Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - A "Grannyism"

Explanation in the first comment!

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  1. I made mention of the phrase "I feel like Death eating a cracker" in my Meme of Seven yesterday so asked Amanda to do an artist's rendering for my WW post today.

    This phrase was one of my grandmother's favorites and I guess it also translated out to another of her favorites, "I don't feel a bit good."

    Actually, Death looks like he's rather enjoying his cracker and tea but I'm sure that's not how my Granny meant it!

    Happy WW!

  2. i sure am glad you explained this! ha ha... her art is really good.

    smiles, bee

  3. Death truly looks good here! what a talented little girl!
    Happy ww!

  4. Very cool and I love your lay out!! Happy WW.

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM EDT

    cool art! love it!

    happy WW

  6. Anonymous10:11 PM EDT

    wow, wonderful artwork!!

  7. Alright...thanks for the explanation!

  8. Hehe, that's a good saying - I may just use it ;)

  9. That death eating a cracker is too friendly. You sort of want to sit down and share the cracker.

  10. Thanks for the explanation...I just love unusual phrases. And as always, Amanda's artwork is fascinating.

  11. Anonymous11:38 PM EDT

    Heh heh heh...we always say when something tastes bad that it tastes like "ass on cracker". *LOL* Like we'd know what that tastes like. :)

  12. I was perplexed until I read the explanation! :-)

  13. Anonymous2:43 AM EDT

    *lol* incongruous but cute

  14. I like that quote. I will have to use it! Happy WW

  15. Excellent idea for WW. Loved the pic & the explanation. Amanda is so tallented. happy WW to you & Amanada x x x

  16. PS After my Grandfather died I can remember my Gran saying "I wouldn't have another man if he had a diamond clad backside!" Hmmmm, not sure I could draw that! . . .lol

  17. Thanks for the explanation.

  18. Don't you love those old sayings.

    Amanda is truly talented.

  19. Great drawing. Nice catch phrase too. Happy WW.

  20. OHHHHH i love it!!!!!

    I have said it before but she really is talented and i am jealous! I love drawing cartoons (if you remember the beaver?) but i don't have the unique twist that amanda has to make a cartoon have that something special!
    T-Shirts! and other merchandise. This would be great on a mug!

    On the saying when i am ill and feeling like crap, i always eat soup and toast so i guess its something like that?

  21. Thanks for the explanation!!

  22. LOL Thanks for the explanation. I've always heard and said "I feel like death warmed over" - I wonder what that'd look like in her drawing LOL
    Thanks for sharing! Happy WW! I hope you'll come visit mine at

    Coming to a Nursery Near You AND Reflections By Dawn :) I couldn't decide this week LOL

  23. I've gotta tellyou that though I love her artwork and she's VERY talented...this picture scares me a little bit.

    He's freaky, which I suppose is good considering he's like, Death and all...

    Happy WW!!!

  24. You have a very talented daughter.

    I read that yesterday and my freakin computer wouldn't cooperate with me on leaving a comment... I thought that statement was hilarious...


  25. Hysterical! I'll have to borrow that phrase since it pretty much describes my sleep deprived state at the moment.

    Happy WW!

  26. Anonymous11:37 AM EDT

    That is a great drawing, made me smile even though I didnt know why - till you explained it in such a wordless way :)

  27. I've felt this way before too. Thanks for explaining what this means to you. Granny's do leave us with great phrases don't they. Have a great WW. :)

  28. It's a priceless phrase, Linda.

  29. great rendition of the saying!

  30. Anonymous4:07 PM EDT

    Huh! And there was me thinking it was a well known American term that I was just unfamiliar with!

    Great I don't feel like such a dummy now.
    p.s. she's a great little artist.

  31. Thanks for the explanation. I'd never heard the phrase before, but it is evocative.

  32. Anonymous5:05 PM EDT

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  33. Very cute actually! I may have to borrow that phrase, as I've felt that way a time or two myself! lol

    Happy Wednesday!

  34. I love it! And it warms my heart to know death is a coffee least I assume it is, or maybe tea??

  35. Amanda might look at "Cafe Press." You can have your designs put on TeeShirts, etc. It's like what Sgt. Dub did...
    Good job, everyone!

  36. I've never heard that phrase, but I like it~!

  37. Very clever. I've heard that phrase before.

    Happy WW!

  38. nice to see death enjoying a nice cup o'joe along with his morning cracka


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