Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pictures! Get Your Pictures!

I should give you guys fair warning here - I am NOT photogenic in any way, shape, or form but there has been so much clamoring for pictures of Mo's recent trip out here to Connecticut that I am going to cave under the pressure and post a couple in the hopes that it will satisfy the curiosity of any and all who have been asking. Do not say that I didn't warn you!

The first picture is a shot that Mo and I are going to use to audition for the next version of "The Blues Brothers" movie ...

I'm not sure which one of us should be Jake and who should be Elwood but maybe you guys can talk amongst yourselves and decide for us! This picture was taken by Mags while we were crossing the Connecticut River to go visit Gillette Castle, which you can see up on the hill behind us. Too bad the trees didn't have more color but our autumn has been a strange one so far and we actually broke the record for heat on Saturday with an official 89 degrees registered at Bradley International Airport in Hartford.

This next picture was taken on Sunday evening on my front porch before we went to the Mohegan Sun Casino. It's a little blurry but I think that's because Amanda was laughing while she took it ...

The reason she was laughing when she took it is because of this picture where Mags, Mo, and myself are all laughing ...

The reason we all look like we're having so much fun? Because Mags decided she was going to invade my "personal space" by giving me a big hug! Were it anyone else that might be more of a look of distress on my face but I really didn't mind at all!

I wish we had more pictures of the three of us but alas, those two are it. There is one other picture of myself and Mags that Mo took when we were waiting for the ferry to dock but if he ever, ever, ever publishes it anywhere we have both resolved that we are driving to Michigan quicker than you can say "hold onto the RAIL, that's real CONCRETE!" and it won't be pretty when we get there! Mo knows why - the rest of you can come to your own conclusions!


  1. the last one is really Really great! what fun.

  2. it is so cool to meet face to face

  3. Anonymous7:22 PM EDT

    They'll all great. I'm interested to read that you need 'personal space.' I'll try and remember that!

  4. Your photos are terrific. I can tell by the huge smiles on your faces that you had one heck of a time visiting. What great memories you must have!

  5. Anonymous11:11 PM EDT

    I love those photos. :)
    You three are just awesome. I am glad you had a good time...but I want to hear more 'bout these secret photos you speak of!

  6. The pictures say it all x x

  7. What great photos! Thanks for sharing them, Linda.

  8. Those are great photos Linda, you all look to be having a great time. Thanks for sharing them. x

  9. Hm.. Mo has it, eh? muahahaha.. I think I have someone to go pester!!!

  10. Just for the record: Linda, you ARE photogenic.

    And to all blog-readers: the picture-that-shall-not-see-the-light-of-day
    (under threat of bodily harm) is NOT the horrid thing that Linda & Mags would make you believe.
    It is a great picture. However, it shall remain my special private pic, I guess.

    Don't you jut love the smiles in the last picture? I want to get that one framed.

    Hold onto the RAIL, that's real CONCRETE!

  11. My word!! It's a rare occasion to see a huge smile on that face..LOL Then again, having worked in the "turret" all the time with you, no one smiles that much up there. That's awesome that the three of you got together, probably felt like my trip to Scotland, having written and emailled my family there for a while, knowing about them, and finally getting to meet them. Looks like you all had a blast.... Keep in touch, Bouk.

    P.S. Have to say Mags is lookin cute in those pics, too bad she lives across the state...LOL

  12. Anonymous8:53 AM EDT

    I think they're beautiful pictures. Not photogenic? Nonsense! :D

  13. What wonderful photographs. You are ALL photogenic and look so happy. I would love to go to that castle someday. And please send some pics when the leaves finally do turn like they're supposed to.

    And fiddlesticks to the folks who say blog friends aren't real people, etc etc.

    Oh please.

  14. The pictures made me smile, so they are good pictures!


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