Friday, August 3, 2007

Introducing "Artistic Intoxication" by Amanda


For awhile now, Amanda has been occasionally providing me artwork of hers to post as part of my blog and everyone has been very complimentary towards her in regards to what she has drawn. I'm a little biased and think she does very good work but it certainly means a lot more when it comes from other people for as they say in Guitar Hero II, - "your mom doesn't count as a fan!" I don't know why not, I'm sure that we moms and dads can be just as unbiased as the next person - right? maybe? perhaps? Okay, maybe not!

This past Wednesday Amanda once again provided me with a drawing for my Wordless Wednesday post which helped to define a statement that I had made in my post on Tuesday - "I feel like Death eating a cracker." I'm sure her depiction was nowhere near what my grandmother had in mind when she used to make this particular utterance herself but I thought it captured the spirit of the statement pretty well!

One of my regular readers and a lovely lass who has become a favorite blog-buddy, Claire of A Little Piece of Me, left a comment that read:
"OHHHHH I love it!!!!! I have said it before but she really is talented and I am jealous! I love drawing cartoons (if you remember the beaver?) but I don't have the unique twist that Amanda has to make a cartoon have that something special! T-Shirts! and other merchandise. This would be great on a mug!"
Hmmm ... could Claire be on to something here? Would people actually pay money for Amanda's artwork on merchandise? Could this perhaps be a way for her to earn some money for tuition for the School of Visual Arts in New York City that she wants to attend after high school graduation and which I will never be able to afford on my salary? Hmmm ...

Not knowing too much about this sort of thing I decided to turn to someone whom I thought might know a little something about retail being that he owns a cute little ole' shoppe of his own in downtown Dowagiac, Michigan ... Morgen of The Mo Show fame. I sent him an email and asked him what he thought of the idea and he suggested that we give a try as it doesn't require any start-up costs and might be the perfect place for a new artist to start out.

Taking Mo's sage advice I checked it out and it looked like it might actually be plausible as well as possible so I then ran the idea by the artist herself. At first she seemed somewhat skeptical about the whole idea but then I showed her some of the products with her artwork on them and suddenly it seemed like a great idea.

The drawing of "Death Eating a Cracker" that Amanda had done for my Wordless Wednesday post was basically just a quick sketch so she redrew the picture with a little more detail and a character who looks a little more "Death-like" though he still seems to be enjoying his cracker and coffee - or hot chocolate or tea, whatever your poison might be! The final product is this fella here:

Mr. Death there is now the chief character on an array of merchandise which can be found at Amanda's CafePress on-line store that she named Artistic Intoxication and can be found by clicking here. In addition to the above drawing she also has a few things with the original "Death" character from my WW post and several other of her drawings taken from her DeviantArt account including this drawing entitled "Heart":

If you find yourself looking for something a little out of the ordinary for a gift for a friend or even something for yourself, I hope you'll stop by Artistic Intoxication and see what Amanda has to offer. I concede her art is not for everyone but I think that teenagers might definitely like it. But then again, what do I know, I'm one of those "biased" mothers! If you'd like to give Amanda some help in her endeavor and promote her shop for her a bit, I know she'd appreciate it!

As for me, I think I'll be getting one of those "Death Eating a Cracker" coffee mugs to take to work. Something tells me it's going to describe how I feel most mornings to a "T"!

Postscript: The lovely Claire made this nice little button for people to use on their blogs if they'd like to promote Amanda's on-line store and I think it's just adorable!

If you want to post it and can't get the code to work, please let me know and I will email it off to you! Thank you, Claire, I am so glad you've got your Internet back up and running! Not just for the button, mind you, but that's a big plus!!


  1. What a fantastic idea!

    I'll certainly keep it in mind for when I need a unique gift, and I'll put the button up on my sidebar too. :)

  2. PS can you send me the code for the button - I can't seem to get it to link when I put it in my sidebar.

  3. Wow that claire has some fantastic ideas! lol!

    Everything looks great, all amanda needs to do now is set up her own blog!

  4. Anonymous9:24 AM EDT

    Go Amanda! WOO HOO!
    Work that talent!!!!

  5. Amanda obviously inherited her artistic skills from Mom?

  6. Anonymous10:37 AM EDT

    Cool drawings! I hope it goes well for her. The saying about the cracker is cool, too.

  7. Well...well...well, what have we got here? A talented artist, a supportive mom, and an entrepeneur willing to give vent to the aforementioned artistic talent! Sounds like a recipe for success if ever there was one! Congratulations, Amanda, for getting yourself out there! May you have lots of customers, but also lots of fun! You really ought to get a blog, too! As for you, Linda, once again, you have done credit to your "Super Mom" status!

  8. Amanda is SO artistic! These are excellent samples of a style that people will be happy to buy copies of.

  9. What a great idea. Why not. Amanda is indeed talented. Have a great weekend. Linda. :)

  10. Wow, those drawings are awesome. I think I want me a "death eating a cracker" mug. I will be trying to put Amanda's button on my blog as well.

  11. I saw the button at Claire's just before I cruised over here.

    Well, you may be one of those "biased mothers" but I happen to agree that your daughter is quite talented.

    I've know people who could draw or paint but never had any idea how to make it into a career. But now I work with artists and graphic designers every day, so I know it can be done.

    Good luck to Amanda!

  12. Anonymous3:06 PM EDT

    Creative talent is a real gift. Although it a competitive arena that's not a good reason to give it your best shot.
    Best wishes

  13. Anonymous3:47 PM EDT

    She is so creative. I want to put this button in my sidebar but can't get it to download for some reason (I'm sure it's my computer) Would you send it to me via email please?

    Thanks! Claire is a peach for doing this.

  14. I bought my "death cracker" mug (you knew I collected cups right?)

    I'll put a button up for her.

    Had to laugh at your reaction to "lie". I was set to be all light and fluffy and then took one look at that word and immediately went all dark ...

  15. p.s. Please send me the code for the button.

  16. Just a big ole' thank you to everyone for supporting Amanda in this, I really appreciate it and she does, too!

  17. Already asked Claire for the Button, I wish you well Amanda x x x x

  18. I posted the graphic with the link, AND I ordered a t-shirt!!!
    Cheers to Linda & Amanda - the enterprising entrepreneurial duo!

  19. She is now in the OFFICIAL WTIT sidebar. True talent, Linda!

  20. Your daughter is very talented. I am so envious of people who can draw. I've tried many times to get a picture from my brain onto paper and it just doesn't transfer the same. Sometimes I think I write because I can't draw, I better at describing the pic than duplicating it!

    I checked out the CafePress link and I'll be returning to grab one of those mousepads...ok and maybe a mug too.... oh and a tee....LOL. I love that Abyss of Insanity pic. It has a Nightmare Before Christmas look to it....I love that type of artwork! Tell her I said Congrats! Great job!

  21. Way to go Amanda!!

    Maybe you can start earning your keep!!! LOL!

  22. I am so excited for Amanda knowing that her artwork is now out there for everyone to enjoy! Good for her and good for Mom for being so supportive of her very special talent!


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