Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer

I know I normally do this at the end of the week but considering I forgot to ask a question last week in the great excitement of the weekend and the fact that I am working a double shift today and won't be able to write a post later on, I thought you folks wouldn't mind if we mixed things up a bit this week and did this on a Tuesday.

Actually this question occurred to me about a week and a half ago when I was doing some housecleaning and had a couple of CDs on for inspirational cleaning music. One of them was the soundtrack to "Bridget Jones's Diary" and that got me to thinking about chick flicks and how much, as a chick, I really like them. Makes sense, right? Thing is, I think that even men enjoy a good chick flick once in a while whether they want to admit it or not.

So the question this week is -

What's your favorite chick flick?

Normally I don't answer my own question but I'm going to make an exception this week what with this being Tuesday and all! And the answer is - quite easily - the movie behind the soundtrack I was listening to that inspired this question.

I absolutely love this movie for a myriad of reasons - Rene Zellweger plays the kind of character that all we women can associate with, Hugh Grant is alright to look at, the humor is fantastic, the soundtrack is marvelous, and Colin Firth - well, what can I say about Colin Firth that doesn't make me sound like a gushing teenager? Probably not much! Plus the movie has a happy ending and I just love a happy ending above all else.

So, what about you folks? Care to chime in while I go work another long 16-hour shift?


  1. Oh...BJD is a great movie, and Colin IS lovely...but I think I like Notting Hill...and perhaps Fools Rush In. Yeah, Fools Rush In is probably my fav.

  2. There are so many great chick flicks out there... I would have to say that my most favorite of all would be for the more serious side, Beaches and Where the Heart Is. For the comedy side of chick flicks would have to be Bull Durham and When Harry Met Sally ... Gee.. I could absolutely go on and on...

  3. I Love the movie & the soundtrack to Beaches with Bette Midler

  4. Another sexy Colin Firth vehicle: Love, Actually.

  5. Ooo...Love, Actually is another good one!

  6. I was going to say Love, Actually as well.. I love how they show all the different sides of love, and how all the characters manage to interact in some way throughout the movie. But since it's already been mentioned, I think I will have to go with Two Weeks Notice.. I just love the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant!!

  7. If Beachers can be called a chickflic, then I'd go for that, otherwise they don't appeal to me.

  8. hands down, dirty dancing!

    smiles, bee

  9. Notting Hill.

    (but Love Actually is great too)

  10. Anonymous8:12 PM EDT

    Thelma and Louise always and forever, even though it shows my age.

  11. oh geez, I've never even heard of some of these.....been too busy living under a pile of diapers I guess.

    my absolute fav is
    Sleepless in Seattle.

    There are many others up there too, Fried Green Tomatoes, YaYa Sisterhood, Moulin Rouge (is that a chick flick?), The Notebook, ..........ya, on and on.

  12. **steps up to the microphone**

    Ahem. Hi. My name is Travis and I have a favorite chick flick. It's called Steel Magnolias.

    Thank you.

    **steps away from the microphone**

  13. As a guy, it seems that my faves haveconcentrated on the male roles (Casablanca, Big Night and Diner). I'd say Steel magnolias or Miss Firecracker...

  14. Anonymous12:04 PM EDT

    I'm a sucker for the old 80's movies with Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink, 16 candles), oh, and Dirty Dancing - I can watch that one again and again! :-)


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