Thursday, August 9, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

Today's question comes in part due to my partner's lunch today and the tantalizing aroma that was wafting over to my half of the dispatch console and causing my taste buds to weep!

After putting it off for way too long, I managed to get myself back on a diet of sorts this past Sunday. You could call it penance for that Handshaken Coldbrew Marble Mocha Latte that some of you may remember ...

Handshaken Coldbrew Marble Mocha LatteAnyway ... before I rudely interrupted myself with that decadent display of deliciousness, I was saying that I started a diet after putting it off for way too long with the first and foremost reason being the fact that my last round of bloodwork showed that I was pre-diabetic. No big surprise there as it runs rampant in my family and I did have gestational diabetes with both girls but it was certainly enough to give me pause and rethink my longevity options.

My doctor suggested that I step away from the carbs and knowing from past experience that carbs and I are not friends no matter what they might have me believe, I have opted to kick-start my weight loss program with a round of Atkins before switching over to the Michael Thurmond 6-Week Body Makeover program which really works quite well.

At any rate - all Adventures in the Land of Weight Loss aside, I have noticed that when I'm on a diet, especially one that restricts carbohydrates, my sense of smell becomes extremely fine-tuned and I can detect a loaf of fresh-baked Italian bread while still sitting in my car with the windows rolled up in the furthest section of the grocery store parking lot!

I've done very well this week - if I do say so myself - and have been able to resist the temptation of both an apple pie and Boston Cream pie that made their way into the dispatch center but when Jen's order of fresh, hot french fries arrived today I swear I needed a drool bucket! I managed to resist reaching over and grabbing even one french-fried stick of the evil carbohydrates but ... oh that smell!

And that finally brings us to this week's question:

What food smell can literally bring you to your knees and make your stomach juices start to flow above all others?

Now, while you answer that I hope you'll excuse me while I go find a piece of meat to chew on!


  1. beef on the grill and sourdough's a tie.

  2. Anonymous8:52 PM EDT

    ummmmmmmmm dixie donuts!!

    I smelled fries today too!!(and they smelled yummy).. as I was getting onto 395 from crash alley after dropping a suit off at westgate cleaners. I was even thinking before someone almost crashed into me near burger barf.. that the rose city really wasnt a bad place to live.. thinking that when they build the new tech school I might think about transfering there... I quickly disregarded that thought as I was cussin up a blue streak about stupid drivers on west main and trying not to sound like the mole-man! ...... I did not eat any fries as I do not eat in the Mini, but I can feel your pain!!

  3. Steak. I love steak. In fact, I am drooling now as I think about it!

  4. Sadly, my answer is a resounding "freshly baked bread." I'm sure the quote "Man cannot live by bread alone" is sooooo wrong. That's why any diet eliminating carbs is an impossibility for me. However, your diet decision has given me the impetous to start my own! For me, it's all about portion control!

  5. Anonymous11:37 AM EDT

    Mexican...I Love enchiladas, cheese dip, chips, etc. MOST EVERYTHING is prohibited on low carb. When I did low carb if we ate Mexican I would order fajitas with no tortillia wraps, or rice. It was good...but not AS good as it could've been.

    I think next week (that'll give me the weekend to eat up all the junk food in the house) I'm going to try to get back on low carb. I'm going to San Destin next month and I need to shed a few!

  6. I absolutely go bonkers over the smell of bread, freshly baked, warm from the oven, slathered with REAL butter! MMMMMM GOOD!
    When I was a kid, my olefactory senses where also fine tuned to detect bread rising and I would go on search and destroy missions to find the batch of bread my Grandma would have setting someplace, hidden from my clutches so I wouldn't be nibbling at the raw bread dough then!

  7. What food smell can bring me to my knees? many choices'd be easier to name the foods that DON'T make my mouth water. Like liver. Eeeewww. Seafood. Can't stand it.
    Pretty much everything else, though and I'm slobbering at the thought of eating it. lol

  8. fresh baked apple pie can smell pretty darn good...yum!

  9. Have to go with a bakery. The most divine smell in baking bread. I remember the old Wonder Bread bakery in East Hartford, and it smelled great. That is, until the EPA made the smell go away. It seems that the baking produces excessive amounts of Benzine, which is bad for you...

  10. Burgers on the grill - EVERY time! In fact, "Mrs. Bulldog" was hungry, and I wasn't, so she "changed" my mind by throwing some fresh hamburgers on our grill @ the campsite, then handed me a beer. Mmmmmmmm....! Sometimes steaks do it too, but again, only on the grill!

  11. geez you folks would never last around here! We bake 2-3 loaves a week!!


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