Tuesday, November 6, 2007

An Exposed Chink in My Armor

Well, I can tell we have entered into the season of holiday spending once again as the TV is bombarding me with commercial after commercial about jewelry of all sorts and diamonds in particular. There is probably nothing in the world that reminds me of the fact that I do not have a significant other in my life more than having to watch one of those darned commercials where some lucky woman is presented with the unexpected gift of diamonds by some guy who - a good majority of the time - doesn't even exist in the real world!

Then there's that slogan - "Diamonds are forever" - that really cuts to the core and reminds me of the fact that neither of my marriages were forever in any sense of the word. How could I possibly ever expect to get a diamond commemorating the longevity of my relationship when, all told, I've been single longer than I've ever been in a relationship during the course of my adult life? I can't.

I honestly don't expect to get anything for Christmas this year and I'm good with that as there really isn't anything I need or want but I hate the fact that I am reminded on a regular basis of something I will never get because there's no man out there who wants to hold my hand, never mind put a diamond on it. I try not to get depressed about that very depressing reality but there are times when the chinks in my armor are more exposed than usual.

And the worst part of it? About the time I think I'm out of the woods and those darned commercials are over, they roll them out again for Valentine's Day! Maybe I should send my suit of armor out for some re-plating?


  1. Ugh. You and me both sister. I especially hate the one where the woman is sleeping and her husband crawls back into bed and slips a diamond necklace on her and she wakes up to find it...

    UGH! That's exactly the kind of thing I'd love. Diamonds are not forever...

    Let's protest...

  2. Diamonds are a pawn shop's best friend.



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