Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - "Funky"

"Won't you take me to Funky-town ..." those lyrics are sure to be stuck in my head all weekend as this week's theme for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, hosted by the gracious TN Chick, is funky.

When I first saw that I drew a complete and total blank as to what might be available in my photo collection that qualified as funky. Granted, I was a teenager in the late 70's and funky was everywhere but I was also pretty conservative and bypassed the whole funky disco-era as much as possible. I can honestly say I never set foot in a single disco though I did enjoy a lot of the music (yeah, yeah, I heard that!)

So ... what to do for funky? Think, think, think ...

Leave it to Amanda to come up with the perfect idea for a funky picture. She decided just yesterday that her black boots were too boring the way they were and decorated them with some puffy paint that we had left over from another project. Add those newly decorated boots to a pair of purple fishnet tights and her baggy white shorts and what you get is ...


Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt Participants
1. kissedalotatoads
2. Mike Goad
3. Goofy girl
4. tnchick
5. meeyauw
6. Gattina
7. Katya
8. Barbara H.
9. Marsha
10. jmb
11. surfergirl
12. surfergirl(correctlink)
13. Friday\'s Child
14. Criz Lai
15. ipanema
16. JHS
17. Rach (Heart of Rachel)
18. pat
19. julie
20. Sabine
21. Karen (Pediascribe)
22. Dragonheart
23. Claire Rachael Pitt
24. Suzie
25. The Rocky Mountain Retreat
26. Mama Bear
27. Drew
28. archie
29. expatraveler
30. Lazy Daisy
31. Heather
32. empress bee (of the high sea)
33. SargeCharlie
34. Barbara
35. mark
36. Jenifer
37. Samantha, Tigger & Mom
38. A.
39. Gran (Angela)
40. Teena in Toronto
41. Julie
42. mar
43. icedragon
44. satkuru

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  1. Anonymous11:46 PM EDT

    Those are some pretty funky boots. Did she decorate them that way, or were they bought that way? One never knows. Have a great weekend.

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM EDT

    Those boots sure are... different!

    Nice choice for the theme.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I love the boots, very cool! Stockings are fun too!

  4. I love those funky boots!! =)

  5. I remember the sixties and how stiff and scared we were to be ourselves. I think its wonderful she feels free and creative to be who she is and it's great work!

  6. Oh geez, that's funky fashion !

  7. Oh wow, leave it to the kids to always come up with a picture, eh?
    I love those FUNKY books! Excellent take on the theme!

  8. Anonymous12:31 AM EDT

    Yep, that's pretty funky!

  9. May be FUNKY but I like!!

  10. Rescued just in time. Great photo for the theme.

  11. ooh wow id love to dance in those shoes!

  12. Like the boots. Nice color combination.
    Thanks for the visit.

  13. Wow..that's a real funky pair of shoes. Happy Weekend!

  14. she's one funky, creative girl herself! what a tranformation! :)

  15. That's some serious funk goin' on!


    I think of the stuff we wore in the '70's and '80's and cringe. Did you have embroidered overalls? We wore them everywhere!

  16. Those boots are definitely FUNKY!

  17. Those are cool and funky boots. Amanda is very creative. I'm sure she loves designing her own things. Thanks for the visit. Happy weekend!

  18. Anonymous5:39 AM EDT

    GREAT boots! Love 'em.

    And I am a total "disco queen"!! LOL
    I visited many discos in my time. Absolutely loved it (and still do). Funny thing - the only music that I usually ever listen to is the oldies, especially disco tunes. My boys know all the words! LOL

    Have a great weekend. Hope you are staying cool back there in Connecticut.

  19. Anonymous6:01 AM EDT

    Those sure are freaky, funky boots! Great idea too! :)

  20. Anonymous6:09 AM EDT

    Amanda, you are good, dear. You made the boots look funky, colorful and chic.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  21. Those are COOL! Definitely a funky look, but much more interesting than plain black boots!

    Thanks for visiting my site!

  22. Those are cool, i dont think i know what puffy paint is though :)

    Everybody seems to love her shop and merchandise, so a big Whoop for her :)

    Or would she prefer a cyber moshpit?

  23. Oh yeh! Now them are some pretty serious boots! I like those! Awesome!!

  24. Yep..."funky" is the word to use here. Gotta hand it to both of you for "thinking on your feet" - no pun intended w/respect to Amanda's latest creation! Amanda, you really are going places.

    BTW: After payday, I'm looking to buy a "Death Eating A Cracker" T-shirt! Awesome stuff @ that site, Amanda!

  25. She understands about "Funky".
    Mama Bear

  26. Anonymous8:49 AM EDT

    Those are very very funky boots. Good take on the funky theme.

  27. very funky! Hmm - I wonder how long she will like that. Probably until she wears em out! thansk for visiting.

  28. Wow, I love them! It reminds me of the the 60's.

  29. I've said it before, but Amanda has so much imagination. Anybody seeing those would want a pair as well.

  30. All I can say about those boots is...interesting, very interesting. :~)

  31. Anonymous10:43 AM EDT

    VEry funky stuff- great choice--good for Amanda.

  32. Now I got to give you this one, that is a funky pair of boots.

  33. What fun. You just may have a one of a kind, excentric, artistic child on your hands.

  34. Not everyone could wear those. Those are a work of art.

  35. And a sore foot if you ever got stood on with those funky boots

  36. Those certainly qualify as funky!!

    Amanda is certainly in a class all her own!!

  37. yep!
    Those are some funky boots!
    Now, back in my "funky period" (aka college) I would SO have worn these boots. In fact, I had a black sweater with exactly these colors in it that I could have worn them with!

    The Mo Show

  38. Those are cool looking boots! Add it to the fishnet stockings and shorts funky indeed! Happy Hunting!
    Your FL furiends,
    and Mom

  39. Wonderful! Those are wonderful boots! Perfect for today.

  40. we have stuff on the streets of Santa Cruz every single day...

  41. Anonymous4:54 PM EDT

    oh my gosh! Emo-kid painted her black boots???? Oh my there is hope for her yet! If she can put her purple eye shadow only on her eye lids and not around the whole eye as usual. I would say she has been abducted by aliens!


    still can't log in

  42. Very funky boots. A unique take on our theme this week.
    Happy Hunting.
    Thanks for stopping by today.

  43. Wow! I love those boots!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

  44. Anonymous3:07 PM EDT

    Those are certainly funky boots! Very fun as well!

  45. What a funky pair of boots! love your pic :)

  46. now that's funky. a funky pair of boots :P

  47. Anonymous9:53 AM EDT

    Thos definitely have major funk action going on!


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