Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Christmas in August and Air Guitar in New York City

I generally try to check my email before heading out to work in the morning just in case something good came in overnight so imagine my surprise and delight to find the following message nestled in amongst the other stuff in my email box this morning:

SantaClaus has left you a message at MyBlogLog:
"Ho! Ho! Ho! Linda. I was just going past and thought I would drop in and see if everything is ok. I hope you're having a great day. Lock the girls in the bedroom for 10 mins and have a deep breath. Ho! Ho! Ho! Come by and see me any time but watch out for the elves because they're very naughty today. You'll always be welcome."
Why, it's almost like waking up on Christmas morning to find unexpected presents under my tree! What a great way to start my day! Who knew that Santa had a blog? Who knew that Santa had time for a blog?? I stopped in at MyBlogLog to leave a reciprocal message to the jolly old elf and what to my wondering eyes should appear but not just one blog but six Santa blogs -, Santa's Elf Club, Santa Wish List, Santa's Community Blog, Santa's Wish Tree, and Every Day Should Be Christmas - along with one other entitled She Walks In Beauty which is credited as being the home of the blog fairy and has this message posted on the sidebar as a welcome:
"Thank you for visiting the humble little blog of TheBlogFairy (Gracie Belle) and her partners Zubli and Santa. They will be posting about beautiful people doing beautiful things and helping us discover the beauty that is in all of us. They will let you know about ways to help others and will showcase truth, beauty, love and freedom. The very special Blog Fairy awards will also be given out here. If you'd like a special visit or message from The Blog Fairy, please let us know in the comments of any posting."
Santa and the Blog Fairy all at once - who says there's no such thing as magic??

Now on a completely unrelated topic, but one that I found rather amusing and thought some of you might also, I had another email of a slightly different nature from Adam Rosen, the public editor at Gelf Magazine which is touted as "an online publication about just about anything". The email read, in part:
"As befits our mission to cover some of the lesser-known, yet exceedingly entertaining/peculiar phenomena across this great land of ours (and occasionally beyond), we recently published a chronicle of the U.S. National Air Guitar Championship in NYC. Far from a conventionally dry news piece, this article offers a wide-eyed look at the hot (pink) world of competitive Air Guitar. Your blog touches on this topic, so I thought you and you're readers would particularly appreciate a follow-up."
The only thing I can think of that got my blog noticed for this particular topic would be the post I did back on June 15th entitled Rock On - Virtually! in which I talked about learning how to play Guitar Hero II on the Sony PS2. I've wracked my brain mightily and can't recall ever confessing to having played air guitar (which is not to say that I never have!) but apparently the good folks at Gelf felt that attempting Guitar Hero II was close enough and so they provided me with a link to their article Air Guitar Hero.

I popped over there and perused what turned out to be a fun article that had me both smiling and laughing while I learned that "According to the organizers, competitive air guitar began in Finland—where the world championship is held—under the mantra, "If you're holding an air guitar, you can't be holding a gun." Makes perfect sense to me!

For more fun articles like Glimpses of Gustatory Gladiators about the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest held each year at Coney Island on the 4th of July; or Spring Breakdown a low-down on chocolate-syprup wrestling during Spring Break in San Francisco, you really need to stop by Gelf Magazine where they are "looking over the overlooked". I definitely bookmarked the homepage!

Hmm, for some reason I seem to be craving a hot dog and some chocolate sauce while playing Christmas tunes on an imaginary guitar ... how odd!


  1. Sometimes you are just weird...

  2. Anonymous9:54 PM EDT

    Merry Christmas, check under your pillow...there may be a surprise from the tooth fairy, and watch out on the way to your car. That damn easter bunny is lurking again. ;)

  3. too cute!

    rock on santa!

  4. Christmas in August - you can't beat it!

  5. All-righty then...American Base to car (you fill in the blank), you'll be responding 23-code-5 to dispatch for a 10-45! Jen's ARE wierd - today anyway! Although, it was interesting to read, and gave me some "food for thought" (no pun intended). Just keep plugging away, and remember - that hospital in Mansfield is rather pleasant this time of year. (Ha Ha Ha)

  6. As long as The Blog Fairy doesn't wake me up while placing that crisp, new $100 bill under my foam pillow...

  7. Girl, I think you done been in the fairy dust again...



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