Friday, November 2, 2007

Cyndi - This One's for You & Marbles, Too!

I promised my good friend and all-around cat fanatic, Miz Cyn, that I would write a post "coming clean" about the fact that I no longer have a cat living here at my humble abode. After much debate and trying to decide what to do, Marbles was taken to the Waterford Branch of the Connecticut Humane Society when it became evident that both my and Amanda's allergies were getting worse and Marbles' behavior was becoming such that she wasn't exactly making herself well-liked around the house either. I'm afraid she did some serious damage to the love-seat and I don't even want to look at the back of the couch (this despite the fact that I had provided not one, not two, but three scratching posts!).

After doing a lot of research, I ended up taking Marbles down to the CT Humane Society in Waterford because they have a Companion Animal Sanctuary that was built in October of 2006 and is a regular house that is dedicated simply to cats and dogs who are awaiting adoption for longer than three months.

Pets who have been in the regular kennel system longer than 90 days are moved into the sanctuary to await adoption as the Humane Society believes that "the longer pets are kept in kennels the greater the risk is that they may become depressed, which can lead to health problems." They feel that pets will be more comfortable as well as happier and healthier while they await adoption in the sanctuary and that just really appealed to me as, to be honest, I wasn't entirely sure how "adoptable" Marbles was going to be. To say that she was NOT a people-cat is an understatement.

This picture shows the view from the front windows of the Sanctuary House and the day that I dropped Marbles off, there were several cats sunning themselves in this very window.

This is the "cat room" which looks quite comfy and cozy. There is also a furnished living room and a cat playscape in addition to the other rooms in the house. I think this is a terrific idea and I'm sure the pets love it while they wait for their "forever home".

When I dropped Marbles off I definitely had mixed feelings about the whole thing as I am not a heartless cad despite the fact that I have never been a "cat person". I have no doubt that Marbles has been taken into a good home as I've kept an eye on the adoption pages and she is no longer listed but in the meantime, I knew that she was well taken care of at the Humane Society.

I think the Sanctuary House is a great idea and I'd like to see more animal shelters take up this idea if at all possible. I'm sure Miz Cyn would agree with me, too.


  1. Aw, poor cat! Although, I can understand your reasons there too - we're having a lot of issues here with our sweet Gracie baby who has been part of our family for 16 years now. She's forgetting her manners and using the kitchen floor of late for her own private bathroom - something I'm none too pleased about. Plus the doctor wants us to have both the little ones tested for allergies, saying the cat(s) (we have two) may be a big part of the kids issues. Tough call there, for sure.

  2. Thank you, my dear buddy, for writing this post. You did exactly what I'd hoped you would; a great feature on a great place that cares for animals as they deserve. You also did the right thing for Marbles. I wish there were more folks like you out there that would take the time to find a good shelter rather than dumping their unwanted pet in the streets. JDog is quite pleased!

    Stockton recently imposed mandatory licensing of cats and mandatory micro chipping of all pets. The City Council said they did this to raise funding for an animal clinic that could provide low cost spay and neuter services--but they also say that they figure it will take ten years or more before the clinic is built. The CT Humane Society is doing it right, and I hope someday we will have a similar facility here

  3. jeni, make sure your kitty isnt sick. not using the box can be a sign of illness

    mizcyn, dont be too harsh on those that drop pets off ...sometimes its the best thing for the pet. we had a cat wed raised from 6 weeks (maybe less) to 6 years. very friendly with strangers and loving to us. but did not do well with new baby.

    I called every no kill shelter in Texas, none would accept a cat (too full) ASPCA automatically gasses any cat they cant put a collar on (thinking they are therefore unfit to place in a home).

    my cat had a vet phobia. he went ballistic around a vet. even when we were first visit of the day. even sedated, one time the vet tried to give him a shot to sedate him...he ended up running around exam room with needle sticking out his butt,

    there was no way in hell any animal handler was gonna get a collar on him (hed never worn one)
    (pound and vets offices smell the same)

    we let him off near a couple of housing communities where he at least had a chance of finding himself a good home. he'd cozy up to anyone....even the vet who visited our home.

    it was the only way we could give him a chance. all other choices spelled certain death.

  4. Anonymous1:24 AM EDT

    I completely understand your situation. We've had to do the same thing with a dog that we loved very much. You did the right thing, no worries!

  5. You did the best thing. x

  6. That must have been difficult, but you did the right thing for Marbles.

    What a beautiful sanctuary that is!


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