Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Five Things Meme

Miss Patti of Late Bloomer Boomer fame recently tagged me with the Five Things Meme and being that I haven't done a meme in quite some time, and don't want to risk the Dungeon at Bloggingham Palace for such a simple meme, I figured I had best do it post-haste and pronto. After all, I understand Queen Mimi is not feeding the prisoners a traditional roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving (and if she did, you might be better off not eating it if what I hear about her cooking is true!) so I really don't want to spend my holiday there! Bad enough I have to spend it at work answering 911!

Oh, and just to give credit where credit is due, Patti got the meme originally from Joan who got it from I-don't-know-where and I will pass it on with a tag to Misty Dawn and Connie! Consider it a Thanksgiving gift from me to you, ladies!

The Five Things Meme

Found in My Room (the one I'm sitting in now is the living room so we'll use that!) ...

1. At least three plushie dolls (LynZ, Steve - with pants!, and a half-finished still-naked Jimmy)
2. A wedding picture of myself with my father walking me down the aisle
3. My collection of elephants
4. My infrequently-used Gazelle exercise glider
5. My grandmother's old sewing machine

I've Always Wanted to Do ...

1. Go to England
2. Win the lottery!
3. Find true love
4. Play a musical instrument
5. Go on a cruise

Found in My Bag (I don't carry a purse so I will have to use the lunchbag I use for work) ...

1. Dental floss
2. Allergy medication
3. A packet of cinnamon & apple instant oatmeal
4. A potholder (I have no idea why!)
5. Spare change

Found in My Wallet ...

1. Driver's License
2. Health Insurance Card
3. Hot Topic Frequent Shopper Card
4. Time Badge for Work
5. Two Dollars

I'm Currently Into ...

1. Apple Crisp (it's that time of year!)
2. The music of Trans-Siberian Orchestra
3. Blogging (aren't we all?)
4. Sleeping in on my days off
5. Finishing this meme!


  1. Now that Apple Crisp sounds heavenly. I love Apple Crisp. Loved your answers. Have a great evening. :)

  2. I think I'll borrow this for today's post. Very interesting.

  3. you don't carry a purse?

    A backpack? a briefcase?

    where do you put your wallet, keys...ya know...stuff?

  4. Anonymous12:56 AM EST

    I'll be doing this. If I forget throw some relish at me.

  5. I just remembered that you said you had tagged me! Sometimes I get too many things going on in my brain at once LOL Going to do this right now!

  6. Anonymous1:36 AM EST

    That was really fun. Thanks for the tag. Here's mine.


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