Monday, September 10, 2007

A Birthday Surprise

Aren't those the prettiest flowers you ever did see? I got them for my birthday yesterday along with a home-baked red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. I'd have a picture of that posted, too, but my stupid cell phone won't give it up! The stupid thing also won't give up the picture of the lovely woman who drove an hour to come deliver those wonderful birthday gifts to me at work - Miss Maggie Moo!

It was so very nice to see her again and I was just so honored that she would not only bake a cake for me - which in and of itself is fantastic because she just graduated culinary school and let me tell you the girl can bake! - but that she took the time to drive all the way to Norwich to deliver it to me! Granted, Connecticut is not a huge State but it's still almost a 2-hour round-trip drive for her to have come down (except somehow she got home in 30 minutes so she must have made the jump to light-speed!). What a birthday present!

I'm sure she was beyond impressed with my place of employment and dispatching prowess - not! I wasn't really dispatching yesterday anyway, I was the back-up while Jen was doing the primary dispatching duties. I got to model my lovely uniform, too! Still, at least now when I say that I'm at work, Mags has a visual to go along with it which includes a lovely view of downtown Norwich - such as it is!

Thank you so much, Mags, for taking the time out of your day to make my birthday so special not just with the gift of the cake and the flowers but, more importantly, the gift of your company! The hug was the best part!

Oh, and Miss Bee, the cake was good - it was really, really good!! I still have some left if you'd like to stop by!


  1. well how perfectly lovely!! and i didn't even get to stick my finger in the icing! drat!!

    smiles, bee

    (lucky duck!)

  2. Now that's way cool! Happy Birthday again!

  3. Now that was very nice of Mags. She is such a keeper isn't she. She is always doing the nicest things. Too bad we couldn't all have a little slice of that cake. Have a great day Linda. :)

  4. What a lovely gift from Mags. Obviously you are both ladies well worth knowing.

    Hope your birthday was a great one.

  5. Anonymous2:27 AM EDT

    What a gorgeous bouquet! I LOVE the colours!!

    And you all need to stop talking about cake... I'm so VERY hungry now! I can only imagine how good a cake from Mags must have been!

  6. (I'm not sure how this one slipped through my reader...hmmmm)


    I was WAY impressed, actually, with your job. I can't even imitate what you were saying, even for joke's sake...really, it was very cool to see.

    And yes, her uniform is VERY cute. ;)

  7. Oh, and in regard to getting home in 30 minutes...I have no idea. LOL. No traffic...straight shot? I only did 75-maybe 80 a couple of times but caught myself and stopped...

  8. Wow...what a thoughtful, caring person you are, Mag. If they gave out medals for friendship, you'd have the equivelent of the Silver Star or something to that affect! Of course I'm biased when I say this, but Linda has a way of bringing out the best in most people.

    BTW: The uniform looks better on Linda than on me, although I do wear a different patch on my left arm, which I am proud of! Like you Mags, I couldn't come close to doing what Linda does - so I go where she tells me to (I'm married, so I'm used to taking orders from women) ;-)

  9. Anonymous10:11 AM EDT

    Happy, happy birthday. 49?

  10. What a lovely surprise for you. I'm sure it made your day. :)

  11. Now this was an awesome story.
    Surprises like this are some of the best things about friendships.

  12. Anonymous3:01 PM EDT

    what a great friends Mags is to have done that. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  13. Heh, Lord knows my company was no gift LOL!

    I was privledged to also try this cake and let me tell you....WOW!

    It was just decadent....


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