Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fancy a Fun Forfeit??

So ... while some of us are plugging away at NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month)- which is easier than falling off a log for those of us who post a lot anyway! - there are others who are participating in the harder version - NaNoWriMo, which is short for National Novel Writing Month. Those brave souls are attempting to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. Hokey Smokes, Bullwinkle! I can't even imagine attempting such a feat never mind actually pulling it off!

One such brave and intrepid soul is Simon of The Freelance Cynic who has decided that one way to push himself to actually completing this task is to put himself on the chopping block with the following:
"In order to give me an extra kick up the backside I'm letting you play along at home. Here's how it works. You pledge to do something should I get past the 50,000 word mark, e.g. If Simon finishes the novel I will...Write a praising blog entry, pay him some money or run naked down the high street. Make sure it's something that wouldn't haunt you for the rest of your life incase I actually reach 50,000 words.

However if I fail to reach 50,000 words then, and here's the bonus, I carry out the pledge instead! E.g I write you a praising blog entry, I increase your bank funds,and I scare small children In Bristol Town centre.

Money, Forfeits, blog post, adverts, video clips, the possibilities are endless. Just keep it light hearted and keep it legal. Otherwise I promise to do anything you ask, providing of course I fail to meet target. Ladies and Gentlemen, place your bets!"
I salute Simon for putting himself on the line and placing himself under extreme pressure to complete his 50,000 word novel - a task that I am way too chicken to ever attempt even if I had the time and the idea for a novel! So far Simon has three people backing him up on his quest and I'd like to invite more of you to go over to this post and apply some more pressure on the poor man. After all, what are blog buddies for??

Good luck, Simon and should that fail, I am really looking forward to that highly-praised post you're going to be writing for me (or is that going to be the other way around?!?).


  1. Anonymous9:11 PM EST

    Yup, good luck to him. I'll stick to the easy my silly children, our crazy cat and my stupid job! *LOL*

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM EST

    Good luck to Simon.I'm not even doing the nablopomo thing. I'm doing good to post three of four times a week!

  3. Anonymous9:28 AM EST

    I only just found this post! But that was really great of you. Cheers Linda


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