Monday, August 13, 2007

Manic Monday - Drop Down for a Great Time

It's Monday again and that means it's time to get manic with Mo from It's a Blog Eat Blog World. The Mighty Mo reached into his bag of themes last Friday and pulled out the word "Drop". With over 74 possible definitions of the word I had to contemplate this one for awhile until a good idea dropped into my head in the form of definition #8. the distance or depth to which anything drops: a ten-foot drop to the ground.

It's been awhile since I've had the chance to go on one, and Lord only knows if my back would allow it now, but in my younger days there was nothing I liked better than a good wooden roller coaster and that first major drop. There is no way to describe the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach as you climb the hill and your hands begin to sweat; the smell of the wood, the clack of the tracks, the air thinning out as you climb higher and higher! The anticipation is almost too much to bear until you crest the top of the hill and start the drop that feels like it's almost straight down while the scream that had been building up since you left the station bursts from your lungs as if you had been holding your breath under water for several minutes.

In celebration of that time-honored tradition of scaring yourself almost to death, I present to you the ten biggest roller coaster drops in the world. Maybe someday I'll get lucky and be able to take the plunge on one of these fantastic rides in person but for now, I'm just going to have to settle for looking at pictures. Anyone have a story of riding one first-hand? If so then drop your story into the comments!

Son of Beast - Kings Island, Kings Mill, Ohio, United States 214 ft, built 2000

El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey, United States 176 ft, built 2006

Colossos - Heide Park, Soltau, Niedersachsen, Germany 159 ft, built 2001

Mean Streak - Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, United States 155 ft, built 1991

Voyage - Holiday World, Santa Claus, Indiana, United States 154 ft, built 2006

Boss Six - Flags St. Louis, Eureka, Missouri, United States 150 ft, built 2000

American Eagle - Six Flags Great America, Gurnee, Illinois, United States 147 ft, built 1981

Beast - Kings Island, Kings Mill, Ohio, United States 141 ft, built 1979

Hades - Mt. Olympus Theme Park, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States 140 ft, built 2005

Montezum - Hopi Hari, Vinhedo, Sao Paulo, Brazil 139 ft, built 1999

Oh, and as one final drop - I managed to drop 5 pounds on my diet last week. No mean feat for a woman with virtually no metabolism! Everyone have a great Monday!


  1. There was a wooden one in San Diego that I rode all the time. It was grand fun. Congratulations of the weight loss. Excellent. Have a great MM. :)

  2. my stomach lurched looking at them!!

    smiles, bee

  3. Anonymous10:40 PM EDT

    that feeling of anticipation that you described climbing the coaster was stunning. I actually felt a little queasy there for a minute. I'm not a big fan of the coasters--I prefer my feet planted firmly on the ground :) CONGRATS on the weight loss.

    Great post, Linda.

  4. there was a time in my life that I would have got on one of those, no more, I am sober now

  5. The son and grandson just returned from a tour of son's California memories of his childhood. A key part of this adventure was a visit to Santa Cruz and one of the few roller coasters that has a designation as a historical site: The Giant Dipper.

    I took my first drop on this coaster 55 years ago and it's been around longer than that.

    Great post. Glad I dropped in.

  6. Anonymous12:08 AM EDT

    Oh wow! Now that looks like loads of fun. So, when are we going?

    Congrats on the weight loss. I think I found your 5 pounds. :)

  7. I LOVE wooden roller coasters, and that one in Cedar Point is KILLER! Sadly, I'm not allowed to ride coasters anymore.


  8. Where did you get that cool title portion of your blog? re: the roller coasters ... I live about four miles from the King's Island in Ohio ... it is an impressive roller coaster!

    This was a difficult MM for me. However, when in doubt, I usually go with Serena! Have a great MM! peace, Villager

  9. Oh no ! I already felt dizzy of your description ! Never ever I would go on such a thing again ! I did it once and that was scary enough for the rest of my life ! The one in Wisconsin Dells I have seen, awful !!

  10. I feel dizzy!!!!

    Tell me how you lost 5lbs Linda - I need to know desperately!

  11. The Mean Streak actually turned me off wooden roller coasters for quite a long time. I went to Cedar Point with my parents, and rode it by myself.. it rattled me so much that I felt sick for the rest of the day, and didn't get to ride any of my other favorite coasters! :(

  12. My roller coaster fascination started very young and poor Dad was forced to ride on every single one with me. Now I'm a grown-up girl and can go all by myself...Wheeeeeee

    And congrats on those 5 pounds...maybe mine will be able to join yours real soon. :~)

  13. The last time I rode ANY roller coasters was @ Six Flags-New England (then it was "Riverside"), and that was only to impress "Mrs. Bulldog" during our "dating years". Glad it worked - being married to her has been the ultimate thrill, so now I don't have to ride the 'coasters anymore!

    BTW: Congrats on your weight loss!!

  14. Oh, I love coasters! I haven't been on any good ones in a really long time though...great theme and I love that you had pics of each one.

  15. Congratulations on the 5 lbs! I just went to Six Flags outside of Chicago last week and I rode the Raging Bull... I haven't ridden a coaster in years so that was something!

  16. I love the drop of a good roller coaster...we have one in town here that Jamie mentions in her comment.

    I don't really like being upside down however....

  17. Well, Linda, as you know from looking at my coffee mug as we sit next to each other at work....

    I rode El Toro last month and can honestly say it was THE BEST wooden roller coaster I have ever ridden.... The first "drop" is fantastic!!

    If you get the gumption to go take the plunge on that one and you daughter is too chicken.... I will gladly come with!

  18. Those look scary! A feast for coaster addicts!

  19. A couple of things here - I've actually been on the coaster at Cedar Point you mentioned - terrific ride! Great post too in the use of "drops" although, did you have to throw in the drop of five pounds? Trying to rub salt into wounds are you? Brother! LOL -translated: you go girl!
    And, lastly - I'm gonna give your "Death on a Cracker" contest a try. May take me a day or two to get my thoughts together on exactly which episode to select from - been several by the time you hit my age - but I think I can come up with one! Peace and have a great day! Don't drop anything now - especially not the ball!

  20. Argh! What IS it with Ohio and stomach-dropping roller coasters??

    Congrats on dropping the weight, Linda! That's great!

  21. Wowee! Congrats on the weight loss!!!
    Would you believe I posted the same thing??? Only posted one photo, though, because it's 2:oo PM Monday and I'm way late for MM.
    I road the old wooden coaster at the Long Beach CA pier, called the Pike. I used to love coasters but last time I went on one, about ten years ago, my neck jerked around too much and triggered a stupid Migraine headache! (which is why I'm late today - had one all day Sunday and it's hanging on a tad).

  22. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! I love roller coasters!

    Great idea for Drop!

    Happy MM!

  23. Rollercoasters are my most FAVORITE ride EVER!!!! I love them! I'll get on one of them anyday!!! Suppose it's the daredevil in me??? ;-)

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  25. Anonymous11:42 PM EDT

    wow amazing photos - i don't ride on them but I don't mind looking at them ;-)


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