Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sunday Stuff ...

Mathew & his Spidey hat from Grandma (me!)

Amanda, Jamie, and I made the short jaunt over to Rhode Island yesterday for a combination birthday party for my grandson Mathew, who turned two on June 12th, and my step-grandson Christopher, who will turn 4 on July 28th. As is common with families who have children that have birthdays close together, it made sense to have one big party rather than two individual ones and the boys, who are quite close, didn't mind at all.

Christopher takes a break from the presents!

Mike had told me that the boys were into Spiderman and that was evident by all the Spidey gifts that they received as well as lots of trucks and cars. LOTS of trucks and cars! No doubt about it, this was a party for two boys - two boys who like Spiderman, trucks, and cars - LOTS of trucks and cars! Good thing Mike and Laura had cleaned out the playroom the other day so there was room for all the new goodies.

The highlight of the party for Aunt Amanda was the chance to play "Dead!" by My Chemical Romance on Mike's new XBOX-360 version of Guitar Hero II. The song isn't available on the PS2 version of the game and she had been chomping at the bit to get over to Mike's house to play it as soon she heard he had it. Not to be outdone by her sister, Aunt Jamie then played "Billion Dollar Babies" by Alice Cooper and was quite pleased with her own performance. I sat this one out as I didn't want to embarrass myself in front of my son who plays most songs at the expert level while I can barely play three on medium before getting boo'd off the stage. A grandmother has to know her limitations, right?

On the way home we stopped in at Buttonwood Farms Ice Cream Stand in Griswold where I took out a loan to buy three cones. Well, it wasn't quite that bad but it almost seemed like it as the prices seemed to have gone up considerably since I had been there last summer. However, at least you're paying for really good ice cream in large servings in fresh-made waffle cones but over $15 for three cones? Ouch! No wonder we only go once a year when Jamie is out!

When I returned home I checked my email to find that I had been granted an award by The Blog Fairy for having a "Blue Ribbon Blog" and she left me the following cute little badge that will find a place of its own over on my already-bogged down sidebar! Thanks, Blue Fairy!

Speaking of badges, what a pleasant surprise to also get an email from Sandee over at Comedy+ awarding me the Schmoozer Award. Sandee was awarded hers by Ann over at A Nice Place In The Sun and she passed it on to myself and 14 other great bloggers. What a gal!

Haven't heard of The Schmoozer Award? Actually, I hadn't either until today but come to find out it's officially called The Power of Schmooze Award and was started over at the blog Ordinary Folk. According to blog author Mike:
Schmoozing as defined by is the ability “to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.” When it comes to blogging, schmoozing is your ticket to making new friends, getting yourself noticed and building a reputation. Some bloggers are gifted with the ability to effectively schmooze and others not so much. My new friend Danielle and I would like to recognize those bloggers who exhibit strong schmoozing skills. In order to do so we’ve created the new Power of Schmooze award!
Another cool badge for my sidebar - thanks, Sandee!! In keeping with the Power of Schmooze tradition, it's now my turn to grace some more bloggers with this lovely little award and badge - people who have schmoozed their way into my heart and my life.
Now I wouldn't be at all surprised to find some of these great women being awarded more than once but if they are that just goes to show that they have the Power of Schmooze multiplied!

To wrap this up for today I'm going to post one more picture of my adorable curly-headed grandson because I can and I've been told that's what we grandmother-types are supposed to do ... right, Callie Ann?? Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Mathew enjoys his birthday cake & ice cream

**Addendum: I am so thrilled and honored, I got double-Schmoozed when Dixie awarded by me another Power of the Schmooze Award on Monday. Thanks, Dix!!!


  1. Just plain yummy Linda. What a steller job. :)

  2. Golly! All those awards well done. Glad the family united went well, much more fun for everyone I'm sure.
    As for the price of cones! We've just returned from GB where the exchange rate is cronic, so for really boring tiddly sized cones we paid the equivalent of $4.50 for each one!

  3. Anonymous7:33 PM EDT

    Gee, thanks, Linda. I'm honored. I'll snatch up my Schmoozer Award and pass it on. You're a peach!

  4. What a pleasant surprise indeed to find this award being given to me. I'll get busy right now and get it added - in a place of honor - on my blog and will sure pass it on to some other good schmoozers too! Thanks for a big uplift to my day, Linda.

  5. This is a great post, even if it is so full of cuteness!!!

  6. Your grandsons are so precious! And the party sounded like something my toddler would have thoroughly enjoyed. =)

    You have a wonderfully entertaining blog. I'm glad I chanced upon it. Keep at it, Linda!

  7. Anonymous11:02 AM EDT

    Awww...they are TOO cute!
    Looks like you guys had a great time.

    Congrats on the award. Very well deserved, you schmoozer! :)

    Have a great Monday.


    I'm back!!!!

    Have a great Monday.

  9. Looks like a good weekend to me! and the grandkids are cute.
    I wouldn't even attempt guitar thing!

    I am glad i schmoozed into your life :)

    Glad you are acting more grandmotherly!lol.

  10. It sounds like you had one fantastic weekend with two very handsome young birthday boys. You're a lucky mom and grandma.

    Thanks so much for the award. I feel so honored and have happily added it to my sidebar. And to continue the tradition, I've already passed on the honor to several other schmoozers.

  11. First, congrats on your schmooziness!

    Second, draw me a family tree and slap me upside the head. I had NO clue you are are grandmother!
    Gotta love hazel-eyed curly tow-heads.
    They grow up to be great men.
    (speaking from experience, that is... LOL)


  12. Good food and lots of pressies!

  13. Can't find an email for you on your side bar so I'll put it here and then you can delete it.
    Sorry about your pal. A 'good' placement can make the difference between bliss and a permanent torturous nightmare. She's lucky to have a good pal like you. In the meantime, since everyone has been moaning about my site, here is the new one

    If you find a minute before you leave, could you [would you mind very much] checking out my new site so that you might be able to tell me that 'it loads like a dream.' love m

    So if you can find a nano second of free time [as if] please nip across and tell me that 'it loads like a dream.' Sorry to dump this here but hubby's taken my lap to work and I'm on the old one. Can there be such a thing as an old laptop? That sounds faintly bizarre.
    best wishes Maddy

  14. Great choices here for the awards, Linda. I will congratulate them.

    And what an adorable child. Happy birthday to your grandson.

  15. awww they are adorable! i just love grandchildren!!!

    smiles, bee

  16. Just saw your request for the Donner Party story. I'll get right on it for you.

  17. Anonymous9:49 PM EDT

    Oh gosh, I had no idea you were a grandmother! You don't seem ready to be a grandma yet. Especially with teens still at home!

    Your grandsons are adorable. The little one looks so much like my 2 year old, curly blonde hair and all! Spidey is a bit hit with my 3 boys too.

    Congrats on the awards! WOW! Those are two I have not received yet. What fun! The schmoozing one is hysterical!


  18. Anonymous12:47 PM EDT

    Awww - such a cutie in his new Spiderman hat!

    We have the same type of ice cream place here - every time we go I always wonder why I just didn't go to the grocery store and buy a whole gallon for the same price!

  19. Thank you my dear. I will post about this and get it together soon I swear LOL. I am just a little behind @ the moment. Missed reading ya.


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