Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

A lot of people I work with at American Ambulance have dual lives in that they also are members of their local volunteer fire departments. Most of them are lovingly referred to as "bucketheads" though I'm sure they are frequently called other things, too! I personally have never had any great desire to run into a burning building or wear 90+ pounds of turn-out gear in some of the nasty hot, hazy, and humid weather we get here in New England but there are a lot of men and women who absolutely love it and I applaud them all. They do our communities a very valuable service.

At any rate, that is just a prelude leading to this week's question as some sort of explanation seemed necessary. A medic that I work with, who is also a member of his local volunteer fire department, got toned out last night for what was apparently a pretty good fire in his neck of the woods that was "a real burner". Instead of being home sleeping in a nice air-conditioned room at midnight he was out battling a blaze and enjoying every minute of it along with a lot of other volunteers who train and prepare for a really good fuego (Spanish for 'fire'). Uh, right ... again, not my idea of a good time but that's just me!

Earlier today I was chatting with him via Yahoo! Instant Messenger and he told me that he was only two steps away from having the perfect day so, of course, I had to ask what he defined the perfect day as. To him it consists of three things - a good fire, a good meal, and a bit of intimacy with the wife (is that delicate enough, Andrew?). It was still early in the day when we were chatting so there was still a chance he'd have the perfect day if things went well. I'm going to guess that if he comes to work in a good mood tomorrow that he did! NOT that I need to know all the details!

While we were chatting Andrew asked me what my perfect day would be and I drew a complete blank (figures!) but he gave me the idea for this week's question which is:

What is your definition of the perfect day?

If it involves fighting a fire - Lord love ya! A big thanks to Drew for the assist this week!


  1. Around these parts (Ansonia, Derby, Shelton, etc), all the fire departments are volunteer. I must say that the response of all of these departments is pectacular...As for a perfect day, for me anyway, is a day where everything just flowed seamlessly with no hassles or problems...

  2. Perfect Day?

    I think i have no idea! will get back to you :)

  3. Anonymous10:08 PM EDT

    I liked Andrew's perfect day, well minus the fire of course! And maybe the bit with his wife, or any wife for that matter. Hmm. Maybe I should just stick to the good meal.

    My perfect day would be any day I don't have to do anything, wouldn't even be home, no cooking, cleaning, no kids, no money worries, no angry phone-calls, nothing but pampering and people taking care of me all day long.

  4. Hmmmm...a perfect day...

    I'm drawing a blank as well, although any day with my lady is pretty damn close to perfect.

  5. I guess it would be the first day of any vacation or road trip I go on with "Mrs. Bulldog":

    The day would start w/getting up to an already-packed & fueled rental car, hitting the Dunkin Donuts for coffee, driving along w/the CD's playing while we talked & played our "travel games" (punch-buggy, getting points for spotting certain vehicles, ect.), stopping to check out the sights/stretch our legs, getting to the destination, setting up camp, cooking a great meal on the grill, then relaxing w/Sangria Wine while playing wooden board games & listening to the crickets/other wildlife before finally going to bed in anticipation of more vacation/sight-seeing fun the next day!

  6. Waking up to MWM and a kiss before breakfast, seeing my children and grandchildren, going to sleep next to MWM after a kiss and whatever that might lead to. ((wink))

  7. Anonymous7:38 AM EDT

    Perfect day?

    Waking up to start with, hubby waking up as well. We're at the beach (preferably Captiva Island), walking and collecting pretty shells, riding on a boat, eating good seafood, and spening a quiet night with hubby.

  8. My perfect day would involve, like Drew, a good fire(one that doesn't come in an hour before I get off of work, and I have to dispatch it, like East Putnam did to me yesterday..LOL), a good woman(hard to find now that I've been single for a while). They seem to disappear when I'm single, and come out of the woodwork when I'm in a relationship. 18 holes of real golf. Not mini-golf, the kind you drive a cart around chasing the little white ball, and then a relaxing dip in a hot tub to finish it off at the end of the night(hopefully with above mentioned woman)..LOL

  9. Linda, I saw your post about Haggis on Claire's site. In case you don't get back there, here is what I said:

    When I was in Scotland, I got to taste "real" haggis. Because of certain laws, it cannot be imported into the U.S. The best we can get is some form of canned gross out that simply "is not!!!" haggis. At one point I heard McSweens was going to open in the U.S. but no news of late. If anyone knows a source let me know."

  10. A perfect day? Let me think....hmmm, I'm honestly at a loss. When I finally experience that perfect day, you'll be the first to know. :~)

  11. The perfect day...sleeping in on a crisp fall day, waking up and opening the windows and snuggling with someone I love under the covers...then eating apple pancakes and going for a walk in the woods holding hands.

    Having a nice dinner with candles and wine...sweaters, foliage...coming home and reading on the couch, leaning up against him while he reads too.

    Going to bed knowing he'll be there in the morning.

  12. Anonymous11:00 AM EDT

    I love Andrew's day, especially the fire.
    Hmm, I guess a perfect day would be a dinner party with good friends, time to read, and time with my pup.

  13. Being with someone I love all day, going to the beach in the sunshine, seeing something beautiful, watching a favourite DVD and eating lasagna.

  14. Curled up in bed on a rainy day, with the kitties, a cup of tea, and a good book.

  15. umm, a perfect spent with the whole fam with Dad awake and all of us in good moods, and the kids taking good naps and allowing mom and dad to play..(grown-up style)

  16. I must say that some of your perfect days just sound absolutely perfect! The only thing I can think of is being able to sleep in late and then I'm stuck after that! But if I had to pick from all of the ones that you've mentioned, so far I'm leaning towards Mags' the most!

    Not that there's anything wrong with chasing a little white ball around a golf course either - especially if you're in the company of some good friends!

  17. The United States and Canadian governments in their infinite wisdom have barred imported haggis because at times it might contain bits of sheep's lung (don't go ugh - it's almost never in modern recipes). Forget the fact that McSweens ships all over the world and has been in business for a half century with no known ill effects. They would rather import fruit from Chili that has been irrigated with sewage water ... go figure.

    I found a Haggis maker here in the states but they are in New Jersey. Theirs is frozen and then you thaw and steam at home. I don't know about the quality or how far they can ship. Will let you know.

    Trust me, the real thing is not an acquired taste ... it is just plain delicious. It has a flavor similar to a turkey dressing that contains meat, cloves, and onions with oatmeal replacing the bread. Served with brown gravy it will send any diet into a tail spin and you won't care.

  18. Ok,
    1. Andrew did not come into work in a good mood today so I am not sure his mission was accomplished.

    2. My perfect day.... the only thing I can think of is on a cruise, with my family, I am able to sleep in undisturbed. I get to spend some time with my kids on the beach, playing.... then they would have a sitter and I get to spend the evening with hubby.... 3 fabulous meals... then a moonlight strool on the deck with hubby with nothing but the sound of the sea, the wind in our hair, and the stars overhead for company. Then to return to a cabin to find sleeping be able to take in the preciousness of sleeping children, and for them to sleep. all. night. long.

  19. Anonymous1:25 AM EDT

    The perfect day is for me to do whatever you wish to do for that day without being disturbed. The perfect day is to not have to do a particular duty or task before accomplishing what you really want to do. Also, it helps to have a perfect day if you are close to those people you love or just feel comfortable being with them.


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