Thursday, November 8, 2007

"Ain't It Good to Know That You've Got a Friend"

It's been a long day and as I sit here with my eyes starting to slide shut on me because it's after 11:00 and I really need to go to bed, the thought occurs to me that I didn't really do much writing today - for a change! I did one paid post and my "I've Got a Question, You've Got an Answer" post. Normally I would have written at least three paid posts but this afternoon when I came home I found that I had something more important to do than to write posts.

I've got a friend who's going through a funk right now and even though he's a lot of miles away from me, he's still a friend and one of the nicest guys in the world in my book. When you have a friend who's feeling down you don't abandon that person to write paid posts or otherwise, you spend time IM'ing with him or her and playing endless games of Scrabulous on Facebook so that maybe - just maybe - you can take his or her mind off of that which is bogging him or her down. Least ways, that's my thought on it.

So, I spent the majority of the afternoon/evening having a wonderful time with my blog buddy and another who joined us from across the pond later on. I consider it time well wasted and I hope that I was able to cheer my friend up just a little bit as he certainly brightened my day some; there were times when he had me laughing so hard I thought my laptop was going to pop off my lap!

If I've missed anyone's blogs recently, I apologize and will make my regular rounds soon. As was once said in a Star Trek movie long ago - sometimes "the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many." Though I'm sure I've quoted that wrong! Anyhow, I'm sure you understand, right??

Well, I'm sure this video says it best even though I can only virtually come running ... take it easy, my friend, life will get better, I have faith that it will. In the meantime, it's your move!


  1. yup I have done that very same thing...only without the it's enough for me to type and email and IM and nurse the baby....

    I've also had it done for me a time or two and it is truly one of the blessins of the internet.

    you're a dear friend Linda.

  2. I've always loved that song, Linda. Ever since James Taylor sang it when I was a teen-ager. Gee, it's fun getting old.

    I honestly don't know who the woman on the right is. Eeek.

  3. Me again. I just moused over the photo on the bottom and learned it was Shania. OK, mystery solved.

  4. Big hug to all involved. :)

  5. Now that I've had my morning cry, Linda...

    Thank You.

    Oh, and could Shania's hair get any BIGGER?!?!



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