Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Exploring the United Kingdom

Yesterday I was talking about visiting Australia and the wondeful things to do "Down Under". I'm sure it would be a heck of a trip but it is awfully far so maybe I should consider someplace a little closer to home ... like the United Kingdom, maybe? I've always wanted to visit England, especially London, as the history of the country fascinates me to no end. Perhaps I read too much Dickens as a child or watched "Pride and Prejudice" too many times but I have always wanted to visit London and the surrounding countryside. Of course, having a couple of blogging buddies across the pond makes me want to go even more!

I'm sure that finding a place to stay would be no problem as there are plenty of London hotels that are reasonably priced and I bet that most of them have internet access, too, so that I wouldn't miss a day of blogging! Chances are good I could find a nice one right in the middle of all the action and not too far from The Tower of London where I could meet the very first-ever woman Beefeater as well as check out the Crown Jewels! Maybe there would even be a ghost or two!

While I'm on holiday I'd also like to take in the sites in Glasgow, Scotland and maybe find a nice tartan plaid for myself! I'm pretty sure there would several very nice Glasgow hotels located near the Royal Concert Hall, the Hunterian Gallery, and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery - all places I would love to see. I'd have to be sure to send my buddy Boukie a postcard, though, as he's mad about all things Scottish!

Last stop in the United Kingdom would have to be Edinburgh, another city I've read a lot about and have always wanted to see. I'm sure I could find quite nice Edinburgh hotels for reasonable rates located near The Edinburgh Castle and the Holyrood Palace. Why, I might even be able to find some lovely accomodations close enough to the harbour to catch a nice sea breeze. Sounds grand, doesn't it?
Oh dear, this list of places I want to go is getting very long, isn't it? I think I'm going to have to win the lottery so I can take one heck of a long and exciting vacation! I'll also need a little extra cash to hire Claire on as my tour guide!


  1. I've only been to England once, in 1973 during my first honeymoon. When we toured the country side people would hear our weird accents and say "Are you fdrom the States?" We'd say yes and they'd ask, "From where?" We'd say Connecticut and not only did they not no where that was (near New York worked fine) but also they could not SAY the word. I was surprised until I realized it was not an English word. It is a Native American word. That's my experience, and it was a great visit...

  2. Sounds like a fascinating plan, Linda. But one thing worries me. You're still talking about finding time to blog in the hotel! lol...You are such a true blue blogger. Just teasing you. I would do the same thing!

    Love these pictures.

  3. Anonymous9:58 PM EDT

    Yup that's the one, I could see as far as the edge of the first photo, but I couldn't get the page to budge.

    That's quite a trip you know. How are you planning to get from a to b? Drive? It's not the distance per se it's just that it will be on the wrong side of the road for you.

    Trains are great but V. expensive.

    Still it's nice to dream.

  4. Man...that sounds like my ideal UK vacation too!

  5. You'd better start doing the lottery and win the big one to pay for your trip Linda! :)

  6. Beat you to the punch Linda! I just got back tonight from a 10 day vacation in Scotland. Did London, Glasgow, Edinburough, Ayr, Prestwick, etc. Check out my myspace for pics. Maybe next time I go, I'll take you with me..LOL


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