Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Meme of Seven (and not Se7en my blog designer!)

Ya know, it somehow just doesn't seem right ... you go away for a couple of days to rest and recuperate, maybe get the creative batteries recharged, give your overworked fingers a break, and while you're gone the Queen of Memes tags you with a meme. The Queen, mind you - not just a fellow blogger that you think maybe you can fool by just "forgetting" to the do the meme until enough time goes by and you hope they've forgotten all about it. Oh no - this is a tag from a woman with a dungeon for pity's sake! And who knows what sort of devices of torture she has down in that dungeon of hers? She might poke you with the Soft Cushions or worse yet make you stay in the Comfy Chair until lunch time, with only a cup of coffee at eleven. Oh the horrors! The horrors!

Well, I gotta tell you, this here blogger isn't going to risk such treatment so I shall certainly set upon completing my assigned meme in a timely manner and forgo a trip to Bloggingham Palace; though I hear it's lovely there this time of year! Still, I would rather make a trip when I have been invited for tea and crumpets rather than being called on the carpet for ignoring a royally issued meme. To that end I present to you the Meme of Seven ...

This meme!
Visit more Civil War battlefields
Go to the Cancun Mexican Restaurant in Stockton, California and order a #13 then enjoy every single bite of it!
Spend more time at Lake Tahoe
Dance at my daughters' weddings (and yes, Amanda, I said dance!)
Attend my grandson's high school graduation
Play blackjack at a $25 table and not be nervous (the most I've ever put down at one time was $15 and it terrified me!)

Eat Chinese food while talking a caller through CPR (it takes a long time to do 400 chest compressions!)
Type a little faster than 75 wpm
Bake a New York style cheesecake that is to die for (ok, maybe not die for but it is darned good)
Play a mean game of Scrabble
Write something that will make people smile from time to time
Finish this meme in a timely manner
Eventually answer my email!

Sing (I can, however, make dogs howl!)
Dance (my middle name is "Uncoordinated")
Draw (I leave that strictly to Amanda)
Stand on my head (see #2)
Speak a foreign language (radio code & medical terminology do not count!)
Lift heavy objects (got that whole bad back thing going on)
Run (does the phrase "suck wind" ring a bell to anyone?)

A good sense of humor ("pull my finger" does not count)
Strong arms
Leather motorcycle boots
Gainful employment
A gentle scent of after-shave (don't bathe in it for crying out loud!)
A sense of romance

"American Base to Car ____"
"Amanda, how many times have I told you ...?"
"I feel like Death eating a cracker."
"I really don't want to get out of bed this morning!"
"Amanda, I thought I asked you to empty the dishwasher?"
"How is it that I work all this overtime and we're still broke?"

John Cusack
Orlando Bloom in his role as Legolas in LOTR
The older Sean Connery
J.K. Simmons
Patrick Stewart (it's that voice!)
Kevin Costner in his Bull Durham days
When I was really young - Bobby Sherman

"Paralyzed" - The Used
"The Kill" - 30 Seconds to Mars
The Theme to Law & Order
"Surrey With the Fringe on Top" - Oklahoma!
"Good Morning Baltimore!" - Hairspray
"Sit Down John" - 1776
"I Want to Know What Love Is" - Foreigner

Sleep poorly
Worry about finances
Read a book when I fail to even sleep poorly
Have some very strange dreams that I usually can't remember the next day
Toss and turn
Kick the covers off - pull the covers up - kick the covers off - pull the covers up
Look at the clock and dread having to get up soon

A canopy
An air mattress and a pump
Lots and lots of books
Matches and candles
Bug spray
Someone to talk to!

The Closer
Rescue Me
Cold Case
Boston Legal
Ugly Betty
Grey's Anatomy (though I may have to rethink that one after last season)

Dispatchers could never have guns - electronics are expensive!
I'm sure I'd have a full-blown case of road rage
I have a very low tolerance for stupid people
Sometimes I scare easily and accidents happen!

A cup of coffee in the morning
A decent pair of sneakers

A good cup of coffee in the morning!
Crisp, Fall days
My kids
Comments on my blog posts!
Phone calls from Cyndi
Advances in disc replacement surgery
The hope that someday I might be able to retire and enjoy life

Stay up all night
Write really long letters
Read the Sunday morning comics
Bake hundreds upon hundreds of Christmas cookies
Ride on carousels (I get dizzy)
Play softball
Change myself to suit someone else

I have a tendency to be cynical
I have a tendency to be sarcastic
I appear unapproachable to people at times
I need a certain amount of personal space
I can be a real smart ass at times
I'm intelligent and apparently men find that scary (I was told this by a man so it must be true, right??)
I am pretty picky about who I call "friend"

Grade school
Middle school
High school

T'would seem that I should now tag a few other folks for this one but I think I'm going to cut everyone a break and let you tag yourselves should you so desire. You can let me know if you do, though, as I'd love to see your answers!


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM EDT

    WOW!!! That's quite a list! Nice job too! =)


  2. Your song list has me amazed~

  3. Wow...more stuff I didn't know about you - and some that I did know! Leather motorcycle boots, eh? What about bandannas? Tatoos?

    Seriously, some of your answers were pretty neat to read. In fact, I enjoyed the meme so much, I'm tempted to e-mail you w/my answers. Nice post, Linda.

  4. That is quite a meme! I'm up for the challenge! Count me in!

  5. Anonymous10:02 AM EDT

    Whoa! You answered that challenge with pure grace, I may add...

    Loved the gun comment about the equipment. As a frequent scanner listener (Nashville metro -- and we don't watch tv)...I can see how that is a temptation! There aren't enough thanks for what emergency dispatchers do!

    Great job. Enjoyed getting to know ya!

  6. That is a great job on a meme Linda. Play the $25.00 table huh..........

    I was in a poker tournament once and bet all in with 46,500 chips, notice I said chips not dollars, the tournament cost $40.00 to enter and we started with 1,500 chips. I lost BTW. Sometimes we make bad decisions.

  7. My heavens, that was a loooonnnggg meme! I'd be forgetting where I was, what my thoughts were by the third box there! Great job you did with it though. Is there anything left about you we don't know now?

  8. What a steller job Linda. No one is going to do this...they can't step in that pair of shoes you left behind. Steller... Have a great day. :)

  9. That's one of the best meme answers I've seen, Linda. Well done.

    I know I can by cynical, and I'm very picky about who I call my friend as well.

  10. well done!

    (what cancun restaurant in Stockton????)

  11. Anonymous3:45 PM EDT

    Lummy! Don't think I have the stamina or energy to complete something that long myself!

    Can you explain this one too me?
    "I feel like death eating a cracker."
    or does it need translation instead?

  12. Terrific job, Linda. I confess I haven't done it yet either. But one thging surprises me:

    Bobby Sherman?????????????????

    Oh well. He did give us Julie Julie Julie do you love me.

  13. Cynical and sarcastic????

    I don't belive it. Oh wait, some of your sarcasm must have worn off on me.

    Oh and I seem to remember a certain carousel ride not too long ago!! I do have pictures you know!

    Oh and to all you Linda blog readers......she rode It's a Small World too.... and don't let her tell you she didn't enjoy it, I know she did!

  14. Nice list. Agree with a good cup of coffee in the morning and the kids make life worth living longer...

  15. Wow...I am most impressed...that meme must have taken a great deal of thought and time. And I see so many of my own answers in yours.

  16. That's one loooooong meme! I just got brain dead at the thought of it! Great answers Linda.

  17. I haven't heard anyone talk about Bobby Sherman since I was a kid...I had a life size poster of him in my bedroom!!!!!!!

  18. I enjoyed this so much (especially your intro) I'm up for the challenge but don't expect a timely post (getting a bit backed up here!) & I doubt I can top those answers. Well done you x x x x

  19. Anonymous7:12 PM EDT

    What a wonderful list of memes. When you dance at your daughters wedding... do the robot, and then the worm!

  20. Anonymous8:30 AM EDT

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