Thursday, September 20, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

As I was sitting here wondering what I wanted to make this week's question about, I got to thinking about all the vacation spots I've mentioned recently. I also remembered that my buddy Bulldog and his Mrs. are off on what I'm sure is a great vacation somewhere this week while I can only dreams of places I'd like to go and things I'd like to see.

I don't know if it's the great American dream or not but I know that a lot of people try to buy vacation homes nowadays. They want their own little someplace special to escape to and, if what I'm seeing on The Travel Channel or HGTV is to be believed, a lot of these vacation homes look better than most people's regular homes! Sigh ... must be nice to have money!

This week's question then is a bit of a multiple choice question about vacation homes; I'm going to list several choices and I'd like you to pick your favorite and tell me why. If none of these choices appeal to me, tell me where you'd want to have your vacation home. The sky is the limit and money is no option! I think that most people who know me will have no trouble knowing which one I'd pick!

Which vacation home would you choose and why?

A Lake Tahoe vacation home
An Orlando vacation home
A Myrtle Beach vacation home
A Nova Scotia vacation home


  1. Anonymous11:29 PM EDT

    Hmmm...probably Orlando. I've been there before and it was really fun. There are lots of fun things to do there. :)

  2. I'd have to visit all o them before I could deside which would be my favourite choice!

  3. If time is not an issue, because the drive is long, I'd choose Nova Scotia because of its climate, coast (alas I've only seen pictures), yummy seafood and cool summers...

  4. Lake Tahoe for me. It's very close to here, the skiing is wonderful, the summers are just as nice, the casinos are close, and I had a vacation home there for years. The only drawback is the drive there: it's packed with flatlanders who don't know how to drive in the snow!

  5. Anonymous9:38 AM EDT

    I'm not a beach person, so Lake Tahoe. I love nature. Big trees, lakes, etc.

  6. I wouldn't choose Myrtle Beach, but it would be a house by the beach for sure. Honestly, I think I'd choose a Rhode Island beach house...

  7. Hi,
    I am a beach person, so it would be Myrtle Beach of your choices.
    If there are no restrictions? I would take the "souse of France" Wee Wee and Murky Buckets, y'all.

  8. I kinda like a mountain side house in Podunk, USA but if I had to chose one of yours it would be Tahoe, cause it is in the mountains, Hoss and Little Joe loved it there.

  9. i'm with sarge. but if i only had your choices i would NOT pick orlando or myrtle beach, they are both like a zoo! nova scotia sounds nice but only for a short time in the summer or early fall, lake tahoe is lovely so i guess i'd choose that.

    smiles, bee

  10. easy...Tahoe

    First it is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. No matter what time of year it will take your breath away. Pictures can not show how amazing Tahoe is.

    In the winter it is an incredible ski and snow sport destination.

    In the summer...all the boating and lake water sports.

    Since it is partially in California...and partially in Nevada...And if you're not a nature kinda girl...there is the casinos....gambling and entertainment rivaling vegas.

  11. Lake Tahoe hands down.

    Had a boyfriend a long, long time ago that had a time share in Lake Tahoe called The Ridge. I so loved being there for a week each year. The views in Tahoe are breathtaking. Have a great day Linda. :)

  12. I've never been to America so I really couldn't choose until I'd visited them all.

  13. Any of them would suffice for me, Linda!

  14. I am not a beach person, but I do love Cape Cod. So my choice would be somewhere about a third of the way up the Cape. And I would go there off-season.
    I would never want Orlando or Myrtle Beach...

  15. Lake Tahoe it is. I'm a Californian and it's just across the state line in Nevada. Not as lovely as it once was (see some of the scenes in The Godfather) to get a feel for it up through the 60s. The Time Shares right on the lake on the California side at Stateline are beautiful and you can either rent one or if you own it, the management company will handle all the icky financial details.

    Gambling just down the road with major entertainment to spice up all the nice family activities on the lake itself. Summit Village

  16. You are sneaky sneaky!

    Well, I would choose Orlando, just because of the tribe of children I have and it would be close to my Dad.

    You, however, I am sure would pick Tahoe...amd I right??

  17. I live in FL so Orlando is great but I'm not sure I would want to have a vacation home there. I think I'd go with Lake Tahoe so we can have 4 great seasons!

  18. I'd have to research Nova Scotia. So based just on what I know, I'd take Lake Tahoe.

  19. Yep, I'm in the majority with this one. I've been fortunate to spend time in Lake Tahoe, starting out with my parents, oil conferences with hubby #1, camping on the Truckee River with hubman, and the nice hotels, too. The scenery is some of the best in the states.
    Now, on my own: Princeville, Kaua'i, in the Hawai'ian Islands.
    It's gotta be by the water anywhere I go!

  20. Anonymous5:27 AM EDT

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  21. Anonymous1:31 PM EDT

    Lake Tahoe of the choices... Me? I'd really prefer a Captiva Island, FL home...My most favoritest beach in the world!


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