Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thinking About a "Maine" Attraction

Ever vigilant when it comes to her bands, Amanda recently found out that My Chemical Romance was going to be playing at the University in Maine towards the end of October. Since then, she has been trying mightily to convince me that it's really not all that far and wouldn't it be great to take a road trip to Maine? Uh? Uh? Can we? Can we?

I checked the map and it's not all that far to Orono, Maine from Connecticut - just a bit over five hours - which to a 15-year old is simply the blink of an eye, especially when they aren't the one doing the driving! It wouldn't be all that much to me either except that the 5-hour drive up also requires a 5-hour drive back and with the concert not starting until 8:00 at night, there is just no way that I would be trying to do this all without spending one night in Maine (something I have always said I never would do because I have this irrational fear of the place based on reading way too many Stephen King novels!).

Out of curiosity, though, I decided to check out the accommodations in the general area and consulted an on-line trip planner to see what might be available and how much it might cost should I decide that maybe a weekend in Maine might not be too bad after all. A short road trip might not be a bad idea just to add a little spice to life and give me something different to blog about!

Anyhow, I did some searching over on as it was voted one of "twelve essential travel sites" by Forbes Magazine as well as "Best of Web for Trip Planning" by Business Week. I figured those two magazines should know what they were talking about and they were right! What I really liked about the website was that all I had to do was I enter the location and dates I wanted to go and I was then redirected to another page where I could choose from six different travel sites to compare rates. Rather than have to visit Orbitz or Hot Wire or Priceline or any of those places myself, they were all easily located right on one page for my convenience. Sweet!

In addition to being able to search for air flights, cars, hotels, etc. has a weekly list of travel deals that are hand-picked by their editorial team. There you can find flights, hotels, and even vacation packages all at some pretty amazing prices and, because it's updated weekly, if you don't see what you're looking for one week, you can always check back the next. Pretty cool!

Anyhow, getting back to Amanda and yet another MCR concert ... I'm not saying 'yes' but I'm not saying 'no' either as it looks like there are some pretty reasonably priced hotels in that area but I just don't know yet ... it's that whole "Maine" thing because I can't even think about the place without hearing Pennywise the Clown whispering "We all float down here!" Shudder!

I hate clowns.


  1. "It," right? And I hate clowns, too! Wouldn't it be a beautiful time of year to visit?

  2. YUP, a lot of bad karma in Maine..for us King fans anyway...just don't use your Cell phone while you're there.....

    Yet another thing we have in common friend!


  3. Yeah...ok, I can sympathize with you in regards to Stephen King & Maine, but hey, it's MCR - right? At least you don't have to sleep in a tent...I've done that - pretty chilly @ night. And besides, how many evil clowns do you expect to see at a rock concert - unless you imbibe something stronger than soda...hee hee hee!

  4. Oh gods, I can't do clowns either.
    Maine is permanently off my list because of that scary-ass clown.

  5. Oh go on, you know you want to! :)

  6. You had to mention Pennywise?!?!?



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