Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Cash Ambulance

One of the EMTs that I work with whom I consider to be a friend was having somewhat of a bad week at work due to one too many back-breaking overly large patients so I asked Amanda to draw a picture for him in the hopes that it might cheer him up a little bit.

Amanda thinks that he looks like Ben Bailey, host of The Discovery Channel's Cash Cab -

- so she created "The Cash Ambulance"

The Cash AmbulanceNow there's a thought - a game show that takes place in the back of an ambulance with the crew asking questions and awarding cash for correct answers! Only problem is, three strikes and you're out and then you're going to have to find your own way to the hospital!

So ... you in??


  1. He does look like him! Terrific picture, Amanda! And great imagination, too...I'm sure this will really cheer him up!

  2. Love the imagination! Great drawing. Keep up the good work, Amanda.

  3. Wonderful art. I just wonder if the ambulance has the goofy light show on the ceiling just like the cab...

  4. Ha ha!! Instead of cash though, they should only dole out the meds if they answer the questions right...

    For another vicoden, what's 2+2?!

  5. Somehow I envision something a little more like "Survivor", if only because he looks like someone it would be fun to wrestle though Mags has a great idea about the "reward" prizes.

  6. What a great idea for a game show! Great picture Amanda. He's dishy!!


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