essay by any means; after all, I know how long it took me to write the one I finally wrote but I look forward to your answers nonetheless!


  1. what does america mean to me?

    the ability to live free

    to earn my place and then be able enjoy it


    love of my country, it's flag, it's people, it's service members, well itself!

    i am free to voice my opinion against anti american things and i do

    smiles, bee

  2. Damn Linda, I don’t think I can tell you without doing the essay.........

    Let me see, what dose America mean to me. It means that I have the freedom to be whatever I choose to be. Ask the son of a sharecropper if America offers you the opportunity to rise to the top like heavy cream. I love the fact that the US Army provided me with the training necessary to be successful in my life. I am honored by America that it offered the opportunity to serve the flag for many years and then in my old age America serves me by providing a pension, health care for me and Miss Bee, allowing us the freedom from worry in the autumn of our years.

    I love the fact the I have the freedom to voice my opinion about our leaders, even though I am often in the minority.

    I better stop............

  3. Anonymous9:18 PM EDT

    America to me is ...

    Freedom first and foremost. Freedom to live peaceably in the manner I see fit, including deciding how and when and where I worship, how my children are educated, and how I choose to live my life.

  4. the freedom to worship God in public without fear.
    the knowledge that freedom is not free, but others have paid the price with their lives for me to live free.

  5. Anonymous2:24 AM EDT

    The English are generally quite unpatriotic. But I guess it means pomp and circumstance, royalty, an empire. The freedom to be a jerk when I go on holiday, and the right to be considered unattractive by America until I die.

  6. We love the Brits!!!
    America means so many things to me, it would be difficult to NOT write an essay. So I'll hold it to a few: 1. Freedom to come and go as I please 2. Freedom to worship as I please and not wear a burqa! 3. The right to vote that was won for me by so many brave soldiers who gave their all.
    4. The right that others have to speak out against this regal place of freedom! The very freedom that they decry is eroding, and that they hate this country. If they spoke out like that anywhere else on this planet, they would be taken out and sumarily executed and they're too dumb to appreciate that fact! Ironic, isn't it???
    There are just too many things to cover, Linda!

  7. Anonymous4:00 AM EDT

    I think Canadians are generally a lot less patriotic than Americans as well. But when I think of being Canadian, the word 'thankful' comes to mind.

    I am thankful that no matter your financial status you will always have full health care, dental care, etc. All religious beliefs are respected and acknowledged. We are not so much a 'melting pot' (as we are often called) but a 'mosaic' of cultures and religions. And I like that about us :-) I like that we allow gay marriage and gay adoption.

    I like to think we are a laid back, easy going country :-) There are many places I'd like to visit, but no where else I'd rather live!

  8. Anonymous4:01 AM EDT

    PS: I finally finished my 8 things tag! (on the dot com)


  9. You got some good responses Linda, let me say I love the Brits also, we have stood shoulder to shoulder providing freedom for Europe since 1917.

  10. I agree w/Sarge Charlie in that America represents freedom & truely IS the land of opportunity. With a college degree, I got a job at a plastics plant sweeping the floor for minimum wage (yes, that's right, MINIMUM wage!), HOWEVER, less than six years later, I'm a middle-level manager, QA engineer, and the company president is coming to ME for advice on product improvement/implementation/shipment! That goes to show that you CAN make it here in America (if you work at it!) "Mrs. Bulldog" & I have travelled part of this great nation, met some terrific folks, and have seen some BEAUTIFUL, inspiring sights along with the everyday "little things" that make the U.S. so awesome. To go where you want to go physically, spiritually, and even career-wise is what America means to me. Also, we must NEVER forget who came before us to fight for our beloved way of life - and still do today to preserve what we have. A BIG thank you to folks like Sarge Charlie & Sgt. Dub who have given us the privilage to write posts & comments like this one.

  11. Well, there isn't anything I can add that hasn't already been said. I figured if Empress Bee and Sarge Charlie commented then they covered just about everything. Oh I love the Brits and Canadians and let's not leave out Australians either.

  12. Good question, Linda.

    Britain to me is a fine place, but has many problems created by the government.

    I always feel close to the US.

  13. wow linda, amazing comments. lovely...

    smiles, bee

  14. BULLDOG I loved your comment, especially since you were agreeing with me. I went to you site and found no blog, stop by my place we will chat.


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