Friday, August 17, 2007

Contest Update!

The contest to win a cool coffee mug ends at midnight tonight and I'm just double-checking to make sure I haven't missed anyone who has entered thus far. As of this tally I have ten terrific entries from the folks listed below; if you entered and your name isn't here please let me know and don't forget - if you still want to play you've got till midnight to do so. A random winner will be drawn from all entrants but I've got to say that I wish I could send a coffee mug to all of you who have played!

Current contestants are: Akelamalu, Last Minute Lyn, Asara, Joshua, Jenifer, Jamie, Jeni, Katherine, Patois, and Tisha with Simon in pending. Please let me know if you entered and I missed your name here. If you enter before tonight's closing, I will make sure to add you.

Good luck to all who entered and thanks so much for playing along!


  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm It looks as if you have an edge on winning if your name starts with "J" :-)

  2. Since I bought a T-shirt (and don't need a coffee mug - sorry Amanda!) I didn't enter the contest (so someone who really wants it can win!!!)
    But I look forward to seeing who won!

  3. midnight your time...right...laughing..

  4. pssst..
    I just drank half a bottle of wine, and hubby took me to the store and bought me Guitar Hero II!

    I'll tell you how badly I stink at it later! ;) *HUGS*

    May I be in your contest?

  6. Anonymous1:27 AM EDT

    I am on Pacific time in my head, hope it isnt too late formy entry

  7. Good luck to all the entrants (including me ;)and good luck to Amanda with here venture I hope the publicity helps. x

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment on my site. I entered your contest about half way through the post I in the comment above.

  9. Anonymous10:47 AM EDT

    Yup, I'm there. :)


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