Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Art-Munkey Tries Realism

Amanda decided to try doing something a little more "realistic" with her artwork so she did this drawing of the lead singer of HIM. Yes, that's an oxygen mask he's holding up to his face and no - I don't know why! I think she did pretty good and wish she'd do this sort of thing more often!


  1. Amanda's been listening to something other than MSI and MCR lately in the form of HIM (and they're actually quite good). This is her drawing of the lead singer Ville Valo.

    What do you think?

  2. Anonymous9:19 PM EDT

    That girl's got some skills Mamma.

    What exactly are they holding on their face?

  3. Anonymous9:49 PM EDT

    wow, what a great drawing!

  4. Wow, quite impressive!

  5. She's so talented. I'm pleased she is growing with her art & not out of it. She has a bright future ahead x x x

  6. I was totally mesmerised by this one! It sucked me right in from google reader.
    Using the green in the eyes was very clever!

    Is it an oxygen mask?

  7. The girl's got talent!!!!

  8. Well, the realism I see is a blank white box. I'm sure it's just because I'm at work and it's blocking it because Amanda's wicked talented and she can do much better than a plain white box.

    Of course, if that's really what it is, I've totally offended you and you won't come visit me next weekend...I hope that's not the case. ;)

  9. I think it's brilliant! Whenever you post her work, I am awed. (I also think Mags is quite funny.)

  10. Fortunately I read your explanation, lol I first thought it was a girl whith a oxygene mask ! But there is no doubt she is very talented !!!

  11. I think is't awesome. She needs to get into a good art school. That's what I think. Have a great WW. :)

  12. Very cool drawing!!

  13. very cool....didn't realize she dyed her eyes too...

    (tell her I am always a smart ass...and that I think she is indeed very talented...)

  14. My question is the "mask" as well. What was the source for the vision. She is really becoming a wonderful artist.

  15. Anonymous9:25 PM EDT

    More than tries! Suceeds!

  16. Anyone who has a little touch of the artist in them knows how wonderful it feels to be able to express themselves this way. I threw away so many opportunities by getting married at 17. Amanda definitely has a great big gift and I hope that she can progress and love every minute of what comes from her mind onto paper.
    Bravo, Amanda!!!

  17. Nice. I especially like that dash of color in the eyes.

  18. Anonymous3:07 PM EDT


    I'm Iwona and I'm from Poland.
    This draw of HIM's leader is amazing!
    I've got some quesstion. Can Amanda draw me?

    I can send her my photo :)
    Please, tell her that it's very important for me.
    My e-mail addres:

    Cheers, Iwona


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