Monday, August 6, 2007

My Blog Review on One Man's

I can sometimes be a real glutton for punishment (I was married twice, remember?) but I also like to think that at the same time I am open to constructive criticism when it comes to things that matter in my life. After all, I will fully admit that I don't know it all and that there are people out there who have a knowledge of things I may not be too sure of from which I can learn and gain an insight I might not have had before.

Case in point is my blog. I really do care about this website of mine and strive to make it a quality blog that people would like to make return visits to. But who knew that blogging could be such a complex process and that there were so many opportunities for those who have a blog? I certainly didn't when I first started on this particular journey; however, I have since met a blogger who not only knew that but has made his goal - "Give me 365 Days and I will attemptI WILL… create a viable source of income by harnessing the power of the net."

Bryan Clark is a 25-year old serial entrepreneur and former top-notch bartender from St. Louis, Missouri and he believes that
"Setting goals is something the average person does … Achieving goals is a task left to a special few. I am one of the special few, and the best way to prove that, is by doing it."
To that end he started his blog One Man's on June 28th of this year with his introductory post - The Goal. In it, he explains his reasons behind starting this project, which will end on June 28th of next year, with the most important one being "I have not met one person in my entire 25 years that is content with working for someone else for their entire life." Speaking as someone who has been in the work force since I was 15 years old and will be in it for quite awhile longer, I've got to say that the kid has a valid point there! Sounds to me like he has a pretty noble goal.

I don't remember how I came across Bryan's blog; I believe he left me a comment here first but I have come to really enjoy reading about the methods that he has employed in an effort to reach his goal. I've also learned a lot about page rank, different ways to monetize one's blog (which I currently don't do), and other ways to build traffic to your blog and make it a success. Things that I previously had virtually no clue about.

Recently Bryan offered to do a $10 blog review for the first five people who emailed him with a request and, this is where the glutton for punishment part comes in!, I thought "Why not? I could use another review and see if there are some things I need to tweak." I've had reviews before but it's been awhile since I had one done and Bryan promised "An honest and accurate review of your site" along with incoming links from his own site which currently is receiving 600-700 page loads a day with 250+ unique visitors.

Like all bloggers, I loves me some links so I contacted Bryan and he happily (at least I think it was happily!) took on the challenge of reviewing my blog which culminated in a 300+ word write-up that appeared last night in this post on his blog where he won me over with the words, "This beautiful young face belongs to Linda who ... is 49 years old and realizing day by day that she is getting closer to 50 (although I definitely figured 28ish)." Now what woman in her right mind is NOT going to love a paragraph that starts out like that?? Granted, I think Bryan needs to have his eyes checked or his computer monitor adjusted but still ... I am quite flattered. Quite.

All flattery aside though, I feel that Bryan did a very concise review of my site and was able to point out a few navigational issues that I need to talk to my blog designer about. Truth be told, these were things I had wondered about myself but just hadn't gotten around to asking Se7en about yet. However, knowing how much I appreciate a blog that is easy to get around in myself, I know that the con's that Bryan pointed out are important ones that would make it easier for future visitors.

If you haven't come across One Man's yet, I would like to suggest you pop on by and see how Bryan is doing attaining his goal. While you're there you can read my review and tell me what you think! Should you decide that you want to support Bryan in his efforts he's got a cool little widget that you can put on your sidebar (I've got mine!) to let the rest of the Blogosphere know that you are behind a motivated young man who has a goal that he wishes to achieve rather than just think about.

Should you decide to have Bryan take a go at reviewing your blog please let me know - I'd love to read what he has to say! Tell him a 28-year old dispatched you over there!


  1. Anonymous10:11 PM EDT

    I thought I was supposed to be reviewing your site. I feel like I should be paying for this!



  2. Anonymous11:10 PM EDT

    Good Lord Linda! I totally get how that first paragraph made you feel. I'm nearing 40 myself and if someone mistook me for a 28-year-old, they'd probably be my best friend by now!

    I'm off to read the review. GREAT review you did of his site too by the way.

  3. Hey there! I'm back. Interesting thought having your blog reviewed. I keep mine for my own enjoyment, comments are icing, lots of hits are flowers made from icing. I've even quit checking my site meter.

    Then again...I never claimed to be "normal"

    Maybe I'll check him and cats you know....

  4. The results are in!! Check em out and see where your blog ranks!

  5. Anonymous9:55 AM EDT

    Supermom, really don't look your age...You've got those Dorian Gray genes...

  6. Wow. What a nice review! And his was good too. ;)

    I agree...I think Bryan owes you a drink or something. ;)

  7. LOL LOL!!!

    He compared you to ROSEANNE !!!!


    umm.... I can't see the comparison. **snort again**

  8. You did an excellent review there, Linda.

  9. Anonymous3:59 PM EDT

    Wow, that's awesome...congrats!

    Bwahahahaha @ glutton for punishment! :)


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