Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Back-Up Plan

We should have been almost to Maine by now but due to the sudden cancellation of tonight's My Chemical Romance concert at the University of Maine we have had to make other plans. Amanda is still quite bummed about the whole thing but these things happen and one just has to swallow the disappointment and find something else to do.

After discussing it with Amy, we are going to take the girls over to the Providence Place Mall in - where else? - Providence, Rhode Island. I've never been there but it's supposed to be quite the place with more than 170 stores, eight restaurants, and entertainment venues including an IMax Theatre and a Dave & Buster's which is sort of the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese (blech!) with much better food and arcade games.

What impresses me the most, and sounds the best to my back in this rainy weather, is that they have carpeted floors! Can you imagine? Carpeted floors in a huge shopping mall that also has the essential stores that two teenage girls require - Hot Topic, Spencer's, and Newberry Comics. I need to put together a Halloween costume for work so perhaps I'll be able to find something I like while we're there - with over 170 stores I should be able to find something!

As a rule, I hate malls but there isn't too much else one can do in rainy, windy weather and perhaps this shopping excursion will help dissipate some of the disappointment of not going to Maine. As long as there isn't some sort of clown convention going on, it should be fine!

I'll keep you posted!


  1. Linda,

    I'll be happy to drop by and take that rain off of your hands. We've been in a drought for about a year now---water is running out! I'm glad I found your blog thru Rhea. It's quite entertaining!

    By the way, I have ONE 17 year old but she acts like TRIPLETS :)

    Peace & Blessings to you

  2. Have a great time Linda. I'm sure you will all have a great time. :)

  3. I'm still feeling so disappointed for your poor daughters! And those plushies... all dressed up (thanks to you) and no where to go! I hope you all have a wonderful time... you all deserve it!

  4. Hope the mall was a fun time for all.

  5. Part of my commenting experimentation here - tried to comment on Mozilla -comments wouldn't open even after 3 tries. Tried using IE - opened, set up fine on first try! go figure, huh?

  6. Anonymous9:52 PM EDT

    I hope you girls had fun. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!


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