Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Middle Name Meme Redux

Awhile back Jamie of Duward Discussion fame tagged me with the Middle Name Meme that has made its way around most parts of the Blogosphere. If failing memory serves me correctly, I already did it once using my own pathetic middle name (again with apologies to the 'rents, I've just never liked it but I don't really know why) so I thought that I'd use the middle names of my three darling children instead. After all, I like their middle names and because they're longer than just four letters, it requires me to be a little more creative. Not that I'm exactly running on all cylinders when it comes to creativity lately but I shall give it the old junior college try!

Oldest child Michael shares his middle name with one of his grandparents on his father's side:
  • J - Just - across the border from Connecticut in Rhode Island
  • O - Of - Irish descent on his father's side
  • S - Son - my one and only!
  • E - Envied - by his sister as he's got an XBox 360 complete with Guitar Hero II
  • P - Parental - he's Dad to both Christopher and Michael and he does a darned fine job!
  • H - Helpful - when I need my air conditioners taken out, I can count on Mike to come do that for me
Middle child Amanda was born on my mother's birthday and also shares her middle name:
  • E - Eccentric - her choice of descriptor, not mine!
  • L - Lazy - sorry, kiddo, you're a slob!
  • I - Imaginative - this one pretty much goes without saying
  • Z - Zealous - when it comes to art she wants to do
  • A - Artistic - yeah, that seems about right!
  • B - Bashful - talk to strangers? I don't think so!
  • E - Emo - sorry again, Amanda, it just seems to fit!
  • T - Trying - at 15 ears old this is a given
  • H - Humble - with her art because she doesn't believe it's as good as everyone says it is
Youngest daughter Jamie's middle came out of nowhere, I just liked the way it sounded with her first name!:
  • J - Just - too darned far away
  • E - Energetic - she has the most energy of all my children
  • S - Sneaky - always has been, always will be
  • S - Small - at 6 lbs, 6 ozs and 19-inches long she was my smallest baby
  • I - Into - boys with long hair and 80's classic rock music
  • C - Chatty - that girl can talk and talk and talk and then talk some more!
  • A - Animal lover - she wants to be a vet someday
I'm not tagging anyone as, like I said, this one ha been around the block a few times but if you like it and you haven't done it, feel free to snitch it!


  1. wait just a minute....

    you are a GRAMMA????

    (how did I miss that...)

  2. ok, feeling old again....
    what is "emo"?????


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