Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Brief Plushie Update

Today was most definitely "Bring Your Plushies to Work Day" for me as before I left this morning I packed up the entire band along with whatever sewing supplies I was going to need and hauled the whole kit and kaboodle into Dispatch with me. Amanda thought I was merely bringing Mikey in as he was the last one I needed to get pants sewn on but I wanted to do something with eyebrows and mouths as well as hem the sleeves on some of the shirts.

Being an anal retentive Virgo is not a good thing when it comes to stuff like this as I am so picky it's pathetic and I start having to fix every little detail! Normally when Amanda makes her plushies I don't have anything to do with them at all but being that she asked me to contribute to this project, I figured I could do more than just pants, boots, and belts without her being able to squawk too much! Besides, how could she possibly protest about improvements?

I'm quite glad I brought them into work with me as it turned out that Renee, our Employee Scheduling Coordinator, is a real whiz with all this artsy-crafty stuff and she had several really good suggestions for the eyebrows and mouths. My friend Paula, who is an art teacher, had made the suggestion that perhaps some sort of crewel work might finish them off nicely but I wasn't too sure how to do that without leaving loose ends of knots visible. Renee suggested gluing on matching pieces of yarn from the plushies' respective hair and that actually worked out perfectly. She also figured out how to do their mouths as well as fix Bob's lip ring (it was looking more like a fish hook!). I tell ya, the woman is a genius plus she had clear-drying craft and fabric glue in her desk - what a gal!

A couple co-workers asked what on earth I was doing but, for the most part, everyone seemed quite accepting and helpful of the whole process. I had to laugh when one of the supervisors came upstairs and asked what sort of dolls they were. When I told him that they were representative of a rock band he said "Oh? Is it Fall Out Boy?" Had Amanda been there she probably would have choked! When I explained to Paul that no, they were the guys in My Chemical Romance he just shook his head and rolled his eyes as he walked away.

Before I left work I had Mikey's pants sewn on as well as all the other little things done that I had wanted to take care of. When I walked in the door with them Amanda was quite surprised to see that I had all of them with me but was quite happy and almost squealed in delight at their new faces. At this point Mikey and Gerard still need ties but otherwise they are done - yay! I will be sure to post another picture when they are completely done.

Oh, and to answer several questions that were left in comments yesterday ... to Akelamalu - yes, this is Amanda's project but she roped me in by pleading great time restrictions and also by claiming that she couldn't sew the pants (I think she could have if she tried but there wasn't a lot of time to argue about it); to Travis - the reason they have shirts and boots before pants is because the pants have to be sewn on over the top of those two things (but you're right, I'll keep a towel around for modesty next time I take pant-less pics!); and to Asara - Amanda said that she could probably do an Amy Lee for you if you wanted to commission one from her sometime - just let her know!

Thank goodness my part in this project is over as I've got to get things together tomorrow before heading out to Maine Saturday morning plus I'd like to get caught up on my Google Reader before I go as I know I definitely won't be reading this weekend - again!


  1. You are your plushies.....super Mom!!

  2. she could end up having orders stacked up for months!

  3. You know those 5-Star Generals with all the fruit salad on their chests? Well, you're a 5-Star Mom if there ever was one!!!

  4. I wouldn't want to part with those plushies after I made them!

    Come on over before you head to Maine tomorrow..I gave you a treat

  5. I wish I was there to see the look on Paulie P.'s face when he saw you w/the plushies. Y'know, after hearing about them & seeing pics of them, I've come to the conclusion that they're actually pretty darn cool-looking. Maybe Amanda could make a "Bulldog" plushie complete w/a bandanna (lol). You really ARE a super mom to help her like this!

  6. Awesome!!! Could you have her drop me an email some time with an estimate of how much she'd want for it so I can start saving my pennies? Thank you!!!

  7. You are a fantastic mom! And the plushies are so awesome. You guys are very talented!

  8. I think Amanda has got you roped in for good!

  9. Anonymous3:07 PM EDT

    I've never heard the word plushie so many times in my life.

    What exactly is a plushie anyway?

  10. Having just read today's post I can only commiserate with you on all the hard work you've put in only to be thwarted at the last minute! :(


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