Monday, August 20, 2007

Annoucing the winner of my first contest ...

Enough stalling. I know that those of you who took the time to enter my "Death Eating a Cracker" contest have been anxiously sitting on pins and needles waiting to hear who won so I guess it's time to quit torturing you and announce the winner. I apologize for the delay but between my trip to Boston on Saturday and then working a double-shift yesterday there just didn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Which of course is nothing new but it seemed like a viable excuse!

I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to enter the contest as well as those of you who didn't enter but have been so kind as to promote Amanda's shop on your blogs. I wish that I was wealthy enough to send each and every one of you a coffee mug or t-shirt but as I appear to have failed to win the Powerball yet again this weekend the money still trickles in like a stream while flowing out like the mighty Mississippi! Perhaps construction of a dam is in order?

Anyhow - there were eleven fantastic entries to the contest (twelve if you count the fact that Asara was so inspired she wrote two posts!) -
I hope you can take the time to go check out the contestants' entries if you haven't read them already as even though feeling like "Death eating a cracker" obviously isn't the greatest thing in the world, all of these posts were quite humorous while at the same time evoking a certain sense of sympathy for the poor suffering authors! I seemed to notice a fairly common theme of alcohol being a contributing factor in a lot of the entries - though perhaps that's one of my own "Death eating a cracker" episodes channeling through which is a story for another day - maybe!

Like I said, I wish that I could give a prize to every single entry but there could only be one winner so all names were written on individual slips of paper and then folded and placed in a bowl for Amanda to draw out one slip. The name on that one slip was {{a drum roll, please!}} Tisha of Crazy Working Mom! Congratulations, Tisha, I guess it just goes to show that being the "poster child" for Death eating a cracker has its advantages!

Tisha NOT looking like Death Eating a Cracker!


  1. Anonymous7:55 PM EDT

    ...I'd like to thank Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Nabisco Original Saltines, Sprite, and my son who bestowed the deathly 48 hour vomit your socks off virus upon his loving mother! :)

    Thanks, Linda. This is so cool. I'm honored. I can't wait to show it off.

  2. it was fun...maybe we all oughta just buy the mug....laughing....

  3. Congratulations to everyone for no longer feeling like death eating a cracker.

  4. Woo!! Congrats Tisha!!! :D

  5. Anonymous9:52 PM EDT

    Yes, congrats to one and all.
    Best wishes

  6. Anonymous10:29 PM EDT

    well done, the winner. I understand a nobel prize for literature was also part of the deal.

  7. Katherine - A great idea!

    Patois - Thanks again for playing along!

    Asara - I loved your two entries!

    m - Ditto!

    Ed - I believe that was actually a "Noodle" Prize for Literature, you must have read it wrong!

  8. So when's the next contest, because I want in! Have you seen my latest posts? I mean, have you SEEN them?

  9. The last time I felt like death eating a cracker was right after Sugars' was my second C-sec, 3rd kid in 3 years and 3.5 months and my STOOOOPID nurse pushed me to get out of bed before the epidural had worn off...I was too out there to protest.
    I fell to the floor in the bathroom as the aide was trying to help me into the shower....having 2 nurses pick my necked huge self up off the floor because one of my legs was dead and the following week of recovery from that lovely escapade I definitely felt like Death eating a cracker....oh and did I mention I had A BABY I was nursing every 3 hours.....

    Memories...light the corners of my mind.........

    gee, thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  10. That was the first online contest of any type I've ever entered and I have to say, it was a lot of fun for me to sit here, think back over 41 years to a particular day in my life when I truly felt like "death on a cracker." Someone else above asked "When's the next contest?" and I'm echoing that question here now.
    And - by the way - congrats to Tisha and to everyone else who, like me, had the guts to come forward and talk about these things - in public - for all the world to see!

  11. CONGRATULATIONS Tisha and I hope everyone has recovered now! :)

    Great competition Linda, it gave me something to blog about. :)

  12. Congratulations're one very lucky lady to receive such a valuable prize!!!

  13. congrats to our cute little cracka, CrAzY Working Mom!

  14. Good idea, Linda...great artwork to vie for, and congratulations, Tisha!


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