Monday, September 10, 2007

Thinking About a Road Trip - Maybe!

A fellow blogger from Connecticut, whom I recently had the pleasure of meeting but whom shall remain nameless, and I are giving some serious thought to a road-trip to go visit another blogger who lives in Michigan who shall also remain nameless but is probably pretty easy to figure out. I'm not saying he owns his own store or has a cool blog talk radio show or anything like that but you still might be able to figure out who it is!

When the first unnamed blogger and myself met for dinner a couple weekends ago, I made mention of the fact that we needed to take a road trip and go meet the other unnamed blogger and while we were at it we could check out the foliage in Michigan to see how it compared to Connecticut. After all, what's a 26-hour round-trip drive if it means meeting one of the nicest guys in the Blogosphere and getting to look at some gorgeous fall colors at the same time? Besides, I think we'd have plenty to talk about on the way being that we had no problems passing 4-1/2 hours in the flash of an eye the first time we met!

I'm not sure about all of the logistics as we're still kicking it around but I'm thinking if we do decide to make this journey maybe we ought to invest in the best radar detector available as we don't want to end up like another unnamed blogger who got pulled over not once but twice earlier this year for a slightly heavy foot on the gas. You might have read about it in the blog of his unnamed wife!

I'll keep you posted as details become more readily available - and I might even name some names then!


  1. What a trip. If you go via Buffalo on the 401 in Ontario to Windsor you can view the Canadian foliage (eh!) which will change colors earlier than in CT

  2. Thanks,Ralph, I'll have to check that out as a possible route. I know we're going to be looking at the quickest route, whatever that may be! I'd love to take a nice leisurely trip but it's going to be a quick out and back kind of thing. Still, it should be fun!

  3. You and Mags are going to visit Mo. I want to go. Hopefully you and Mags don't have the lead foot that Sarge Charlie does. He'll never live that down.

    One of these days I'm going to meet you and Mags and Mo and Empress Bee and Sarge Charlie and a bunch of other favorite bloggers. Then I'm going to go see Claire across the pond. Mark my work.

  4. and then you could all head west....don't you have friends out here...and some Mexican food you are jonesing for????

    c'mon...what's three thousand miles.... we can go to the Egytian Museum too....laughing...

  5. Ah, don't tempt me Katherine! Just the thought of some honest-to-goodness Mexican food ...

  6. o.O HEY!!! I know of ANOTHER blogger that lives in Michigan.. I mean, if you're already driving 13 hours one way, what's a couple more?? ;)

  7. Well, ya know - you could always drive down to Dowagiac and join us for dinner or something, Asara!

  8. You're so very mysterious! And yet somehow I figured out who all those bloggers were.

    You gave lots of great clues!

  9. Should you spend 26 hours round trip just to look at a Wren's Nest be sure to say hello from an unnamed (except below this message) blogger.

  10. Y'know...I WAS thinking of getting a CDL...perhaps if I did, I could get a big 'ol tour bus & drive you folks around the country to meet each other. What's 6 months off from work? C''ll be fun, and I am a SAFE driver - after all, I do drive emergency vehicles!

  11. Anonymous1:49 PM EDT

    So cool!
    Did you get the time off from work?
    I've been waiting to send an invite to Carrie for dinner until I knew that you all were coming for sure!

  12. This is not funny. You and Mags (who I haven't talked to YET on the phone but intend to and already adore her) are going to Michigan to meet Mo and I don't get to go? Are you for real?

    Off with your heads!
    To the dungeon!

    Queen is furious.
    This is not funny, people!!!

  13. You sneaky sneaky blogsvertiser you.


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