Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Plushie Progress Post

The plushies are taking over my life ...

I spent most of last night getting pants put on Bob in between trying to get some posts put up but I am happy to report that he was fully clothed before I went to bed last night ...

Turned out to be a rather handsome looking fella, didn't he? Oh, and that thing on the side of his mouth is his lip ring, just FYI!

Knowing that I had three more plushies waiting on pants and boots, etc. for me I decided to take some of my sewing to work with me this morning and managed to work on boots and pants in between dispatches. What good is it to be an excellent multi-tasker and not take advantage of it every once in awhile? At one point my supervisor did ask me what on earth I was making and when I told him "Pants", his response was "For who? Midgets?" I guess it might have looked that way to the uninitiated!

At any rate, I did manage to get all three pair partially done along with the two pair of boots and when I got home this afternoon I spent a good hour and a half fitting Ray's pants on him. It's a lot tougher than it might seem as the plushies have very wide feet and very tiny waists so you can't just make a traditional pair of pants - you have to make them almost in pieces. Not being overly crafty, it took me awhile to figure this out but so far the process seems to be working. So here we have three of the boys in the band looking pretty good if you ask me ...

However, the Way Brothers (Gerard and Mikey) are still in desperate need of pants so guess what I'm going to be doing the next couple of days? Sigh ... I'm seriously thinking about taking an entire doll into work with me tomorrow along with the partially made pants and working on it there. At least then my supervisor will have a better idea of what the heck I'm doing!

Oh, and on a totally different side note - my dispatch partner Kevin had one of the coolest promotional pens at work today that I've ever seen. Not only did it write really well but if you turned it the right way, it had a stylus for the tablets that we use in the ambulances. It's a pen - it's a stylus - it's two, two pens in one! Okay, I'm getting loopy ... must go make more pants now ... my boss is glaring at me from the dining room!


  1. okay...I can so hear that teenage girl voice....

    "MOOOOOOOM...quit playing with your blog friends and finish those pants!!!"

  2. Katherine - you have no idea! Just now I got chastised for Gerard still having no pants!

  3. Anonymous10:22 PM EDT

    The plushies looks cool!

  4. Anonymous10:55 PM EDT

    Those look awesome! :)

    Way to go.

  5. Errm, wasn't it Amanda's idea to make the dolls? How did you get so involved? :)

  6. cute!! well, since you can't take the laptop to work anymore you might as well have SOMETHING to pass the slow times!!

  7. I still say those things are freaking major cool!

  8. I'm beginning to think you might have to give up your "day" job to take on the role of full-time Plushie Seamstress. And BTW, you rock as a crafty seamstress!!

  9. Sew what's new, Linda?
    tee hee

    the dolls are cute, and you seem to be having much fun with them. Especially dressing the males.

  10. Now I can say I've seen Gerard without any pants...

    When you need a giggle, check out my Thursday 13 @
    It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

  11. You've got a proper production company running there!

  12. Those are really cool. But how come they get shirts before they get pants?

    At least wrap a little towel or something around them while they wait!


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