Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ten Lies - But Not Ones My Mother Told Me!

Sanni of Coffee 2 Go tagged me for the "Ten Lies My Mother Told Me" meme awhile back and I've been hemming and hawing on this one a little bit because, to be perfectly honest, I was hoping to avoid this meme for the simple reason that my mother never lied about anything that I can ever recall. She was raised to tell the truth and she told the truth.

Sure my Mom told us the standard Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy stuff but I don't consider that to be a lie because, as far as I'm concerned, those things are just as real as we would like them to be and if anything they're more like myths than lies. Very pleasant myths and a nice part of childhood.

So what to do with this unwanted meme and avoid being thrown in the dungeon at Bloggingham Palace? Hmmm ... my first thought was to post Ten Lies I Tell My Children but then that seemed too much like letting the cat out of the bag as there are some things they still haven't figured out! Then it dawned on me that I could post Ten Lies I Tell Myself as I'm not fooling myself anyway! Brilliant!

Ten Lies I Tell Myself as Told By Myself
  1. I should easily make it through until next payday with even a little money to spare.
  2. I really don't mind getting up in the mornings, once I'm out of bed it's okay.
  3. This outfit makes me look ten pounds thinner.
  4. I don't drive any faster than anyone else does.
  5. I'll clean the house tomorrow.
  6. I'll cook dinner right after I check one more post on Google Reader.
  7. Moving one bookcase is not going to mess up my back and put me in severe pain for several days as well as out of work.
  8. Grocery shopping is one of my very favorite activities.
  9. I can handle one small piece of bread without it totally screwing up my diet.
  10. These clothes are all going to come back into style if I just wait long enough.
Now I know that isn't the exact letter of the meme but I hope it's still passable enough to keep me out of Queen Meme's clutches though I doubt it will get me that coveted "Get Out of the Dungeon Free" card that others got for doing this one. I hope the Queen is amused!


  1. Haha, so that's what "sticky post" means....

    Well, I've tagged you too...but this isn't a meme. just a name-tag, come and see!

  2. Anonymous3:04 AM EDT

    Cute post. I think you've upheld the spirit of Sanni's meme. Ten lies my mother told me? That could get pretty emo over on my blog. I better take a pass on that one. How's the weather up there in Connecticut? It's a beautiful weekend in Pennsylvania.

  3. Most of those could apply to me too!

  4. We all believe them...until it's too late!

  5. These are great, Linda! I have said most of these to myself as well.

  6. Hmmm...told a few of those lies to myself. Especially the whole "getting up in the morning" thing - ugh!

  7. P.S. I had a difficult time with this one, too. That's why I resorted to the Santa Claus and Easter Bunny stuff. I couldn't think of anything!
    My mother doesn't lie...

  8. i think you did a great job with this linda!

    smiles, bee

  9. Excellent job, and just so you know i can relate. Recently I cleaned out my closet, and gave away 4 different pants sizes, I was keeping them in case I lost some weight.

  10. I'm certainly amused! I've been guilty of telling myself #2 and #4. And sometimes #5.

  11. You did a great job with this meme. Queen is pleased. You are OUT of the dungeon.

    Unless of course you want to stay for the party.....

  12. this was me yesterday for sure....

    "I'll cook dinner right after I check one more post on Google Reader"

  13. Excellent, Linda - thanks for playing. Of course your take on the MEME does count - I love it =)

    I´m guilty of each, except #7 - but especially for #5 and #6 (!!!)


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