Thursday, October 25, 2007

Highly Logical!

No doubt we all do it from time to time ... search ourselves online and see what comes up, right? It can be fun, it can be interesting, it can be strange! There are a lot of search engines out there that you can use but I recently found a new one that I'd like to suggest you check out called Spock. With Spock you can do a search for celebrities, athletes, politicians, people you used to go to school with that you haven't heard from in ages, your friends, your neighbors - pretty much anyone and everyone!

Unlike social networks like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and the like, Spock is a people search application - you just type in a name, location, or keyword and once you find who you are looking for you then go ahead and click through to see where they are on the web. Searches are the result of information that has been gathered from news sites, blogs, directories, social networks, bio pages, etc. which has then been organized into easily understood results. Members can then add pictures, tags, web links, and other additional information to increase the relevance of the search or simply vote on the results that are there. It's free and open to anyone who wants to join.

I decided to check Spock out by running a search for one of the band members of My Chemical Romance, Ray Toro aka "The Fro". I thought the chances of there being less information on a back-up singer rather than a lead singer might be possible but I was actually quite wrong! With my Spock search I found out that Ray's full name is actually Toro-Ortiz and he plays Gibson Les Paul guitars with Seymour Duncan pickups through Marshall amplifiers. He's a fan of Queen and Metallica and he cites Brian May and Randy Rhoads as large influences on his playing. Pretty cool, eh?

Check out the new Spock yourself, run a few searches of your own, and see what you think. Become a member and you can make a difference on what search results show up, too! How cool is that?


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM EDT

    Great search engine. I couldn't find me, though. :( *LOL*

  2. This is a new one, Linda.

  3. I'm a spock lover myself. My spellchecker thinks spock is spelled incorrectly, but you and I both know its one of the newest words for 2008:

    spock is a verb. It refers to the people search engine,

    Usage: Spock me! - telling someone to look you up on

    You've been spocked! - an imperative for someone to look up their spock profile because something has changed, usually positively, like a new picture, a new tag added, a new link, a new relationship.

    Kenneth Udut can be spocked at - to be spocked at means - this is the URL of that person's profile.


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